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  1. Just logged on here and was surprised to see a message. Yes, that MX110 sold. Actually, I missed it enough to acquire another and that one isn’t going anywhere. I do have an MX113 that was given the full service by Audio Classics a couple of years ago that I may sell. I have an Audio Classics box to ship it in. If interested, send me a PM.
  2. Hi Jim, I have an Aleph P that I have been thinking about letting go along with a pair of Aleph 0 monoblocks. My pre has the remote. I haven’t made up my mind for certain but I’ll send you a message tomorrow to discuss. It’s past my bedtime already. Adam
  3. I picked this amp up from forum member Justin Weber a few years ago. It has been a stellar performer, and with 25 watts into 8 ohms (50 into 4), it is pretty versatile as well. The amp was built by Dave at Fastlane Audio. It uses the same Jenson transformers, boards, etc that the real First Watt F6 uses. I am asking $750 plus actual shipping costs. Local pickup is welcome in northwest Arkansas.
  4. I am selling my McIntosh MX110. It was purchased from Tom Manley at McIntoshaudio.com in 2008 (by previous owner, not me) and was gone over by Terry DeWick to meet all original specs at that time. Power cord has been replaced with a newer 2 prong cord, and I can see some newer caps and resistors under the chassis, I'm not an electronics tech by any stretch so, beyond the obvious, I can not say what work was performed by Terry. This MX110 tuner/pre is the rarely seen X model, made between the M and the Z. From what I've read, the X model has the updates of the Z, minus the panlocs and newer style faceplate. More importantly, it retains the 2 sets of outputs from the M model. This is perfect for connecting a powered sub or headphone amp. All functions are working perfectly, all display lights, including tuning indicator, work as they should, no cracks in the glass, bubbles, etc. Overall, very nice. One small scratch on faceplate next to tuning knob on the right, as seen in pics. All tubes are high quality, made in USA, Great Britain, or Germany. I do have a very nice slant leg L12 McIntosh cabinet, available separately, if interested. I'm pretty sure I have a complete set of backup tubes that will be included. I will ship it in a new Audio Classics box. Also available for pickup/audition in Fayetteville Arkansas. I am asking $1500 plus shipping.
  5. This is another piece of gear that I am not using. Trying to clean out the closets... EV Dx38 active crossover/digitil signal processor. Many of you are familiar with these- 2 inputs, 4 outputs. XLR balanced connections. Purchased from a forum member a year or two ago, used it to dial in my Altec 2-way setup then built a passive to make life simple. Works great has a few scratches as seen in pics. Asking $300 plus actual shipping or local pick up in Northwest Arkansas.
  6. I currently have more gear than I can use after selling my Chorus II's. I had planned to keep this Aleph J clone and my diy Pass Labs B1 buffer in my Altec 2-way setup and sell my McIntosh MC40's and MX110 because the first watt/pass labs gear clearly sounded better. I even created a listing for the Mac gear but never posted it. After some soul searching I just can't bring my self to sell the McIntosh. I wanted Mac tube gear for so long and I love the look of it. Ok, enough rambling... I bought this amp from long-time forum member ClaudeJ1 a few months ago to pair with my B1 buffer. The pair sounded great together, the amp functions perfectly and exceeded my expectations. If you are curious about class A, especially the Nelson Pass designs, and nice looks aren't a priority then this amp is a great place to start. I'm asking $900 plus actual shipping (guessing $40 or less) or local pick up in Northwest Arkansas. I'm including a link to Claude's original post for more info about the amp. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/175248-sold-first-watt-aleph-j-class-a-2-ch-pwr-amp/&tab=comments#comment-2250108
  7. Sold to forum member ARjetman. He is a new forum member so I wanted to let other members know that he is a great guy and don’t hesitate for future dealings. Adam
  8. I am reluctantly selling my Chorus II's. Oiled Oak, all original (crossovers and drivers/diaphragms). Black grills in very nice shape. One passive has the dust cup dented in, I haven't tried any of the tricks to pop it out, it doesn't affect the sound so it didn't affect me. Made in 1993, sequential serial numbers. Local pickup in northwest Arkansas. Demo's welcome.
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