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  1. Well I think the switch has been flipped. 2 days ago drove through mist and fog and clouds to get to work. Yesterday and today not a cloud in the sky. Bright sunshine from sunup to sundown. Good Bye June gloom, here comes summer. A few hours stacking block is on order for me today then off to the co workers B'Day party
  2. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO ALL We hold these truths to be self evident............We pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.
  3. Thanks Mike. I was concerned that if one designed an unregulated supply that put out the voltage that the 3255 wants at full power say nominally 48 volts @ 12 to 15 amps that at idle the voltage would surpass the max allowable input voltage.
  4. @grasshopper , @dbomberger you guys is practically neighbors
  5. June gloom is late this year. Did not really start until about the last week in June. And now it continues. Overcast and misty in the morning. I drive through the clouds to get to work. Going to be the strangest Fourth of July weekend ever I reckon. Going to a co workers B'Day party on the 4th at least for a little while, we'll see how careful(or not) people are being and act accordingly. At least it's outdoors on a 2 acre "ranchito".
  6. @mike stehr so obviously you have a linear unregulated P.S. on that one. Curious what is the voltage when amp is at idle? And then when its cranking?
  7. Yea, was disappointed when WDEcho left and took all his threads
  8. Finally getting going on this........ Based on TI's 3255 Eval board. I'm going to try to do some extra tricks on it. Gain control for one. And some kind of level indicator. Rear panel fab'd and prelim guts layout:
  9. @SemperFiAg08 which 3255 boards are you using? not the TI eval board? I am finally getting going on a 2 channel amp using the eval board. I will be using a Meanwell switcher. I got the 600W one. I do not suffer from the anti digital crossover or anti switching P.S. meme. My ears are too old to hear any difference. Bummer about the P.S. I chose is the fan is on all the time, so this amp will be remoted to the utility closet.
  10. A blown woofer on a KHorn? YOWZER!! Party on Garth! Check that fuse!!!
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