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  1. They are there to protect the drivers for sure. And yes having a 20 amp fuse where a 2 and 1/2 should be is not good practice. But the 2 and 1/2 amp fuse only lets 25 watts continuous to be dissipated by the woofer. With a KHorn that should Damn loud but perhaps the PO got tired of blowing a fuse occasionally. But 20 amps? Too much. Because now your not protecting it much at all, in fact really not at all. But maybe that's all he had handy.
  2. You got me almost ready to tear my KHorns apart.
  3. And I thought you still had the parts on the woofer door connected So which were it?
  4. Have you hooked your amp directly to the woofer(s) now that everything is disconnected? Don't get too happy with the volume knob.
  5. If the insulation of voice coil wire has heated up to the point melting and shorting out some turns of the coil I would say "who the heck knows what that's supposed to sound like".
  6. And also do you have access to another meter? As @PrestonTom suggested perhaps yours is "out of cal" or just not accurate.
  7. So where does one go from here? If you think you have a partially shorted voice coil and you don't want to jump and buy a new one until you are certain. What about the woofer in the other cabinet? Is it reading the same?
  8. @Marvel found an old post from you that said Re of K33 woofer is 3.39 ohms. So is Douglas's reading too low? And how could that be? Shorted windings?
  9. Someone with more knowledge about what these woofers should read please jump in here. We know the voice coil is not open that's for sure and good news.
  10. Just be careful. Don't drop any molten solder on the cone Maybe protect it with a small towel or rag.
  11. Yes, if you are going to bypass all the crossover components.
  12. Well .... the inductor is in series with the voice coil and the capacitor is in parallel. So yes you SHOULD be able to read with those parts still attached. You should read the resistance of the voice coil and the inductor in series, so what guys around 5 to 8 ohms? @Deang?
  13. Pretty sure @capo72 means bypass even the parts inside the woofer chamber and go right to the woofer. And disconnect the parts inside which are a capacitor and an inductor. And you can also do as jimjimbo suggested while they're disconnected and measure the woofer voice coils.
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