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  1. I truly sympathize with you and trust the dealer and/or Klipsch will remedy this situation. But that there is funny. I would start with the dealer. That would be unacceptable to me also.
  2. Yes please. I'll PM you my email address if the manual is in electronic format.
  3. Adding another C to title of this thread? Or what.
  4. Agree with @Westcoastdrums those are nice. And with many here, we did not know they ever made these dressed up and pretty like that. Mine are black like the ones in the link @Emile posted. I'm thinking these must have been a REAL SPECIAL order. GLWYS. And welcome to the forum.
  5. I have not heard any complaints previously about this. I would think Klipsch would be concerned about this. Can you post a picture(s). I'll bet Klipsch will want pics also. Did you purchase them through an authorized dealer?
  6. I resemble that remark. Please refer to the last line in my sig.
  7. Maybe if he talked about audio in French it would sound more musical.
  8. Hey Neil @DizRotus you going to join us? Throw @ClaudeJ1 in a car and move on down. Or maybe my good friend @kevinmclogan
  9. Yea even on President's Day. Sucks. I have decided to do the least possible since it should be a paid Holiday.
  10. And the sense of the timeless is in our souls.
  11. Glenn, Tell Verna she will be in our prayers. My wife so enjoyed visiting (well me too) with her the past 2 pilgrimages. God Bless you both. Eric
  12. Hop on a plane...there in no time. It's flyover country anyway.
  13. Because of having to fly to this hoedown, I will be there from Wednesday night. Flip side is I have to leave early enough Sunday morning that I will not be able to go the venue.
  14. And you were young---it would kill you now. At least it would kill me. I'm with @polizzio F THAT! Oh and BTW it's global warming. 100 years ago it would have been -31
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