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  1. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I can try to get some pictures tomorrow. I suspect shipping something so large over such a distance will be quite expensive.
  2. Figured I'd give these a shot here. I'm selling a set of Peavey MF1-X horns. Both work fine, they're just too big for my application. Both have original 22A drivers. Decided to go a different direction. If I can get $100, that would be great. I'm taking a loss, but just want to free up some space. I live in New Ringgold, PA 17960. I could do a porch pickup, and have them hooked up to a little class D amp to demo. More than enough power to show these guys off. If anyone's interested, I can get pictures up. Any questions, let me know. Thanks, Jon
  3. Hallcon83, If you're just looking for the bottom half on a budget, something to keep an eye out for is a set of Peavey FH-1s. They're a bit wider than the LaScalas, but have a longer horn and lower bass extension as a result. Plus, they can be found cheap. I wouldn't pay more than $100-200 for a pair. I just bought a pair of SP1s (all in one unit with FH-1 bass and MF1-X horn) for $10, but they have issues, functionally and cosmetically. So, I've got a project.
  4. Hi Glens, Here's the thread about the current setup, though I have now swapped out the Heresies for a set of Pioneer PM-40s taken from an incomplete set of CSR-700s. It helped to lower the profile, but I'm not sure I like the sound as much as the Heresies. -Jon
  5. Hello again, I've come across a pair of JBL 3678 THX Theater speakers for $800, and wanted to see what you guys think? I like their potentially smaller size (relative to my huge stacks) but am unfamiliar with these speakers. What little I've been able to find leads me to believe they'd be more than adequate for my space. I've always been impressed with JBL's larger speakers, and am hoping these will be the same. I also have a set of 8330s I could use for surrounds. What do these speakers sound like? I have a Tuba HT to take care of the real deep bass, so if these are good to 60 Hz or so, that's fine. How's the top end? Also, is $800 a fair price for these? They are within driving range, so that is convenient for me. Thanks a lot, Jon
  6. Hi Jason, It does have bracing. The construction photo was just taken before it was added. If you look at the pic with it completed (under the afghan) you can see the brace at the mouth. It also has another set further in. -Jon
  7. I forgot to post this, but everything is in place properly now. As you can see, the Heresies just clear the sloping wall. So, I think the first thing is to get ahold of a set of HF horns and drivers. I'm thinking something that can crossover around 1200 Hz with a 24 db/octave butterworth filter. Hoping to be around $400 or less for the set. I'm becoming more aware of what Dave A said. Things just aren't really jiving at the moment. While it does get louder than all get out, the sound isn't what I'd call ideal. The Acoustic 301 LF cabs are muddy and the EV cabs are too wide for this room so the dispersion is odd. I'm thinking it may indeed be best to start over. Just not really sure where to begin. 😵 Any recommendations would definitely be appreciated. It's tempting to want to just go with a single box solution plus the Tuba and call it a day. I'm sure there's plenty of options out there. Coytee, I'm curious to know more about the K-510 and K-69. Are they from one an all in one PA speaker? If so, are they hard to find?
  8. Hi Coytee, Yeah, there's definitely a lot going on! It looks like it would sound horrendous, but believe it or not it actually sounds rather good. It just looks hideous..lol. With the Rane crossover, everything is running it it's optimal range. I appreciate you offering to loan me the K-510 and K69. Funny you mention IH red. We've had a 1955 Farmall Cub here on the farm for many years. One issue I'm becoming increasingly aware of is an occasional prominence of the lower midrange. Dialing in the EV cabs is really tricky. Too much and they seem to take off around 600-700 Hz. Too lean and it sounds like a smile curve eq. I guess it's like anything, you have to have it dialed in just right. I'm wondering if the dispersion of a 2x12 is better suited to a long throw application vs. short. If that's the case, a horn may be a better match. So far, I've gotten the best sound by not towing the EV cabs in as much as the Heresies. Today's job is to reposition everything so I can get the speakers closer to the front wall and get the equipment out where I can see it. Then I'll dial everything in again and go from there.
