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  1. It ain't easy bein' me, but 2 mes?
  2. @rplace How's about the "wake the F up" Have you tried it?
  3. Glad you stepped in. I was going to volunteer you but thought maybe I better not.
  4. What about Al DiMeola or Paco De Lucia or John McLaughlin or Earl Klugh or Pat Metheny....or...or....or
  5. Do you have the AVR set to 2.1 mode when CD or Phono is the input?
  6. Well schucks, for some reason that link won't download the video. Just go to the top and click "videos" then it will load.
  7. https://www.emsciences.com/video.html Wish this company would allow all their video lessons to be viewed.
  8. Of course. And in SMT the solidified solder makes the mechanical connection also. In some cases (large parts or aerospace type assemblies) the components may be glued down as well as soldered.
  9. The reason a good mechanical connection should be made before soldering is to get the two materials in intimate contact so it is much easier to form the inter metallic bond. For example in SMT assemblies there is no mechanical connection, if you pick up, tilt or wiggle the boards stuffed with components before soldering the components will fall off the board.
  10. 40 years electronics manufacturing experience here And not wanting to pick an argument with anyone especially you Dean. There is an inter metallic bond made in a GOOD solder joint. No we are not welding. In welding part of the pieces being joined are heated to their meltng point and become part of the joint. In soldering (hopefully) we do not melt the parts being joined.
  11. Good solder joints where an inter metalliic bond between the two materials being soldered together has been achieved are good. Bad solder solder joints where said inter metallic bond has not been achieved are well.... bad.
  12. Hey thanks Mr. (dryer vent) Clean
  13. Give the back of the speaker as much clearance as possible into the attic volume. These are infinite baffle speakers. My $0.02.
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