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  1. Curious, what the f time is it in Brisbane mate? It's 9:42pm in So Cal
  2. babadono

    Friday Update

    No, wait..... is this the same house from 2017? Back when I built in 2009, 2010 the bank got very anxious that it took 4 months more than 1 year. Must be some very deep pockets here.
  3. Try the "Garage Sale" section here if you want to sell them to a Klipsch lover. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/forum/63-garage-sale/
  4. babadono


    Go to a pilgrimage or the SWAG. Put some faces on the names
  5. It does have different "taps" for the 2 or 4 or 8 ohm speaker, correct? That means it is going through an output transformer (autotransformer). Whatever you call it, its a chunk of iron and has significant weight. That was my point. Love Mac equipment. I had an MC2105 paired with my LaScalas back in the day. Unfortunately it got stolen (bastards). Then life happened and I have not been able to afford their gear since.
  6. Part of the reason is as well as a power input transformer it has 2 output transformers.
  7. "No matter how many times I cut this piece its never long enough" or back in my aerospace days "Measure with micrometer, mark with chalk, cut with axe"
  8. @Westcoastdrums I keep hoping GSG will come out with some true horn flatpacks. Or tapped horns.
  9. I've got an airplane ticket with your name on it No wait... how do you spell that last name again.
  10. Mine was on new construction so we were guessing about usage. Solar Co. gave me two options, the second one was an even bigger system.
  11. It never was great But seriously I sure hope this wall will hold back the sand. It's a ton of work, literally, probably several tons.
  12. Well had a nice breakfast of oatmeal, buttered sourdough toast and manchego cheese. Several cups of fresh brewed coffee too of course. Now back to wall building.
  13. Are we gonna talk about ground AGAIN?
  14. Where I live the elec co. credits me 1 for 1 for electricity produced vs. used as @rplace has stated. I have for the past 9 yrs produced more electricity than we use. So once a year the elec co. reconciles my account. They pay me per kWH the same that they pay other energy producers. It's a lot less than they charge their customers for energy used. I try to dream up ways to use more electricity.
  15. Yes. Wife's Subaru has CVT. I've never floored it, but yes it is a different feel. Constantly slipping? I can't say the Subaru feels like that. I did ask when we bought the car brand new in 2013(2014 model) "This is not the first year Subaru has used a CVT is it?" Turned out they have used them for years. The Forester has been a good car(SUV) so far, knock on wood.
  16. Take out the bad one and put another bad one in?
  17. BTW did you get those DTS10s?
  18. Solar for the past 9 years, no ill effects. But I am still hooked up to the grid. If you are talking about an isolated off grid system YMMV.
  19. Sorry I missed the talk about septic yesterday. I was outside building a wall. So you have a half inch water pipe that is ALWAYS on going into your septic tank. And no trap between the line and tank? WTF? How much is your water bill? How big is your leach field? This makes no sense to me.
  20. Beautiful veneer, I hope the signatures can be removed without damaging it. They( the signaturees) should have signed a placard on the back IMHO.
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