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  1. Quote

    In 2017, 52 percent of all police vehicle sales to law enforcement were Ford Police Interceptor Utilities, the automaker says.

    Here you will find Ford Police Interceptor Utility sales numbers for the United States.

    Sales Results - USA - Police Interceptor Utility

    Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total
    2019 2,872 2,872 2,872 1,509 1,509 1,509 803 803 803 0 0 0 15,551
    2018 2,984 2,754 2,935 2,971 3,206 3,051 2,539 2,436 2,578 2,901 2,777 2,707 33,839
    2017 2,356 2,551 3,192 3,093 2,917 2,981 2,766 2,622 2,309 2,507 2,590 3,191 33,075
    2016 2,348 2,375 2,807 3,263 2,977 3,000 2,577 2,686 2,479 2,491 2,383 2,827 32,213
    2015 2,041 1,586 2,293 2,259 2,549 2,172 2,020 2,013 1,710 1,975 1,549 2,775 24,942
    2014 1,114 1,003 1,583 1,850 2,277 1,645 2,209 1,643 2,025 2,041 1,433 1,832 20,655
  2. Ford 3.7L Duratec 37 Engine




    The Duratec 37 is a naturally aspirated V6 engine from Ford Motor used to power midsize and full-size sedans, sports cars, pickup trucks and utility vehicles, or more commonly known as SUVs. Featuring a dual overhead cam (DOHC) design, in a V configuration, the Ford 3.7L Duratec architecture has been part of the Ford Cyclone engine family since 2008.

    Sharing many of its internal components with the Ford 3.5L Duratec 35 Engine, the Duratec 37 was initially intended to power heavier or premium vehicles within the Ford, Lincoln and Mazda lineup. As a matter of fact, the first iteration of this engine was in the 2008 Mazda CX-9, where the engine was built in Hiroshima, Japan under the MZI 3.7 name. It was then used for the 2009 Lincoln MKS.

    Just like the rest of the Cyclone engine family, the Ford 3.7L Duratec 37 engine utilizes a twin independent variable cam timing (Ti-VCT) system for optimal performance deliver and fuel economy. The engine powers the following vehicles:


    Metric Value
    Engine family Cyclone
    Displacement 3.7 liters
    Aspiration Atmospheric
    Configuration & cylinders V configuration, six cylinders
    Vehicle engine orientation Longitudinal / Transverse
    Valve configuration Dual overhead cam (DOHC)
    Assembly sites Lima, Ohio
    Predecessor Ford Duratec V6
    Successor Currently none


    Metric Value
    Bore 95.5 mm
    Stroke 87.6 mm
    Compression ratio 10.5:1
    Max power @ RPM 302 hp @ 6,500 rpm
    Max torque @ RPM 278 lb-ft @ 4,000 rpm
    Cylinder head Aluminum
    Cylinder block Aluminum
    Camshaft drive Chain

