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  1. Love mt Panasonic BDT-500. Great picture and sound. Has 5.1 analog too.
  2. Watching Empire Strikes Back with my 5 year old daughter right now. She has all my action figures out and is asking me about the plot and singing with the music. Does it get any better?!?!?!
  3. I just had the pleasure to read through this whole thread in one sitting. Great set up man, lots of fun to see it come together over time. Congrats on a great set up.
  4. Don't know the order but a general top 20 Dark Knight A New Hope Empire Strikes Back LOTR- all three Shawshank Redemption Pulp Fiction Naked Gun Die Hard Midnight Run Dead Poets Society Field of Dreams Christmas Vacation Braveheart Inception Fargo Reservoir Dogs Rocky II Aliens
  5. Iron Man 3, new Star Trek, and Man of Steel for sure. Fast and Furious 6 is a guilty pleasure I will see. Just saw the preview for Kick *** 2 and I really liked the first one. I want World War Z to be good but I'm skeptical.
  6. Watched The Raid: Redemption the other day, great action movie with a nice sound track. It's subtitled but not a lot of dialogue anyway. Watching Life of PI tonight.
  7. Watched Zero Dark Thirty last night. Very interesting movie. Picture was great, with a few explosions that almost scared me out of my seat.
  8. Great angles and lighting, and the red walls really make the speakers pop. Very nice job.
  9. I'm going with 4,5,1,2,3,6...I saw that suggested on anther forum and like the idea of ending with the true wrap up of the Saga, but maintaining the surprises from Empire. As for audio and picture quality, I've watched 4,5,1 and I have to agree with ref head. The picture on ANH was miles better that I've seen it before, but overall just average picture and sound. Empire looked amazing and the sound was good too. Ep. 1 was great. The sound during Duel of the Fates was amazing. I can't wait to get to the ROTS, I've heard and read nothing but good things. Definately worth the $80 to have these on blu ray, even with the changes. If they only had an option that would scrub Jar Jar from Ep. 1....
  10. I just start yelling and swearing at the recording and usually get to someone...actually for technical issues its usually a little easier.
  11. kde, I had that happen with mine a few years back. It got progressively worse. I called Dtv and they walked me through a few fix attempts. It turned out for me that the hard drive was shot, I needed a new receiver. They sent me a free one, just had to pay shipping, which was $20 I think. The bad part was losing all the movies and stuff I had recorded. Good luck.
  12. Who Are You- The Who Do You Realize?- Flaming Lips Happy Hour- Tragically Hip
  13. Thats just a CA law. Proposition 65. I manage a retail store in Colorado and have contact with some CA retailers and its a real drag for companies. They are forced to put that warning on products that contain even trace amounts of any 1 of over 850 chemicals. Stores in CA can be sued by citizens if products are not labled with the warning. Most companies selling in CA now just put it on automatically because it is next to impossible to prove that your product does not contain at least one of these chemicals.
  14. I'm interested to hear what you think of those. A sub is going to be my next upgrade and they are on my list...enjoy!
  15. I usually watch at around -24, although I don't have a THX receiver. I may go a little louder or softer depending on the movie, or time of night. -24 seems to bring out all the effects and LFE that I want.
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