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  1. Sorry to say I have had no bites whatsoever. I was surprised honestly since I know when I got these they were a hot commodity. However, I've been doing all this a while now like you guys so I realize that timing is everything. No worries though, if they don't sell I can always use them in my office and post them again at another time.
  2. Thanks for the help CECAA850. Yep Northern Phoenix / Anthem area. Willing to ship if needed and still have original boxes as mentioned before.
  3. Thanks for the bump good sir. I have updated the price to $625 for the Klipsch fans here. Not sure if I'll go any lower as that just makes it too tempting to keep them around and save them for a 2 channel setup for the office down the road or possibly master bedroom. Side note: I just got some RS-7s locally on craigslist and installed them in my main room - awesome! I really like having rear/side surrounds again since I've been without for about 2 months or so. Very easy to mount and look like giants up there haha.
  4. Yea I really wish I could. I don't have a rear wall to my living room where my setup is. My room opens in the back to the kitchen. They used to be on hefty stands but the new couches are reclining so no more room for that now. Only real option is hanging from the ceiling which has been shot down (can't really blame her there haha - they're huge). I do appreciate the ideas though.
  5. Sorry guys just got a chance to check back on this thread. Haha yes they are definitely legit speakers and not knock offs or whatever. I still have the original Klipsch boxes for them. Klipsch forum price is $650 and I'm willing to answer any other questions you may have of course. The RF-82s are sold now and I'll update the first post. I agree with Youthman - absolutely love these speakers and will miss them quite a bit. Definitely tried my best with the wife to rearrange the living room 5 different ways to fit them but it's not gonna happen. Gonna have to settle for some RS surrounds or something wall mountable. Let me know if your interested. Thanks
  6. I ended up making my own for sale post btw. Link here if anyone is interested: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/160245-for-sale-pair-of-rb-75-bookshelf-speakers-cherry-pair-of-rf-82-towers/
  7. ***SOLD*** I am selling my beloved pair of cherry Klipsch RB-75s. They are in very good condition and sound amazing (of course). The woofers have no dents or scratches and the magnetic screens are in great shape. The only real flaw is that one of them has a small dent on the back, top right hand corner due to moving (...I was pissed). But I have tried to take a very close picture of that to show it. Here is an imgur link with some quick picks before I boxed them up about 2 weeks ago. Oh yea I have the original Klipsch boxes too. http://imgur.com/a/n2CEZ CL post for RB-75s http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ele/5379499052.html !!UPDATED!!: Special Klipsch forum price: $600 -- SOLD I am also selling a pair of black RF-82s. These are in great shape too. Screens are all intact and no real damage to speak of. I'm guessing these were B stock originally though because near the back bottom on one you can see some non-uniform coloring in the paint. Not like it matters but just mentioning it to be as honest as I can be. -- SOLD SOLD -- CL post for RF-82s -- SOLD http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ele/5281143005.html I'm not super interested in shipping these but I suppose if the buyer wants to pay for it and is interested enough I could do it.
  8. I realize this one is a couple weeks old but just in case someone is still looking here ya go. I will probably create my own post in a couple weeks but I was just browsing and read through this one. I am selling my beloved pair of cherry Klipsch RB-75s. They are in very good condition and sound amazing (of course). The woofers have no dents or scratches and the magnetic screens are in great shape. The only real flaw is that one of them has a small amount of damage on the back, top right hand corner due to moving (...I was pissed haha). But I have tried to take a very close picture of that to show it. Here is an imgur link with some quick picks before I boxed them up about 2 weeks ago. Oh yea I have the original Klipsch boxes too. http://imgur.com/a/n2CEZ The wife and I just bought new couches for the rather small living room and my RB-75s and their stands can no longer fit where they were. I have tried about 5 different re-configurations of my living room to fit these bad boys in somehow haha. Unfortunately, the wife approval is not there anymore on these beasts. I've really been tempted to keep them for an upstairs small stereo setup but we honestly do not use our loft ever and they could not fit in my office. So long story even longer - it sounds like I must sell them. Now I have to settle for some RS-7s mounted on the wall in living room or maybe even smaller RS series. Anywho, I am located in Phoenix, AZ and pm me or reply if you're interested. Looking for $700 and in no real hurry since they are stored away for now (I'm currently running just 3.1 like some plebe...lol).