    Vehicle Applications

    Vehicle Transmission Drive Wheels Power@ RPM Torque (lb-ft) @ RPM
    Ford Edge Sport (2011 - 2014) Six-speed automatic AWD 305 @ 6,500 rpm 280 @ 4,250 rpm
    Ford F-150 (2011 - 2014) Six-speed automatic RWD / 4WD 302 @ 6,500 rpm 278 @ 4,000 rpm
    Ford Mustang (2011 - 2014) Six-speed automatic / Six-speed manual RWD 305 @ 6,500 rpm 280 @ 4,250 rpm
    Ford Mustang (2014 - 2017) Six-speed automatic / Six-speed manual RWD 300 @ 6,500 rpm 270 @ 4,000 rpm
    Ford Police Interceptor Sedan (2013 +) Six-speed automatic AWD 305 @ 6.500 rpm 280 @ 4,250 rpm
    Ford Transit (2015 - 2019) Six-speed automatic RWD 275 @ 6,000 rpm 260 @ 4,000 rpm
    Lincoln Continental (2017 +) Six-speed automatic FWD 305 @ 6,500 rpm 280 @ 4,000 rpm
    Lincoln MKS (2009 - 2012) Six-speed automatic FWD / AWD 275 @ 6,250 rpm 276 @ 4,250 rpm
    Lincoln MKS (2013 - 2016) Six-speed automatic FWD / AWD 304 @ 6,500 rpm 279 @ 4,000 rpm
    Lincoln MKT (2010 - 2012) Six-speed automatic FWD / AWD 268 @ 6,250 rpm 267 @ 4,250 rpm
    Lincoln MKT (2013 +) Six-speed automatic FWD / AWD 300 @ 6,500 rpm 275 @ 4,000 rpm
    Lincoln MKX (2011 - 2015) Six-speed automatic FWD / AWD 305 @ 6,500 rpm 280 @ 4,250 rpm
    Lincoln MKX (2016 - 2018) Six-speed automatic FWD / AWD 303 @ 6,500 rpm 278 @ 4,000 rpm
    Lincoln MKZ (2013 - 2016) Six-speed automatic FWD / AWD 300 @ 6,500 rpm 277 @ 4,000 rpm
    Mazda CX-9 (2008 - 2015) Six-speed automatic FWD / AWD 273 @ 6,250 rpm 270 @ 4,250 rpm
    Mazda 6 (2009 - 2013) Six-speed automatic FWD 272 @ 6,250 rpm 269 @ 4,250 rpm



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  3. 7 hours ago, RandyH said:

    @Buboyeah , iron block , aluminium heads , the last Iron LT1 made before the all Aluminium engines  ,the Vette motor was more reliable  that the non LT1 Caprice classic  350/ 5.7 liter Police  cars  that were sold by GM  before 95 ,same engines as in  the Camaro Police Pursuit cars  used on the Highways  -

    I'm guessing the Vette mills had better metals and stronger design requirements


    When I followed it, years ago, Merc Benz SLs would sell for next to zero when their engines failed.

    There was a cottage industry that made conversion kits to drop rebuilt Vette engines

    and 4-5 speed manual transmissions into them

    Better, faster, lighter, way more reliable and more affordable

    I believe it was a shop in NC that Engineered and  manufactured the kits for the conversion


    I think it was the awesome Pontiac G8 from Australia

    that had a heavy duty truck engine short block

    with vette heads, cams etc

  4. 5 hours ago, JohnJ said:

    1994 Caprice 9C1 big block, B-Body LT1 16 valve reverse-flow cooling. In layman's terms: turning on the ac in 100 degree heat actually cooled the engine.

    Best 350 ever at the time. 260hp w330ft-lbs. 28-30mpg downhill NC to FL, 23-26 uphill on the same highways. Oh at 80+ mph both ways. 20-26 city depended on the red lights.


    Mated with an aircraft grade aluminum driveshaft it purred like my`73 Charger at about 90. Better suspension than the Impala SS that was derived from it. Yea it was a big cockaraocha mobile, but rode well. Replaced the interior. With a 2800rpm torque converter it launched well. Two ton beast wouldn't do a road course but did a low 14 sec quarter mile at the strip across from the Cabbage Patch south of Daytona. Put a Corvette starter on it, a MSD Blaster coil, Magnecor wires, replaced all four 02 sensors, put an X-pipe where the exhaust was the hottest after the motor and Flowmaster truck-50s that flowed as well as their 40s without being obnoxious.

    The hoses were Lifetime hoses. They never failed, but were seafoam green.

    Crown-vic from then. HA!


    Got it with 180k miles, it was t-boned by a d*ngb@t with over 200k on it, the drivetrain had another 200k on it. The wiring harness being a central FL car not as much.


    So look into it a little more you might find something durable. That $2500 I paid to drive the above out of a junkyard was loads of fun for almost a decade!

    tag's retired long ago.

    If I do go this way

    For example Taurus, I was thinking "try to find a SHO Junker" and strip the interior for a few hundred.

    Explorer also seems interesting. Again, strip a junker


    Durango and Blazer-Yukon not so much

    Charger Hemi is a head turner, probably the wheels too.

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  5. 7 hours ago, jason str said:

    Fleet vehicles are normally properly maintained but everything wears and a good manager knows when to get rid of something. You may get lucky but odds are not in your favor.

