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  1. "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco." --- Mark Twain
  2. 68 the high in the summer? That's cold. Sounds like winter temps in my area.
  3. So what source is going to go into the power amp?
  4. babadono

    Beer Drinkers

    America's craft brewers make excellent grog Still my fav.
  5. I thought that what we call bacon here in the States they call 'back bacon' in the Great White North. So take off, aye
  6. babadono

    What I Got Today!

    Yes to this. Very, very sad we live in a society now that this is the only way you will be treated fairly. The at fault driver's insurance company will do NOTHING for you until forced to. Your own insurance may not even do anything for you. That was my experience without a lawyer trying to take care of an accident that was not my fault that totaled my wife's car.
  7. babadono

    What I Got Today!

    Lord have mercy.
  8. babadono


    Something about pot smoking affecting short term memory.
  9. @rebuy So the preamp out on your AVR still works? Just the power section went out? I and others just want clarification.
  10. Can you say "North Sea Brent"?
  11. Sorry I was in the Bahamas, I'm back. Yes the closer to zero ohms ESR the more "perfect" the capacitor.
  12. Just thinking out loud...you can't put a drain right in the pit, that'll for sure get clogged or burn. So what do you do?
  13. I don't know nothing......perhaps weep holes to a french drain on outside of pit which then drains to daylight. How are you going to keep it from getting clogged with soot and ash?
  14. I mean just foregoing the Daytons and switching to Audyns.
  15. https://www.illinoiscapacitor.com/pdf/Papers/impendance_dissipation_factor_ESR.pdf Math....Ay Carumba! Would be interesting to measure ESR at say 1 or 2 kHz. Cheapo meters are going to measure at 120 Hz (full wave rectified line freq) for P.S. caps. as per our conversation. Your idea of just trying Audyns? (spelling) and see what changes is probably the way to go. What does Dean think?
  16. The best is when that happens and your eyes are open. My $0.02----- Klipsch will make/change a heritage speaker from 3 way to 2 way if/when it makes it sound better.
  17. Welcome to California.....no wait...that's not right.
  18. Are you talking about the kind like the one that I have to point at my forehead everyday when I come to work?
  19. There was a small adjustment downwards back then. They have more than made up the lost ground now. They can increase the tax up to 3% a year and they ALWAYS do.
  20. I was expecting hoping for the 'forum buddy' rate I am serious about the outdoor fireplace. It does not have to be as grand as the one pictured. My backyard is only 30' x 40'
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