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  1. Robin Trower's masterpeice What lies Beneath I'm listening to the CD, worth every penny so much more dynamic and greater energy
  2. Probably not I had the same question a few weeks ago my concern was degradation of the phynolic sp material the answer was unless they were used wide open and hot then they were probably just fine. Intelligibility on mine is excellent, so I left them alone.
  3. Post your Christmas LPs as you listen to them. Provided you recommend them...... I'll try to do one a day, but no promises..... The stores have jumped over Thanksgiving to Christmas I'm sure there are some great Thanksgiving LPs but I can't think of any off hand.
  4. What happens if you conclude that you don't really exist ?
  5. For a time, it was 1 hr from my house. All good things come to an end. With a little work, the city would be habitable again. Amazing place to visit.
  6. Hit a fork in the road YT has gone scorched earth on accepting ADs Not sure I want to pay not sure I want to drop the force fields either. WDCB Swing Shift was great today posted playlist and link in RTM section Excellent show, Swing feat Benny Goodman Great female vocals on tracks Martha Tilton (sp) is great Helen Forrest sounds great It will be up for 2 weeks, then gone https://wdcb.org/archive WDCB Swing Shift Oct 14, 2023 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Note For some reason, the R Ch is missing in the first part of the show probably didn't have mono set correctly. Thought it might be my just rebuilt tuner, but it's missing on the digital version too. Set my pre amp to copy L to LR, for the first half hour ?
  7. Thanks for the feedback. The drivers sound better than great to me listening to Norah Jones Not too late Speech intelligibility is excellent and life like During the time I have owned the drivers, .01 - .001 watts is normal listening with 2 watts ear shattering in my space
  8. Any thoughts on the Crites titanium replacements ? Do they still sell them .......
  9. 7 min in a george forman grill the Costco ones are quite good. I may have to pick up a bag and some buns coleslaw, chips fish on a bun
  10. I've had it many times in Central America maybe a Pacific coast thing. aka Corvina The Chilean seafood places I tried in South Florida were superb I hope to eat it someday overlooking the Pacific in Chile.
  11. I mostly agree, but this forum is probably the wrong place for this type of response. I would avoid the back and forth that the insults and bombs are designed to provoke to get a thread closed.
  12. Economics finance forum I like more than a few had their posting privilege revoked for multiple posts that were so nasty they had to be designed to get the web site blocked or boycotted and labeled as racist etc............ Some discovered that using the F bomb also had limits Board is still lively and wide ranging, with the occasional removal of a bomb thrower attacking the forum....
  13. Every day at this time..... My thoughts turn towards lunch, preferably served to me. Fav Chinese placed closed on Mondays Leaving 2 Mex places, 2 BBQ, 1 semi-trendy avocado in the bun, or an overpriced burger in a bun at a bar with wall hangings and lots of trendy windows and better dressed alcoholics. What ever happened to strip clubs that would put out free lunch in the hope of attracting the business crowd, was I living in FL at the time, can't recall been at east 35 years. Has work at home killed this perk of office life ...... Does the local food section cover this once important dining option ? The breakfast, aka egg something, places I don't like are affordable in the sub $15, the 2 places I do like are in the $30 range. Sign of the times. Tues I have to travel to the N burbs of Chicago and have a good $5 slice place with cute cashiers with some game. Otherwise it's Popeys special, just in case hydrogenated oils actually have some hidden benefit. Then off to a resale store, Cds and vinyl have dried up, leaving art glass and throwing elbows with the e-bay sellers. Unfortunately, located a really good bakery that happens to be on my way home..... the devil made me do it....... Looks like a cheeseburger, no fries today at the BBQ place.