    Right about the turbo too, they don't last forever.

    Good intel

    One of the Explorers on the auction site, I read the service records

    Mostly $50 oil change and check everything, top up fluids

    Then break pads and machine rotors

    Next $500-700 for front end parts, rotors etc

    3 in this range, and up for sale with 75kmi

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  6. 1 hour ago, wuzzzer said:

    I would just get a regular SHO.  They're cheap enough.

    Looks like they are 2x to 3x the price of the Interceptors

    that's a lot of oil changes

    Also looks like they have the dreaded Turbo

    a $5,000 repair that takes out the exhaust and throttle body and sensors when it fails.


  7. 1 hour ago, Denix8 said:


    Not sure if this is a joke, but I've been having a WiFi router a lot longer than I had problems with ears, also the problems are closely related to speaker use. Its not just high frequency tone (cca 15kHz), 2 days ago i got a bit nauseous a few hours later, the ears take a bit of time to get back to normal


    Yes there are a lot of complaints about ringing and Wifi


    I too am hesitant with the metal drivers.


    Has anyone measured the frequency spectrum and range on metal drivers ?

  8. 1 hour ago, jason str said:

    Unless they are giving them away I tend to avoid beat to hell high mileage vehicles of any type. 


    This is the question, how beat are they if at all

    Some appear to be in quite good condition, the idle hours being the wild card.

    Every 3K on the oil changes from what I have seen reading the records on the auction sites.

  9. 1 hour ago, grasshopper said:

    I don't know if/when/how the military disposes of their cars now.... but they used to auction them off. I seriously doubt they get the use police vehicle get. And they got their oil changed every 6mo whether they were driven of not....

    Have to take a look

    I wonder what I can score a used Bradley for .....

  10. 1 hour ago, CWOReilly said:

    Personally I’d take the Taurus or the Explorer Interceptor. 


    Both have smoking performance, Hemi may be a little faster

    But yes the $10K premium for the Hemi does cover a lot of tires, brakes and oil changes in the Taurus.

  11. Looking at used vehicles and ran across used Police Vehicles



    Lower cost than similar civilian

    Performance tuning and suspension, better brakes

    Regular oil changes and brakes

    Everyone slams on the brakes when you are passing by



    Engine idle hours are very high

    Have seen idle hours equated to 10x up to 60x

    The Fleet argument being that the cooling sitting still is ineffective

    Water accumulation in the engine etc

    Police are believed to drive the vehicles hard for various reasons

    Rubberized floors are slippery

    - good for vomit, blood, urine etc ...


    In the cars

    Charger Hemi full time rear drive, 4 wheel when needed

    Taurus 3.7 smoking performance, 3x parts costs due to patents

    Full time front drive, 4 wheel when needed

    4-6 mpg better than charger

    Taurus is half the price of the Hemis, due to demand ?


    In the SUVs

    It's explorer vs Durango vs Tahoe and a few suburbans


    Any thoughts or comments ?

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  12. On 11/16/2021 at 8:34 PM, Wayne Ingraham said:

    Hey All,


    One of my friends recently was cleaning out her house and offered me her Klipsch Heresy I speakers. She had moved them out into a covered (but non-enclosed) garage. They sat out there for a few weeks being exposed to the elements. I was saddened to see them out there and assumed they wouldn't play great, but much to my surprise, they sound AMAZING.


    The paper labels on the back aren't complete, but they seem to show the same serial numbers as stamped on the back 169Y942 and 169Y942. Using the decoder, it looks like these are from 1983. They also have "USA" and "K" stamped independently on the back as well. The USA seems obvious, but not sure what the K is (I gather it might be the employee who put it together), but any information would be appreciated.


    The outer layer is a bit rough (not a patina worth preserving), but a very light sanding reveals an absolutely beautiful wood veneer (with a few dings that will still tell it's story), which I hope to apply an oil/stain/varnish to and bring it back to a nice finish.


    I currently have them in my office (creative space with hardwood and exposed beams) and hope to keep them there as they really make the space fun and relaxed.


