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  1. Question going out to all the amp gurus here: Doesn't this sound like a bad connection or cold solder?
  2. Yep. Best international neighbors a country could possibly have.
  3. babadono

    On line dating

    Yea I like it when they turn over
  4. that is not the musicians fault...make it so Mr. Engineer
  5. Ok now hook'em all up via the internet at the same time and play live.
  6. Richard Starkey or sumtin like that
  7. As soon as I read this at the beginning of your post I thought to myself 'Hey that's AMT's address. ' How many times have I passed that building in my childhood/growing up? oh about a bazillion.
  8. Now we're talkin'. You and Chief probably get along real well.
  9. Books are still open on that one.
  10. Looks like you could always jump in for a cool down dip if you're too hot anyway. S-W-E-E-T
  11. What's the load? And don't say "speakers". If it's a KlipschHorn 14 ga is fine. If it's a 1000W power hungry subwoofer I'd go larger.
  12. Was transferred there from Schenectady to work on electric locomotives by his employer G.E. Is this a reading comprehension test? It's open book, pretty easy to pass.
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