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  1. It was built for a Hotel ? or someone with a huge extended family in exile....the Sheik
  2. 1950s War of the Worlds on theater horns is fantastic. There are 2 competing restorations on the market.
  3. Don't get too blind In case you have to get behind the wheel to pick up the grandkids somewhere......
  4. From my limited design knowledge Horn length = lower frequencies To get into the subwoofer range 20-300 Hz requires a horn length of what ? 8 feet ? Then the question of which geometry for which type of space and application. In addition to lots of carpentry, the multi-fold horns likely have their own set of trade offs. And substantial engineering challenges to minimize reflections, absorption and deflection and it's own set of resonant distortion. Not sure if these are correct speaker parameter terms. If I ever score a Barn and refirb it to my dream living space, Horn loaded theater subs are definitely on the table. Maybe a decommissioned Church or theater would work too. I had an acquaintance who purchased a decommissioned 9 room school house in the country 35 years ago, complete with a gymnasium. Got it for next to nothing like $50K. Took the Office for his apartment, used several of the classrooms as workshops and had one for his motorcycles. Fred was an aircraft Mechanic and very handy with repairing any kind of machinery. One motorcycle project, he used an aircraft supercharger on a Honda, 3 or 4 cylinder, motorcycle that he spent months beefing up so it could take the boost. Asked about it's performance, Fred said that he needed a couple of stiff drinks before enabling the supercharger. Probably moved the bike from 4-1 weight to HP, down to 2-3 ratio. You can barely control 4-1 when you roll the throttle back.
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    The Other Discs

    Another performer, who is something of a weirdo in real life Put out some great LPs in the smooth jazz era ........ Watched a favorable documentary on Rhonstadt the other night. At one point she was sharing a beachfront property with Jackson Brown and several other headline, and A-list aspiring writers and performers. Sort of a mini Florence Renaissance in a house, creativity fuels creativity, along with sincere feedback aka constructive criticism. Rhonstadt's comment was that artists tend to become very isolated once they achieve fame, since everyone around them is making money, or sponging off of them. So honest conversation goes out the window, and progressive isolation ensues. aka Howard Hughes Syndrome, everyone becomes a sycophant.
  6. Bubo

    The Other Discs

    I took my Tri-Field Meter outside and placed it on top of a glass table - In the Zero to 100 milligauss Range I recorded no change from ambient, using 1,2, 3 CDs - In the 0-3 Milligauss Range no change from ambient for 3 CDs For Electrical Field and Radio Waves 3 CDs registered Zero emissions My Cell and Cordless phones, on the other hand, really will cook your brain Alarm clocks are very hot, moved mine to the other side of the bedroom TVs, Amps, are hot, also moved to far wall from my fav chair. My guess is that the motor in a CD player, and the power supply throw off easily measurable fields when you play a CD. Smart Meters, are very active in the 2.4 GHz Range, I would need a different meter to measure it. I accept that active transmitters, do in fact transmit. So this is low priority spending. If I ever replace my aluminum siding, it will be with steel siding, same as the next roof. They really are cooking us ...........
  7. Rap before there was Rap Pigmeat Markham; Here comes the Judge The Trial
  8. Stories About US Lots of Great tracks on this LP Brother Louie was the big radio play, and completely different than the rest of the tracks
  9. Poe - Control (Apocalypse remix Version), haunted LP more multi-tracking Dig me out; podcast 257 Poe Hello The 1995 debut Hello by Poe shifted from moody hip-hop to hymnlike piano to fingerpicking pop-folk with varying results As we discussed in our October roundtable episode on female artists of the 90s, 1995 was a historic year thanks to Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette. But Alanis wasn’t the only artist to make an impact. The New York Times noted in early 1996 about the debut album Hello by Poe and her “moody hip-hop to hymnlike piano to fingerpicking pop-folk.” We revisit this eclectic record that features contributions from former Guns ‘n Roses drummer Matt Sorum, late hip-hop producer/artist J Dilla and Alice in Chains/Jane’s Addiction recording engineer Dave Jerden. http://digmeoutpodcast.com/episode/258-hello-by-poe
  10. Love Prine 70s, Had a room mate that owned at least 10 lps Prine was always playing
  11. When Folk was King Check out the studio gear I'm going to research the female singer, great voice Professionally filmed in a studio, film is hard to beat
  12. Sammy & Dave vintage 60s
  13. All my disco for one night I Feel Good - James Brown - 1965
  14. Bell bottoms, platforms, spinning mirror ball, 10 to 1 F to M ratio
  15. Back at Ya Disco Inferno
  16. They announced they will no longer play the favorite, due to pc
  17. Astounding how bad she is My dictionaries are old, I'm sure she is next to sucks in the new ones
  18. Poe, Blair Witch 2 Soundtrack Haunted
  19. Today (Soundtrack Version) · Poe Great Expectations ℗ 1997 Atlantic Recording Corp. Mixer: Chris Lord-Alge Producer: Eric Garcia Producer, Vocals: Poe Writer: Daris Adkins, Writer: Poe Poe showing off her mulitracking her voice, her signature
  20. Poe - Strange Wind - Anywhere But Here soundtrack
  21. The one that got away, Sweet sounding Poe Never saw her live Walk the Walk from Haunted LP apropos for Halloween Wild, Haunted LP Interesting interview, while her first LP was charting Hello If you listen to her recordings, especially her later stuff as "Jane" on Conjure One, she is a master of multi-tracking her voice. Long story short, her career with two charting LPs ended when they tried to Harvey Weinstein her, and she wouldn't have it. Is Poe Jane, let your ears decide. Poe as Jane ? Poe charted in the rock and club charts Conjure One definitely club and apparently lots of fan fantasy videos Here is Poe layered over multiple times on the audio tracks, Animie Tribute fan video
  22. Side 3 Strange kind of Woman Lazy Found the needle drops ,Lazy This must be when the jelly donuts kicked in hope he didn't hurt himself with this track ........ High intensity on every track If DP performed at this energy level every show they were probably wheeled directly to the ICU and pulled the needles from the IV bags out of them just as they went out for the next show Deep Purple - Lazy (Live, 1972)
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