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  1. Sorry for the late response- long work day. I was the one fortunate enough to purchase the NBS preamp from Breakdown7. I'm beyond excited right now, and I can't wait to hear it in my setup, paired with my Stereo Vrd. Thanks David!
  2. How much does a pair of k500 horns usually sell for?
  3. Absolutely gorgeous! GLWS!! Btw, I had my Dad's Marantz 2275 completely restored by a guy named Paul Hovenga. It was a great decision! It sounds even better than it did before, and performs flawlessly. I can only imagine how this Pioneer sounds, being that it was fully restored as well.
  4. Hahaha, I believe you shakey- I probably would! I'd definitely love to hear a pair of the forte iii. I've been eyeballing them since they were released. I'm sure I would absolutely love them I wish I had the funds, but I've been loving my Klipsch belle lately, with the fastrac horns.
  5. I have owned Heresy IIIs and Cornwall IIIs....Heresy IIIs with a nice subwoofer compare very closely against the cornwall IIIs, considering they both have the same midrange horn. Heresy III and a subwoofer will save a lot of money and give you a very similar performance in my experience. I actually preferred the overall balance of my Klipsch Forte I speakers over the Cornwall III with that same midrange horn. I kept the forte I.... I sold the Cornwall IIIs because I felt, for a such a big speaker, midrange detail was lacking for me. It really bummed me out, considering how much they cost. I wish I would've picked up some Cornwall IIs instead, or maybe even cornscalas. I'm just sharing my experience.
  6. Oh man, I was saving up to purchase some. I missed out big time. Does anyone else make similar horns for 1" drivers?
  7. Not the same website, but is Dave's site down? I was going to look at his fastrac horns for Klipsch Belles, but I can't visit his site. Is he still making fastrac horns?
  8. I'm looking to sell my original type AA crossovers from my 78 Klipsch Belles....they are in working condition, and I'm only selling because I upgraded my crossovers, and I no longer need them....I'm asking $125 shipped...i believe I saw them go for around that much in the garage sale section....let me know if this is a fair price or not
  9. SOLD!!!! Thanks Dave, I hope you enjoy it very much!
  10. That's pretty cool Muel, thanks for sharing the link...I'm selling it for the medical bills we'll have once he's here...i have some more audio gear I'll be selling soon
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