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  1. babadono

    What I Got Today!

    Up State NY? Yea he'll have to use it
  2. Hitch hiked with @CECAA850 both days so I was not driving but seemed like about half(?) or a third(?) as far as Rodney's. And yes moot if next year we're in O-HI-O
  3. @diamonddelts can you attach a link to what you're thinking/talking about? I mean a Sparkos input buffer on what? It depends on what is being done with said buffer.
  4. Tweedle Dee won Not Tweedle Dumb
  5. Just curious, are you comparing tracks that are 24/96 from their creation? No upconverting? Mr Waldrep is very adamant about a files "provenance" and that one needs to be very careful what they are listening to.
  6. And I think they made him smarter....he moved to Texas.
  7. Yea that's when I put my earplugs in and went inside and started reading PWKs biography. It's all good, just not MY cup of tea. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it. I'm just too old I guess...no wait I've never liked AC/DC...someone singing(screaming) at me that hell is a good place? No thanks.
  8. the emperor of Austria says to Mozart "doesn't it have too many notes"
  9. Guessing here, probably would take at least a voltmeter or even an oscilloscope to be sure, the ground connection is probably not switched. i.e. the speaker B output ground connection is always connected to your subs low side speaker input. This causes enough potential because of ground currents to tickle the subs auto sensing circuitry when the speaker B switch is set to off. You could try an external switch that switches both hot and ground and see if your sub behaves more to your liking.
  10. After all I got Devastated That sub is awesome. I'm going to contact @LTD02 and see if it would be a major deal to truncate the lower back of that cabinet for casters.
  11. Prolly cost me around $1K to fly from Cal., hotel in Hope, rent a car from Dallas. Worth every penny. Just big fun.
  12. babadono

    tenth aniversary

    Congratulations Bruce. Maybe the 11th can be Swag- a -licious. Really would like to meet you both someday.
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