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  1. I have the KSP-300, C-6, S6 and KSW-300 speakers. Love them... Denon AVR-5308 receiver. Is it worth buying a pair of KSP-400 and moving my KSP-300 to the back speakers? My room is 16 x 12 small... but i like it loud... Is there a huge difference from the 300 to 400's? If you know of a pair of 400's in the Massachusetts area, please let me know... My speakers are in perfect condition. Not one mark on those gorgeous cabinets... past waxed weekly. and yup, wife thinks i'm nuts...
  2. I have the KSP-300, C-6, S6 and KSW-300 speakers and a Denon AVR-5308 receiver. I have the speakers wired as out of the box. If I went sub-woofer cable LFE out from the amp to one KSP-300 LFE IN, then from that speaker's LFE OUT to the other KSP-300 LFE IN would i hear in increase in bass? Would i remove the jumper plates when do this or leave my speaker wires the same? is this configuration worth it? I'm am a bit confused as to what LFE OUT on the Denon AVR-5308 I would start with... there are two labeled SW. I am using one to the KSW-300 (sub) right now that is awesome. shakes the room. If you have knowledge of both components (Denon and KSP-300's) can you instruct me how to wire them for optimal performance please?
  3. oh so the RCA jacks are for bi-amp only. To bi-wire you need double speaker wires to do so. Is this right?
  4. what i am confused is the speakers have RCA jacks for bi-wire. Why do i need more speaker wires? I do not understand where the wires go on the speakers...
  5. Would the KSP-300 main speakers sound better or louder if I wire them with the separate LFE cables or bi-wire? If so, i can't figure it out. I have a Denon AVR-5803 amp. I don't understand how to wire it from my amp to the speaker. Do you know?
  6. I have the KSP-300 and always looked at the 400's. My room is 16 x 12 so not that big. Is it worth upgrading the fronts to the 400's if i can find a pair in my area which I'm sure will surface if I keep looking? What is the difference in these speakers? Keep in mind i have the KSW-300 subwoofer in my system already so i'm not lacking on the low end. If i find a pair I would move my 300's to the rear and my S-6 to the back channels. What do you think?
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