    Anyways, excited as these are the best speakers I've ever heard (and now own), so I'm pretty stoked. I've only played flac through them with 2 mp3s (to hear the difference) and I already feel spoiled with how good they sound.


    - Wayne

    Great  speakers compared to anything at any price

    worth ordering replacement crossovers

    the ones I got from Crites sound good to me


    Also worth retaining with Watco oil

    Just follow the direction


    Grill clothes can also be replaced

    You got a $2000 pair of speakers for zero

  13. 1 hour ago, No.4 said:

    These will be going in a living room so the height should not be an issue. They will have to compete with furniture etc. in the room. A little extra height would help. They are still not as tall as k-horns either. If I do encounter an imaging issue I can always angle the top half a little to aim them at the listener as well.


    I will hunt around for some calculators. I would like to stay as true to the Cornwall internal dimensions as possible. But if the driver location is going to mess with the function of the port, I may have to rethink the port.


    Or, I am just overthinking it😵💫

    Check the speaker mfg web sites for design software

    plus there are some packages.

    They have the specs for their speakers pre-loaded if I recall correctly


    Setting the bar low....some of the guys on here can point you in the right direction and maybe give you some feedback on your design based on their experiences and mistakes.


    Good luck

  14. My two cents....


    Does the mid range horn end up at ear level when you are sitting?


    If not,  you might want to go deeper and shorter on the cabinet.

    You may end up with LaScala like dimensions


    There might be some on line design software for bass bins that includes ports, no ports etc.






  15. 47 minutes ago, geezin' said:

    Sold for $3350 in 1933. Converted to 2020 dollars it's $66,693. You'd lose money selling it for that much if the quality was the same.

    Gold $35 OZ = 96 OZ

    Gold $1800 x 96 = 172,800


  16. V 12 65-degree | Fork and blade | L-Head
    Displacement : 7340 cc | 447.9 cu in. | 7.3 L.
    Power : 150 HP (110.4 KW) @ 3400 RPM
    Torque : 292 Ft-Lbs (396 NM) @ 1200 RPM
    Bore : 3.3 in | 83 mm.
    Stroke : 4.5 in | 114 mm.
    Compression : 5.25:1
    Main Bearings : 7
    Cylinder Block : Cast-iron





    The 2,269 Lincoln Model KBs built in 1932 and 1933 are widely considered the finest Lincoln automobiles ever built. They were powered by the company’s first V-12, a massive 448 cu. in. mill with fork-and-blade connecting rods that was virtually hand-built to order and produced 150 horsepower with peerless smoothness. The Model KB was capable of a top speed of 120 mph, a speed comparable to such greats as the Duesenberg Model J and Marmon Sixteen—making this one of the great motor cars of the Classic Era.


    Trains ran intercity at 100 MPH or faster too

    we went backwards

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  17. I've been looking around at used cars and SUVs


    The prices really are up, way up.

    Last place I visited, the salesman started telling me the prices are too high for the vehicles..... a first


    Grand Marquise was always the one that got away

    but I occasionally check on them and ran across this gem

    It's just waiting for the right buyer

    If I had a barn, I would already be ordering the wrap around curtains

    and roll out bar and bed




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  18. Which City or town in the Chicago area ?

    There are a number of people in the area who may be able to assist you

    Crossing the metropolitan area can take 1-2 hours on a good day

    There are a few members in the area who flip a lot of gear

    and have the space to store it while they offer it for sale


    You might consider letting one of them sell the gear on consignment

    win win

    Opusk above has I believe extended his hand

    He is both fair and honorable in my dealings


    I hope your brother recovers his good health

  19. 7 hours ago, richieb said:

    Not only did I want to stay away from turbo cars, ( just had to drive the MB regardless) especially the now ubiquitous inline 4 turbos. Give me a naturally aspirated V8 any day - 

    Non turbo is lower total cost over time.


    Performance cars are 4 wheel motorcycles, not daily driver commuter cars

    My 2003 Camry is near the end of life

    I will probably replace it with a Hyundi Sonata as a daily driver

  20. 19 hours ago, attycda said:

    A Mini is a BMW. They're costly to have repaired. 

    Every repair my neighbor had was thousands

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