  9. That's a 12" woofer in a compression chamber, kind of like the Peavey MB-1, just a bit smaller horn.
  10. Hello all, I've had a bunch of musical instrument cabs hanging around. In my lockdown boredom I got the idea that I might be able to combine them and make a big system. It was never really intended as something serious; more just something to relieve the boredom. Well, as it turns out, I think I'm onto something. The insane power and total dynamic freedom is addicting. However, the current setup is pretty ad-hoc and certainly not laid out right at all. I'm looking to take it to the next level. Here's the setup so far: Sub: Tuba HT (Dayton Reference 12" 4 ohm) LPF @ 100 Hz - Powered by Crest V450 Bridged- 650 W LF: Pair of Acoustic 301 Electric Bass Cabinets (W-Bin with Cerwin Vega 18") up to 100 Hz - Powered by Parasound HCA-800 II MF: Electro-Voice TL 2x12 with EVM-12L Series II 100 Hz to 1 kHz - Powered by Peavey M-2600 Mark V HF: 1979 Heresies positioned upside down- 1 kHz and up - Powered by another Parasound HCA-800 II I have a DBX Driverack for 3-way crossover duties, and the Tuba is running off the LFE signal from my Integra AVR. I'm currently missing a few XLR cables, so I have a Rane analog X-over pinch hitting because that's 1/4" in/out instead. Please pardon the layout, this was just supposed to be an experiment. If I commit to this, I will move the TV stand to the side of the room so the speakers no longer block the equipment, etc. Here's a few things I'm thinking about: 1. Replace the Heresies with an actual horn. I don't have any large format horns or drivers, so these are just pinch hitting. I have to say though, they really sound great. 2. Replace the Acoustic 301s with something more appropriate. (Possibly the Peavey FH-2s I mentioned in the subwoofer section). 3. Replace the EV cabs with a pair of Peavey horns with 12" drivers from Claude. I don't know the models, so I included a couple pics he sent me. As I understand it, it's a pretty serious machine. That said, I don't feel like my EVs are a slouch. Thoughts? 4. Eventually replace my Crest V450 with an amp without a fan, though the fan noise really isn't bad. Thinking possibly Crown DriveCore series? I'm looking for recommendations for HF horn/drivers, as well as any thoughts on the other speakers. I talked to ClaudeJ1 for a while yesterday, and he mentioned the B&C DE250, which does seem to have many good reviews. I don't need anything insanely high powered, as I'll be lucky to use a few watts in my room. One concern is how I would go about housing the MF and HF horns. One approach would be to have someone build a simple box for them. Another thought would be to do a metal system ala Avant-Garde, though I don't know any metalworkers. Anyway, this is getting way too long. What are your thoughts? Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. Hi ClaudeJ1, I sent you a PM. Thanks, Jon
  12. Hey all, Had to share the joy with you guys. Yesterday I became the proud owner of a Bill Fitzmaurice Tuba HT sub. This one was built by forum member BriBassGuy, and he did a great job. It's 36" tall by 36" deep by 20" wide and uses the 12" version of the Dayton Reference driver, the RSS315HF-4. Build pics are from the seller. I also included a couple pics of the temporary setup in my theater room. It's currently on the back wall covered in a rather lovely home made afghan. The cabinet is unfinished plywood, so I'm thinking of staining it, and covering it in a few coats of poly. That is if I can be torn away from it long enough! Needless to say, my extreme LF needs are taken care of. Initial results are very promising. I haven't really put it through it's paces yet, but I'm planning to do that today. At the moment, I'm using it with a Crest V450. Bridged at 4 ohms, this amp has 650 watts of output, which is more than enough to drive me out of the room. It does have a fan, but when I'm playing, it's quiet enough that I really don't hear it. As far as sound, overall I'm very happy so far. One difference I hear is that things sub doesn't do as well above 100Hz as other folded horns I've heard. Compared to my Acoustic 301s, this has more output below 50-60 Hz, and less above 100 Hz. It's definitely meant to be a subwoofer, versus a general LF cab. That's just what I wanted, as it can supplement any other full range speakers I have. It's amazing to me the sheer amount of impact this thing has. At the seller's house, I asked if he had bass shakers in his sofa and he said no, that's all from the sub! I can't wait to pull out all my big movies. First up, Lord of the Rings! So now the question is, what to do for the rest of the system. I think that is best left for another thread. In the meantime, there's much fun to be had.
  13. Hi ClaudeJ1, Sorry for confusion. You mentioned you had the other components to complete the system. I'd be interested in knowing more about what you have. If you'd like to shoot me a PM instead, that would be fine too. Thanks, Jon
  14. My church has an XLI2500 powering 2 JBL MRX518S Subs. They've had it for a few years now and it's used every Sunday for two services- one traditional and one contemporary. The traditional is of course easy peasy, just coasting. However it gets used pretty well for contemporary. It's always worked well. The only concern we've had is occasionally on power up it will trip a 15 amp breaker.
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