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  1. J2 is not a transconductance amp is it?
  2. Yea but where do you get an F1J?
  3. It don't get too much larger than what you've been pedalin' the last couple weeks MWMs maybe.
  4. Musta been after PWK's passing. I don't think he would have allowed "high fidelity". To paraphrase Mr Klipsch "there is no high fidelity, either you have fidelity or you don't".
  5. I was just a wee bit hungover Martini man, not blowing chunks or tossing my cookies
  6. Yea they could be Mighty Damn Fine tweeters
  7. After you get off the toilet or done hugging it
  8. Yes. I will do this in time. Aesthetically it would be much more desirous as well. Yes. Roger that. I have no reason to doubt what you are telling me. And no reason to not do it except time and a little money.
  9. My Deepest Sympathy at this time for the loss of your Father. What was his first name? God loves names when we pray for our loved ones. God Bless you and your family.
  10. @Chris A the reason I asked about this is @Westcoastdrums came over a couple weeks ago to audition my Jubes. I think he liked everything about them except the imaging. He made me critically listen to what he was hearing. By the time he left we had moved the speakers about 3 feet each from the side walls, so 6 feet closer together. The stereo imaging was MUCH improved.
  11. That's wild. So are Jubes WG speakers?
  12. Truly balanced? What dat mean?
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