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  1. @DMH has (had?) a first gen pair that partially melted(I think that is what he said happened to them) . Perhaps he has some insight into repair of these horns.
  2. Yea is pronounced “yay” and it means yes. You would typically use it only under specific circumstances, such as a formal vote. Voting yea means that you are in favor of the proposal. Even less commonly in modern speech, it can also be used instead of “indeed” or when you want to emphasize and reiterate something you just said. Yea is by no means a recent entry into the language—its origin can be traced all the way back to the Old English word gēa.
  3. Yea he's a pretty fart smeller
  4. Ummmm.....dark(est) chocolate
  5. Pretty tight ship you run there, hunh?
  6. ?? what cha edging, solid granite
  7. The Amplifier Institute encourages a responsible attitude to recreational substances. Here two staff members recover after a gruelling listening session.
  8. You fortunate bastards Have a great time!
  9. Yes but not the Animal Farm way.
  10. A few pix from my driveway evening before last of the "Tenaja" fire in Murrieta Ca.
  11. We are OK. Both ways in to my home were closed last night, had to wait until 9PM to get in the "back" way. The fire was pretty much contained to an undeveloped nature preserve area. If it had been allowed to jump a couple roads we would have been in deep doo-doo. Thanks for your prayers one and all.
  12. But OT declared "nobody cares" I thought he spoke for all.
  13. Where's that LED flashlight? Meanwhile here fire is still burning.
  14. I meant no offense. I am an old fart, I know I'm lucky if I can hear 15kHz.
  15. FWIW The Yamaha has software too that is free but man is it elaborate. It is made to control say a system for the Dallas Cowboys Stadium of which this crossover would be a tiny fraction of.
  16. It's global warming C'mon get with the program.
  17. Methinks maybe no output at the higher frequencies cuz you can't hear that high anymore? Any dogs around to confirm?
  18. ChrisA is correct(as per usual) for all. Sorry after i went home last night i was off line. Electricity went out yesterday at home, phones were down until this morning, no wifi. Freak storm with lightning wreaked havoc in the area and started a large brush fire a couple miles from my home. Please pray for us and the firefighters.🙏
  19. I am surprised by the output level but looks like you're good to go. What headphones only need 2 volts? Just earbuds or what?
  20. Just a comment...looks like $499 for the 4X10 HD miniDSP unit to get balanced 2in X 8 out.......why not just take a leap and buy a Xilica?
  21. Uh yea roger, I was speaking of the miniDSP
  22. Easy answer is no. But that said anything is possible, but it would be a marvel of engineering. It certainly could not be done with two separate miniDSP units.
  23. Says it's a jumperable configuration option so i was just wondering how you set it up.
  24. I was looking briefly, seems tech info is gone or hard to find. But I did read it has line out as well as the volume controlled headphone out. The line out would definitely not be a problem but you would have to have volume control further downstream using that option. With the volume controlled headphone out you will just need to be mindful that you could overdrive the input. I am saying this without knowing the specs of the Pono player but assuming the headphone out is capable of more than +8dBu.
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