  14. Any grocery store or beverage store, it will list quinine as an ingredient. Presence of quinine can be confirmed with a black light. Quinine opens up the call walls so they can absorb zinc, the cell's natural defense against viruses. As we get older, the cells are less efficient at absorbing zinc, so the quinine gets them to open up. The zinc must be present for it to work; hence the zinc pills in various mixes with citrus etc. British army mandated heavily quinine laden tonic water that was mixed with the gin ration and sugar to make the very bitter drink palatable. Fortunately the large beverage companies are too big to push around, and have lots of attorneys and lobbyists.
  15. More likely the result, intended or unintended, of restricted growing with a license for each plant driving the need to max potency per plant. Turning a roadside ditch weed. that grows almost anywhere the seeds fall, into something dangerous. Is weed taxed on weight or just sales tax at the same rate as everything else ?
  16. I drank a glass tonic water every day with a zinc pill, and didn't get sick for 2 years. Quinine is also an anti-inflammatory, so my allergies also disappeared. A friend had the same results, in addition to some of his aches and pains disappearing. OTC before CV, then forced off the market.
  17. Any stock I ever purchased collapsed. I gave it up years ago ......
  18. With or Without deworming, the weed currently sold to the public is something like 50x more potent than the weed of the 80s popularized in every movie etc. It is so powerful that it is more like a hard drug, leaving people comatose or immobilized. Definitely not the sweet smelling stuff that made you hungry and sedate. Which begs the question, why ?
  19. It will cause weight gain by killing your tape worms, another dangerous side effect. Obesity the silent killer unless you chew with your mouth open .............
  20. I'm deeply concerned about dangerous NaCl, a toxic dietary compound that has been added to the food supply, 4MM deaths just in 2015. A weapon of mass destruction. When I walk into a restaurant and see salt shakers, it's like having a grenade on every table. Even minors can reach it. I think we need a ban on salt advertising, the Morton Salt girl is a transparent attempt to seduce innocent minors into picking up the salt shaker. A gateway condiment to salt laden ketchup or soy sauce.
  21. Lethal dose table for nacl, sugar etc https://whs.rocklinusd.org/documents/Science/Lethal_Dose_Table.pdf Nutrients. 2017 Jul; 9(7): 648. Published online 2017 Jun 23. doi: 10.3390/nu9070648 PMCID: PMC5537768 PMID: 28644412 A Systematic Review of Fatalities Related to Acute Ingestion of Salt. A Need for Warning Labels? Norm R. C. Campbell1,* and Emma J. Train2 Author information Article notes Copyright and License information PMC Disclaimer Go to: Abstract There are sporadic cases of fatalities from acutely eating salt. Yet, on social media, there are “challenges to” and examples of children and some adults acutely eating salt, and recently a charity advocated eating small amounts of salt to empathize with Syrian refugees. We performed a systematic review of fatalities from ingesting salt to assess if relatively moderate doses of salt could be fatal. In 27 reports, there were 35 fatalities documented (19 in adults and 16 in children). The lethal dose was estimated to be less than 10 g of sodium (<5 teaspoons of salt) in two children, and less than 25 g sodium in four adults (<4 tablespoons of salt). The frequency of fatal ingestion of salt is not able to be discerned from our review. If investigation of the causes of hypernatremia in hospital records indicates salt overdose is relatively common, consideration could be given to placing warning labels on salt containers and shakers. Such warning labels can have the added advantage of reducing dietary salt consumption. Keywords: salt, sodium, overdose, warning labels, hypertension, hypernatremia Go to: 1. Introduction Dietary risks are estimated to be the leading risk for death and disability globally [1]. Among the dietary risks, high intake of dietary sodium is the leading risk, being attributed to over 4 million deaths and 83 million disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) in 2015 [1]. The deaths and disability are considered to be largely related to hypertension and dietary salt intake promoting gastric cancer [1]. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5537768/
  22. Red Snapper, blackened and cooked over a thin bed of sliced bell pepers in a covered 9in saute aka frying pan on med-low heat to steam it. no water added, fried with a few table spoons of sunflower oil Served over rice (cilantro & lemon juice) and steamed broccoli crowns, no asparagus at the store....... My first snapper, loved it......
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