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  1. A repurposed tune from my high school days by someone who apparently thinks it applies to the corona crisis. Always a good tune to listen to. The Doors The End
  2. I wonder where they think the populace is going to go back to work if these companies do not survive?
  3. Fed Promises Unlimited QE, Corporate Bond Buying, Muni Buying, and Main Street Credit The Federal Reserve said Monday it will purchase unlimited amounts of Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities and buy corporate bonds, municipal bonds, and asset-backed securities for the first time. The Fed announced a major expansion of its programs to support the economy on Monday morning following several days of frantic moves by the central bank to expand its support for credit and money markets. Fiscal support for the economy, in the form of spending and lending programs from the federal government, stalled on Capitol Hill over the weekend. The Federal Open Market Committee, the Fed’s monetary policymaking unit, said it would purchase Treasury and mortgage securities “in the amounts needed to support smooth market functioning and effective transmission of monetary policy to broader financial conditions and the economy.”
  4. Thousands of stolen coronavirus respirator masks found in Oregon, donated to hospitals as arrest made
  5. I'd be willing to bet that every cure for every thing has killed one person. If you get the bug and you are offered this cure, turn it down....just to be safe.
  6. There's drug combo to shorten coronavirus, French researchers say...... Hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin
  7. There is an interesting 1 hour program on Amazon Prime about the 1918 flu catastrophe. Interesting watching. Lots of deaths back then. Oddly enough, lots of young people.
  8. PowerLine The Week in Pictures: Martial Law Edition Wash your hands
  9. I guess the French scientists do too.
  10. She also asks the hospital guy if this drug combo could be a preventative in the next segment on her show.
  11. She's been talking about it all week. Did the one you saw have the French review/test/chart/recommendation?
  12. There is a drug cure/hope Hydroychloroquine and Azithromycin for Covid-19 The Ingraham Angle 3/20/20 Watch the first part "A Dose of Reality" Wash your hands
  13. New Mexico has 27 cases as of yesterday. Most are up around Albuquerque and Santa Fe (the special people). We have 2 in Socorro Country who came back from Egypt with it and are self quarantining. In Catron Country (where I live) there are none. We have a population density (average) of one person per 2 square miles. It's mail day so I will be going to the mail boxes at 10 to get the mail. That's one of my biggest exposure days of which there are 3 per week. We have been self quarantining for years. Might go to Walmart next week in Socorro.
  14. PowerLine Mid-Week in Pictures: Paper Blues Edition
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