  9. Sigh...it's bittersweet but I'm gonna have to sell these beauties. Don't worry though I love RF-7s so much that I will still have a regular cherry version of them to enjoy for years to come. If you're interested at all see my post in the garage sale section here.
  10. Nice dude that's a smoking deal for sure! Especially if they are in great condition like you said. I LOVE my RC-7. It is the perfect match for the RF-7s (obviously I know)! But I've listened to my friend's RC-64 (v1) and it does not compare in my opinion. And he has RF-83s with the 64 too so it's not like he has a bad system or anything. Yea let him know for sure. I'll even make him a decent deal since he's a friend of yours.
  11. Oh yea I think I saw the ad for those - were they black RF-7s? Originally listed for like $1300 or so? Pffft grill pegs broken big whoop. Mine were too but I love the look of them without the grills anyways. Yea they are already huge beasts and once you're done frankenstein-ing them they will be even larger haha. But they're gonna sound amazing. So you kept you're KLF20s then right? Yes, I am selling 5 Marantz MA-500 monoblocks. If you know anyone looking let me know. I like them but soon after buying them I came across a old man selling a mint condition, less than 2 year old ATI 1800 3 channel amp. It's one of those modular ones where you can install up to 7 cards but just has 3 right now which is all I wanted for my front sound stage - the two RF-7s and RC-7. It sounds great to me and the bass is so much tighter and controlled coming from the RF-7s. Very clean sound. I think I read it's rated at about 210 wpc. So that made the Marantz monoblocks seem quite weak even though they are great little units.
  12. Nice John! Happy to hear you joined the RF-7 gang and love them. I'm sure it took some getting used vs. your awesome KLF-20s like you said. i can vouch for how awesome your Class D amps are because they sounded so clean all the way through. Where did you end up getting an RC-7 by the way? Just curious
  13. New diagram showing my most current set up. As you can see the RB-75s are on some stands I already had on hand. However, because they are literally right behind the couch I'm thinking they are too directional for how close the listener's head is to them. Not to mentioned that they are huge and can and already have gotten bumped into (haven't fallen over yet thanfully). Also I'd have to route the wires under the couch and then along the west wall's base board and then behind the media cabinet. Right now I am temporarily just having the cords hang down from the ceiling where the speaker plate is installed from my old set up. I'd still like to do the ceiling mount or a wall mount. If I did wall mount then it'd have to be really high on the east wall so that it's not in the way when people walk by the couch (see picture). And I'm fine with that I suppose but I'll just need to get something fabricated custom. Thanks to my brother I may have someone who can help do that.
  14. Lpusedyou


    I apologize for resurrecting this very old thread but I am currently trying to figure out a way to mount my RB-75s on a ceiling. My question is more for leprechaun since it sounds like he mounted it to a wall. You said you ended up drilling into the speaker - where at exactly? Up high on the back? With what size screws and how did you mount it? Any help or pics would be greatly appreciated. You can check out my thread here to see diagram of my room. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/p/154364/1625023.aspx#1625023
  15. Yea I definitely understand that anchors are more effective on a wall than a ceiling due to the whole gravity thing. The anchors that were recommended to me by the home depot guy are medium-heavy duty hollow wall anchors. They are explained here http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ContentView?pn=Hollow_Wall_Anchors&catalogId=10053&storeId=10051&langId=-1 near the bottom of the page on the chart. I definitely can't pull these out of the ceiling easily by hand as they have a pretty wide spread (compared to regular run of the mill anchors). Anywho, even though these held my polk RTi4s and the currently mounted Klipsch RB-10s I DO want to install the RB-75s in a much more secure fashion. That's one of the reasons I opened the thread. Mounting them upside down is sounding like the best way to attach to the speaker itself I just hope the two threaded inserts on the bottom will support the weight of the speaker on an angle. I'm guessing this will be putting more stress on the threads than they may have been built for.
