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  1. I currently have the SB20's sitting on stands. I wired my basement for 7.2 and that's the reason I want to get the quintets because of the size of the speakers will fit.
  2. I stand corrected, they are the F3's. I just took a peak at the back of the speaker lol
  3. No I got them at Hhgreg. Half price Got em the day they released the new models. Lol. I am most likely going to sell all (4) SB20's and get the quintets
  4. Very nice! I have the F20's I believe... I also have the bookshelf speakers to go with but I think I'm going to switch to quintets. Only reason is because the bookshelf speakers are just too big to mount in the locations I have. Only concern I have though is that they won't be as loud as my current setup.. How do you like your quintets? I will be using the floor standing speakers for left and right then a 5.0 quintet setup for 7.1
  5. Ok, so I should really just get the best deal on an HDMI cable for the footage I need? Cuz I remember paying $130 for the top of the line monster Cable that was only 6' lol. So I feel cheated now. However I kno I can send that cable in for a free upgrade if they come up with a better cable.
  6. I didn't think about running anything extra for future upgrades... I think with the size of the room, I won't go further than 7.2. I will be setting it up for 7.1 system. I have a question though, what about HDMI cable for a future projector? Where should I shop for a cable about 20+ feet long? Is there a specific cable to use or a place to buy this? Thanks!
  7. Excellent feedback!! Thank you guys so much!! I'll start figuring out how much wire I will need and add a good excess amount on top of that. I'll go with the 12 gauge that way it's sufficient for anything in the future. I just have to plan where the seating will be and where the speakers will go according to that. Should I be aware of anything else when going about this construction? btw, I figured about 150ft would be plenty for my space. I'm only running 4 surrounds in the wall, the fronts I'll run outside of the walls. I'll prolly order 200ft total. Just so I have extra. I might run some secondary zone speakers, I have not decided yet. But the 200ft is going to run me about $60.
  8. I do like how everything sounds. I just wondered if changing a pair to surrounds would create a better listening experience. I do like the idea of doing side surrounds and bookshelves for the rear.
  9. Well, I am hoping I can just stick with the bookshelf speakers, but I'm creating a dedicated area in a small space so I didn't want to put large speakers around the room but I'll see when I get it all setup. If the bookshelves are too big I'll swap everything to smaller speakers like the quintets.
  10. I'm going to work out measurements to see how much footage I will need to do the job
  11. Excellent! I will get some of this CL2 in bulk. I'll check my local electric contract store first see if a buddy can get me a roll of this for cheap. If not I did find some online at 12guage at a price of $30 for 100ft. I'm trying to figure out if I should use wall speaker plates and if I should position them closer to the ground or ceiling.
  12. Hey guys, I have been considering moving to smaller surround speakers, they would be replacing bookshelf speakers. This is only a thought in my head at the moment, it would depend if my bookshelf speakers would be ideal size for the space or not. the only this is, I do not want to get rid of my floor standing speakers, however I don't know how this would sound/work having large speakers and small speakers. I don't know if the quintets would sound right or if they would receive too much power compared to the floor standing speakers. btw, my setup is a 7.1 and all surrounds would be wall mounted.
  13. I currently have (4) bookshelf speakers for the surrounds, however I was wondering if I should replace them with surround speakers instead? Would this provide better listening experience? All my surrounds would be mounted on the walls.
  14. Hey guys, wife and I are building a house and the basement will be completely finished. This is going to be the home for the dedicated media space. I want to run wires in the walls before the drywall goes up and I want some advice for what to use, where to buy, perhaps some guidence from those who experienced this already. What should I use for the speaker wires? I would like to have some wire plates on the walls so I just plug the speakers right into them. I plan to put the surrounds on the wall. Also, I plan to install projector in the near future so I would need to pre-wire HMDI cable for that as well as power outlet for projector? Any advice for keeping this cost effective, I want to keep this on a tight budget but I want this to be a one time deal. Thanks for any advice!!
  15. Here is the basement layout. The top room area is the 12x12 space. The long space is where everyone was suggesting I should arrange the theater. Let's hear some thoughts on where to position everything. I was thinking to use the wall opposite the stairs. Has a storage room to the right of it
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