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  1. https://community.klipsch.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=59234 It were deep but i think this is the schematic of RF-7 crossover.
  2. That B the drawing Luther posted
  3. The current going through SPK1 will not go through SPK2 and vice versa. They are not in series. The cones will move in opposite directions if hooked up in the polarities shown, roger that. But the impedance to the amp will be the two drivers in parallel. I'm talking about the DTS10 drawing not the TH SPUD.
  4. Roger, definitely looking forward to it. I was disappointed when they talked you out of bringing them to Rodney's last year. Their loss.
  5. Yea "we all wanna see the plans" ---John Lennon
  6. That drawing is definitely parallel, my brother from a different mother.
  7. SWEET. This is getting very hard to miss.
  8. Is that a 1 or 2 ton crane? Dang you do beautiful work.
  9. Well..... Do you have a SPL meter (or equivalent)? Hook up one amp, set volume to your preference with a piece of music you like and are familiar. Denote SPL. Mark with a piece of tape the volume setting(for repeatability). Now hook up the other amp and adjust volume to the same SPL. Mark its volume setting also. Now switch between the two, and this is the tricky part, as fast as possible. At least you now know both are close to the same level. Now then you will hopefully be able to discern differences(or not). Comparing two systems at different volume levels is a fool's game at best. I'm sure others will chime in shortly.
  10. I'd call it blowing smoke up someone's azz. But hey that's just me.
  11. Looks like the Danley DTS10 is two 8 ohm drivers wired in parallel. Danley specs impedance of a DTS10 as 4 ohms. The TH SPUD is two 4 ohm drivers in series?
  12. Couldn't it be done either way? Depending on the load you want to drive? Two 8s in series (but out of phase) is still 16 ohms and two in parallel(but out of phase) is 4 ohms.
  13. Cuz all speakers are equal?
  14. Wonder how it would do in the anechoic chamber at Klipsch? or outdoors in half space?
  15. You will not damage either. Pin 2 of XLR goes to signal in, pin 3 goes to that signal's ground and pin 1 of the XLR goes directly to the chassis. Does this make sense to you?
  16. @Ron E what ICEpower amp(s) are you using? I thought their amp modules were balanced in. I am in the beginning of designing and building an amp using their modules also. If it is in fact an unbalanced input you can take the pin 3 from the Xilica and run it to the ground input on the amp module(through pin 3 of the XLR you are installing) Pin 1 of the XLR you are installing should go directly to the chassis. Google "Pin 1 problem". ICEpower 50ASX2SE Is this the one? I do indeed see it is single ended(not balanced) input. The input connector has two signal ground connections one for each channels input signal. These ground inputs are where the pin 3 of the XLR should go.
  17. Yep last year someone posted on here 2. One was a finished kit, the other still in a box. But he would never respond to my posts or PMs. Really ticked me off. Who the hell got those anyway? @muel did you end up with them, I think I remember you posting "oh goodie 2"
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