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  1. I thought this was a FORUM!...All KLIPSCH SENATORS(Members) are entitled to their own OPINIONS. If People in this Forum are giving their views on price,(good, bad, or indifferent) it is their right. NO ONE PERSON has the right to censor a person just for giving their opinion. This is the U.S.A. and freedom of speech is in the CONSTITUTION. PRICE is in the EYE of the BEHOLDER or those who want to behold. Let anyone charge what they want to for a piece equipment, but trying to censor me and anyone else for giving their opinions is just plain BULL!!!
  3. Looks like they have CAT SCRATCH FEVER!
  4. $600 is a KNUCKLEHEAD price for a single speaker, especially for a test case. I guess some KNUCKLEHEAD will buy it!
  5. What is the model # of the Rotel amp you are selling? Pics? I live in the Rockford area.
  6. ANYONE surprised these are GONE!...and with cane grills too!
  7. Why tamper with engineering?...and just get a good subwoofer...like I DID!
  8. I really don't understand the science behind the modification. Why do you seal off the opening that only access the tweeter and midrange horns? The opening is sealed from any response from the woofer.
  9. $7,500 seems a bit high for what you have considering you want to sell all 3 speakers. I think the going rate for a pair of used Klipschorns in excellent condition is going to be around $4000. And the Belle you are going to take the "hit on" because it's a single. I think $5000 is a more reasonable asking price if you want to sell them quickly and get your cash.
  10. Oiled Oak not Walnut!
  11. OUTSTANDING speakers, OUTSTANDING price!!!
  12. edzu1234

    KY La Scalas

  13. The reason for the good deals, is that they are pretty close to the factory---product saturation.
  14. The speakers alone are nearly worth the $250!
  15. I think a HIGH FREQUENCY that will attract ANTEATERS ought to do it!
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