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  1. The hoarders as far as I can figure. I hope all stores insist on a receipt to return goods after this is over. And if you bought stuff after let's say March 1st too bad it's not returnable.
  2. A-B testing? BLASPHEMY! You must live and listen with each change for at least a century.
  3. "Do not let the two opposite polarity wires touch each other as this is a sonic downgrade" I don't care who ya are that there is funny
  4. Only if they paid attention while building and did not use the knot hole filled side on the outside.....ask me how I know
  5. That is as they say the $64,000 question. It must not make business sense to customize/take custom orders. That's why you can get Jubilees in any finish you want as long as it's black pebble paint.
  6. I still eat a lot of peanut butter. Does that make me poor?
  7. Egg pepper samich? I'm with Thaddeus what the heck is that?
  8. I don't know if you are just mis stating what the schematic shows or what but Low Pass filters have inductors in series with the load and capacitors in parallel. High Pass filters just the opposite. If all you were changing was the position of a series capacitor I'll sure bet it sounded like crap.
  9. I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today. Or let your grandkids pick up the tab. Thank you very much.(best Elvis voice)
  10. babadono

    AGM batteries?

    So there's something wrong with @DizRotus's vehicle?
  11. Sometimes I wash electronic assemblies returned by customers before working on them. Unbelievable sometimes what customers environments can do. But we have low temp "burn in" ovens here and I make sure the assemblies are good and dry before firing them up.
  12. babadono

    AGM batteries?

    So let me get this straight. They put batteries in vehicles now that will not survive overnight discharging the current that all the sheet that they put in the cars need to stay in standby overnIght? Why? Sounds like an epic fail.
  13. expedia/hotels.com same thing, they are affiliated. Keep me/us posted on your success/failure getting through their thick skulls.
  14. yea I know where Rome is, thank you. An Italian might say "I am Roman" but A Roman would never say "I am Italian"
  15. Keep rubbing it in....I'm still out $800... don't know if I'll afford the rescheduled meeting. I have not given up yet, but what a bunch of jerks, not you guys but the Airline and hotels.com.
  16. That was the Romans, not the Italians.
  17. Nonsense. Borders can be closed. It just takes the will and manpower. Might need to use a few bullets too.
  18. Yea but joke'em if they can't take a f*&k
  19. Sept is usually our hottest month, its a desert thing.
  20. Could be bitchin' hot out here in BFE that time o' year. What's it like in Arkansas?
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