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  1. Hello, They are the DH2A drivers. Sorry for the confusion. They are on the way, along with the horns. I ordered the drivers two days earlier than the horns, but thanks to FedEx stalling the package in Missouri, it looks like the horns are going to arrive first. No idea when the drivers will arrive. I have one ST350 from a lone Sentry V I found in a thrift store. I found another for $40, so I couldn't resist adding them on as a tweeter possibility. So, my plan is to run the DH2A from about 1k (give or take) to around 3.5k or so, then cross to the ST350s. That way, I can hopefully avoid the radical EQ necessary to get the DH2As up to spec. I've had bad luck with that with my Peavey MF1-Xs. That's the plan anyway. We'll see when I actually get the stuff and can start messing around.
  2. I have Electro-Voice TL 2x12 cabs loaded with EVM-12L Series II that I used as the midrange part of a large scale system. I've been thinking about using a matching EV HF horn/driver set along with them. Has anyone used the DH2A drivers? I'm curious what they would be like with either HP94 or HP940 horns. Any preference between the two horns? I could cross them over anywhere from 1k - 1.6k, whatever is best for the driver. Are they strong up to 13-14k? That's about all I really need, as there isn't much useful above that. -Jon
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Sounds like that coverage would just be too narrow for closer listening. I didn't even think about that.
  4. Nobody has any thoughts on these speakers? Just trying to get an idea of what to expect. In my research, I think the P2s are loaded with JBL, possibly using an EV horn.
  5. Hello all, Wanted to get your thoughts on some Clair Brothers speakers. I'm looking at a pair of P-2 Tops with a roadcase for $1,100 and am ML18 HP Sub for $400. The P2s have a 12" woofer, and a 2" Horn driver, but I don't know the brand. The Sub has a JBL 2258 18". Clair used an electronic crossover / processor with the P2s, but I don't know which one. I have a Driverack that I was hoping to use once I measured the drivers. What are your thoughts about this potential setup? My main concern is will the Driverack be adequate to control the P2s, or do they need more radical processing than it can provide? This would be for a home setup, serving as music (anything from pop rock, to classic rock to mild electronic) as well as movies.
  6. Hizzieallen, PM Sent with serious interest. Thanks! -Jon
  7. Both of the Marantz players are discontinued. I think the only ones they make now are streamers with transports and SACD added on as an afterthought. This is their cheapest model: https://www.marantz.com/en-us/product/cd-players/sacd30n Kinda ridiculous that you can't buy a decent midrange SACD player anymore. Seems the format is going away.
  8. Hey Jim, PM Sent about the K55 drivers. Thanks, Jon
  9. Well, I never heard back. I guess they must be gone and he's just too lazy to bother to delete his ad or respond to people. Some people are real schmucks. Guess the search goes on.
  10. I messaged the seller. Hopefully I hear back. It looks like he has both the original FH-1 cabs, and the Black Widow ones. I'm assuming the Black Widows would outperform the earlier versions? -Jon
  11. Hi Chris, I have Hornresp, but it baffles me completely..lol. As far as drivers, all the Peavey cabs are loaded with stock drivers. Sorry, I forgot to mention that. I was just planning on sticking with the stock ones, as I imagine they'd give the best results. -Jon
  12. Hello, I have an opportunity to pick up as many Peavey Project series cabs as I can handle for $50 a cab. Trying to decide if it would be a good purchase or not. I already have a set of MF1-X horns, so I would just need the midbass cabs (forget the model) and the FH-1 LF cabs. I already have a Tuba HT for sub duty. Trying to decide if it's something I should pursue. My current setup: ULF: Bill Fitzmaurice Tuba HT (25 Hz to 60 Hz) LF: Acoustic 301 W-Bin with Cerwin Vega 18" (60 Hz to 125 Hz) MF: 2x12 Electro-Voice TL cabs with EVM-12L Series II (125 Hz to 1.8 KHz) HF: MF1-X (above 1.8KHz) I'm using a Driverack PA for the mains, and a Rane AC22 for the Tuba HT. Quad amplified. The question is whether it would be an upgrade over what I already have. On one hand, I could see a potential synergy with a matching system. On the other hand, with a lot of careful tweaking, I've actually managed to get this system sounding surprisingly good. Those EV cabs are definitely very solid beasts. They're 1 1/4" solid birch plywood with extensive bracing, fiberglass filled, and each driver has it's own internal subenclosure. I'd hate to put the Peaveys in and feel like they're a downgrade. Concerning the Acoustic 301s, I've been told ideally they should be crossed over higher. However, if I run them up too much higher, they get rather boomy in this room. Would the Peavey FH-1s be better in that regard? The seller also has FH-2s available for $50 each, which I imagine would be quite superior, however they're also huge! I don't know if I could accommodate them, much less get them up the stairs to the theater room myself. So, if you were in my shoes, what would you do? On one side, it's probably the cheapest I'll be able to find this stuff. On the other, I don't want to get stuck with something lousy that I can't get rid of. It seems like these cabs are darn near worthless on the used market.
  13. If anyone wants these things for free, they can have them. Otherwise I'm junking the innards and burning the cabs. Going with JBLs and I have no use for this junk anymore.
  14. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I can try to get some pictures tomorrow. I suspect shipping something so large over such a distance will be quite expensive.
  15. EDIT: Now FREE! Get them out of here before I burn them! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Figured I'd give these a shot here. I'm selling a set of Peavey MF1-X horns. Both work fine, they're just too big for my application. Both have original 22A drivers. Decided to go a different direction. If I can get $100, that would be great. I'm taking a loss, but just want to free up some space. I live in New Ringgold, PA 17960. I could do a porch pickup, and have them hooked up to a little class D amp to demo. More than enough power to show these guys off. If anyone's interested, I can get pictures up. Any questions, let me know. Thanks, Jon
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