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  1. Baby butt cheek tweets and a 15 woofer....yea they'll rock your porch
  2. babadono

    crypto currency

    where's the mirrors? there's gotta be mirrors.
  3. Not disagreeing with either of you. Just interjecting my way of thinking. Where did the OP go? What exactly is he trying to accomplish?
  4. Hence my original post: What the? A stereo amp run bridged into 6 speakers? Why?
  5. A stereo amp that can be bridged and run a 4 ohm load implies that in stereo it should be able to run 2 - 2 ohm loads. But no mention of it in the specs. That's all I'm saying. Peace my brothers.
  6. Strange specs on that amp...1100w bridged into 4 ohms but nothing about how many watts 2 channel into 2 ohms.
  7. I dunno how hot does the cord to your 1500W hair dryer get?
  8. What the? A stereo amp run bridged into 6 speakers? Why?
  9. yep me neither. But whatever it is its ordered. And yep no BS button option either.
  10. babadono

    What I Got Today!

    that was after too many cookies?
  11. Well it has a nice sturdy form factor to it. But $40 is a little steep. If you can make something for a couple bucks that does the same thing and is sturdy enough that you don't have to F' with it all the time I so go for it.
  12. At least they have the Bose at the bottom of the speaker list
  13. Ok who couldn't keep their big yapper shut!
  14. so @jimjimbo did you get yours from the same guy at the pilgrimage? Do you remember his name/avatar?
  15. @dtel I know I bought a couple at the pilgrimage from a forum member from Oklahoma. I can't remember his forum name. He always brought a friend of his with him that looked a lot like a young Sen. Ted Cruz. Do you know who I am thinking of? He had cases of the mugs available for sale that he made or had made.
  16. Sorry for your loss Chris. Never met Grammy but R.I.P. Ruby. Prayers for your family and her. 1 Thessalonians 4, 13-18
  17. @CLove The value of the speakers are drifting upwards as of late. But it really depends upon condition and LOCATION. They are only worth what someone will pay for them. I am going to give your Hubby the benefit of the doubt. He may not keep tabs on this sort of thing and maybe thinking "I know what I paid for them, surely they're not worth that much, heck they're 20+ years old" Not knowing either of you I sincerely hope you can reconcile. I saw what happened to my brother in his two divorces(not to mention his children). I would rather be dead.
  18. Of course it can be done. Like @tromprof pointed out. I don't know how handy you are at soldering but you could make your own voltage divider. All you need are those 4 resistors shown in the crutchfield post above.
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