  16. Gorm - thanks again for posting about your experience. I have original RF-7s and RC-7 (no mods) and I have wondered if an RC-64 or RC-64II would be an upgrade or not. The RC-64's 1.25" tweeter has me thinking it may not be able to keep up with my 7s but at least the RC-64II has the 1.75 incher. Looks like it wasn't an upgrade for your set up and I'm sorry to hear that but at least now you know you already have the best possible center for those sweet RF-7s! Congrats!
  17. Thanks for your input on this man. I will most likely pull the trigger on the RC-64 and just compare the two for myself and just the sell the one I don't want. I really love the RC-7 so far with my RF-7s and have no complaints (especially with HT material - it sounds incredible). I just got a chance to get an RC-64 at a pretty good price and I know how awesome it's supposed to be so thought I'd see what others have chosen between the two.
  18. Sorry to resurrect an old thread (especially with no new, super helpful information...[:|]) but I too am faced with this problem. I have RF-7s and an RC-7 and they sound great for sure. I have the opportunity to buy an RC-64 for $600 and I could sell my RC-7 for about $350 or so (friend of mine). So basically I could get an RC-64 for $250 in the end but I am not sure if I should since it may or may not match the RF-7s perfectly like the RC-7 does. I do not have a super critical ear so if the difference in timbre matching is very very slight then I probably won't notice at all. But my question is are the other benefits of the RC-64 over the RC-7 worth $250? Understand that I have read all of the other threads mentioning this (and similar issues) so a redirect likely won't be helpful. Any help or opinions from RF-7 or RC-64 owners would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Lpusedyou

    AVR or Amp

    If you end up selling your XPA-3 I would be interested.
  20. Cripes! Looks like it wasn't the center channel speaker. It just crept up in my rear speaker. It appears to be the center channel or section on the amp itself. It's like a slight crackling and is very intermittent. As soon as I noticed it I checked all connections and the level knob on the back of the amp and boom - it was back to normal again. Sigh, back to the drawing board.
  21. The mount I have installed right now is not going into a stud. It is using 4 heavy duty anchors with beefy screws into them that hold the mounting bracket to the ceiling. I don't have access to the ceiling since I'm in a two story house and there is no crawl space for the first floor. Would mounting the speaker upside down have any negative impact on the sound? Because I honestly don't care if the grill is upside down. Especially if it means I get a more secure hold on the speaker without making new holes in it. I will definitely look into creating an L bracket type of mount as well. I have a friend I'm going to call later tonight who would know more about it and be a good resource.
  22. we can pretend we didnt see that dirty word on here... Yea I'm gonna act like I didn't see that for sure...lol jk. Yea I've thought about in-ceiling speakers honestly but decided against it. I love the sound of the RB-75s and I've heard RB-61s and RB81s before too. I don't really want to go to in-ceiling speakers since nothing I've heard compares to the three speakers I just mentioned. Does laying these speakers on their side affect the sound at all? As in, is it pretty much exactly the same as if it were right side up? This is the mount I used for my Polk RTi4s I used to have for rears and the mount that is currently holding my RB-10s: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=108&cp_id=10828&cs_id=1082804&p_id=6839&seq=1&format=2 It held my Polk RTi4s for about a year perfectly fine with about a 45 degree slant (from ceiling) and they weighed 27 lbs each. Even though it's super cheap and doesn't look like much, the mount really has been quite good. The only bad reviews I've seen are when you use it to mount anything over 15 lbs on a wall (not ceiling). I'd like to use this mount of course but the RB-75 only has threaded screw holes on the bottom of the speaker and no holes whatsoever on the back. If drilling into the speaker causes no harm then I guess I'm okay with doing that. I just am not sure the best/safest place to drill into it and what hardware to use. Btw, I appreciate you guys even trying to help and offer alternatives like you have. This community is pretty awesome.
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