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    I never realized those were that tall. Bullwinkle always seemed bigger than Rocky. Just sayin'
  2. Would not having a rectangular back chamber for the driver be so bad a detriment that it makes the angle cut on the front absolutely necessary?
  3. If I had a nickel for every time someone said dude you need a new car.......
  4. I know a little enough about this to be dangerous. Sounds like you are headed in the correct direction. One of the devices on the bus is screwing up communication on the bus when cold/wet. Do you know or have a diagram that shows all devices on the bus? When you're getting no comm start unplugging devices one by one
  5. What do you suppose was wrong with the original inductor? Also do you have the Infinity Documentation? @efzauner
  6. Yea but Bruce we're getting old
  7. Hmmm... I thought you had a newer bigger Crown back when I visited you when you had the MWM bins. Figured you still were using it.
  8. That there looks like some serious fun with very musical bass. GLWYS.
  9. @DMH what are you running your bass bins with?
  10. 1000W into each bin? How big is your room again?
  11. "the lesson lies in learning and by teaching I'll be taught"
  12. then you move on to the next victim?
  13. @Deang Deanno, do you know where any of this is available?
  14. Specially with me, myself and I.
  15. Thanks Elden. I was thinking the same thing. One is enough, sometimes more than enough. Sure when you're young more than one woman, yea great go sow them wild oats. But marry more than one? Nope.
  16. Maybe @BEC, ALK Engineering or how about the manufacturer?
  17. Righty -oo I have the Klipsch one already. PM on its way
  18. I truly sympathize with you and trust the dealer and/or Klipsch will remedy this situation. But that there is funny. I would start with the dealer. That would be unacceptable to me also.
  19. Yes please. I'll PM you my email address if the manual is in electronic format.
  20. Adding another C to title of this thread? Or what.
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