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    or cow pie shrooms.....
  2. If we weren't supposed to eat animals they wouldn't be made out of meat.
  3. Jeesh! What century is this? God Bless America.
  4. Thanks for bringing the beautiful weather with you.
  5. 9 inches in one day? Yowzer. People around here would not know how to act. My place would be a disaster.
  6. Diverse I'd say but with a love of Klipsch horn loaded loudspeaker systems.
  7. I was apprehensive the first time too.. then I found out I'm one of them
  8. I'll let you in on our little secret....neither are we.
  9. Is this Gia's homework? Don't let the dog eat it
  10. So you do travel? Hmmmm.... we expect you in Hope at the next pilgrimage
  11. Bonnie Raitt? Is @Chief bonehead going?
  12. Quoting my damn self. Seriously have a GREAT time.
  13. Yes almost all active bi amped or tri amped systems have eqs set in their active crossovers. You are doing it the old fashioned analog way, nothing wrong with that.
  14. Don't have a cow man! He said he'll make broth with the heads and shells. It''ll be up to full stink and all the cats in the neighborhood will come and visit.
  15. So you're coming out of an AVR unbalanced (RCA) going into a pro amp balanced (XLR)? Monoprice RCA to XLR cables are wired properly to get the best possible performance from that type of hookup--as you have found out, no hum. This is as long as the pro amp input is wired properly internally, which is not a guarantee. But since the Monoprice cable gets a no-hum output it is probably OK. Why you were getting hum from the Cleanbox is not clear but I would not automatically jump to "Cleanbox is bad". I think you had/have a ground loop when the Cleanbox is installed. You can using scientific repeatable methods to determine and solve the problem if you so desire.
  16. Somebody had more money than time.
  17. And the mouldings don't go all the way to the corners for when you have KHorns?
  18. Curious, what's the blue masking tape on the floor for?
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