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    Single KLF-10 - $145 - Minneapolis craigslist

    Someone needs to jump all over that!
  2. K5SS

    What I Got Today!

    I got another great deal on the used sites. I grabbed a nice pair of DT Mythos Ones and a pair of Sixes. I then dug one of my DT SuperTower STs out of storage for a center channel. It’s hard to tell but below both statues are DT SuperCubes. So far I have been thoroughly impressed with the huge ST tower acting as the center. I will have to compare this center to one of my Ultra2 650’s (sold off a few last month but I still have a couple sitting in my storage room) but judging but my movie experience the past few days, the nod is headed towards the ST. I love my Ultra2’s and that will end up in my dedicated home theater, if that dream ever materializes. This ST just seems to be hitting a some type of sweet spot for me at the moment, in this tiny room. The ST is huge though, at about 48” tall so that likely where the slight advantage might be. Not today but I grabbed all of those items in the past few days. Not really a fan of how high the center is above the tv so I am going to lower it about 4”, so the tweeter is about 4” another the TV. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Which 4k blu ray???? Without spending $1000

    I went from an Oppo 203 to a Xbox One X with no noticeable difference in audio or picture quality. You can even get away with just getting a Xbox One S, if you are just using it as a 4k UHD Blu-ray player.
  4. I have been fortunate enough to own some pretty awesome home theater subwoofers over the years but today I finally came to a major revelation, I prefer passive radiator subwoofers. I love just about every aspect these “little” subwoofers present. Everything from the compact enclosures all the way to the performance on “loud” action scenes. I think it’s the mid-bass that the last sealed or vented subwoofers I have recently owned, were all lacking. Whatever frequency range/sound this type of subwoofer produces, just is my cup of tea. I picked up a pair of Definitive Technology Supercubes and I am sitting here grinning ear to ear, watching Driver. I have owned about 7 Definitive Technology Supercubes over the years, everything from the tiny III all the way up to the Reference and have loved all of them. I also loved the RSW-15 I owned and the Sunfire True subs that I used to run. I think passive radiator subwoofers don’t get the respect they deserve. If I go the DIY route down the road, which I think I am, I am definitely going with a passive radiator project. I would love to hear your thoughts? And yes, I know, horn subwoofers would “destroy” my little Supercubes in terms of output and that you could build a pair of $25 DIY subwoofers that would “mop the floor” with this pair but I can tell you, ignorance is bliss in my particular situation. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    RF-7 or RF-7 II which is better for HT

    Yeah, if you get the RF7 II’s, you’ll want the RC-64 II over the RP450C. If the 64 isn’t an option, and HT is your main focus, I’d go RF-7/RC-7 combo all day. Full disclosure, I’ve never owned a RC-7 but everyone here raves about it. I have, however, owned the RP450 and RC-64.
  6. Totem makes some nice stuff. I had a pair of their towers a while back. If that sub was closer, I’d probably go check it out.
  7. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity but that sub always intrigued me, especially when they were on close-out. Also, I made a mistake and sold off my Palladium speakers. I only say mistake because I should have A/B’s them vs my Ultra2 650’s. Love the looks of the Palladium’s but curiosity got the best of me when a good deal popped up on a set of Ultra2’s. Hereis is another wonderful passive radiator sub that I owned. GoldenEar ForceField 4
  8. Agree but if the passives work like a port, shouldn’t they perform similarly in a smaller enclosure, or do the enclosures need to also be large? I understand the purpose of large vented subs, but if you can shrink a subwoofer down to 1/2 or even 1/4 of the size, wouldn’t most people opt for the smaller subs? I would love to see what companies like SVS, HSU, Rthymik, PSA and Seaton could do with passive radiator subwoofers. I will assume that there must be a reason for these companies have not release passive subwoofers but my simpleton mind, can’t figure it out. I am currently living in 750 SF so my Rythmik FV15HP looks like a small refrigerator in my living room, which doesn’t fly with my modern/minimalist taste. With that said, I also love me some bass which is the reason I started this thread. This forum is filled with great people, who are also much more knowledgeable than I, so I wanted to hear some thoughts. I would jump all over a SVS with 12” woofer, 2 12” passive radiators in a 14” x 14” cabinet with a front LED display for the controls, if it could compete with the PB or PC 4000 subs.
  9. Yes, passive radiator subwoofers are characterized as ported subwoofers but there is definitely more to it. The sound radiator subs produce is definitely different than ported subs and the form factor of being able to shrink the box down by using a passive radiators, in place of ports is hugely beneficial for people like me, who have limited space. I have also loved the large ported subs I have owned but if you aren’t trying to achieve movie theater levels in your home, passive radiator subs seem to be the best overall style subwoofer for my applications. I know some people here have enjoyed this style sub so I figured I would get the opinions of my go-to audio forum friends here.
  10. I didn’t even know there was a 15” version available. Well, that decides my next project, one I have moved.
  11. Don’t blow your back out and have fun! New subwoofer night is one of my favorite nights;)
  12. DIY isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure. I would buy the SVS, for how robust the amp, cabinet and the woofer are alone. That and SVS has a stellar reputation for producing quality subwoofers at “reasonable” prices. They are also highly regarded when it comes to their customer service and honoring their warranties. Getting ANY SVS subwoofer around 1/2 of MSRP will also leave you the ability to get most, if not all your initial investment back, if you end not being happy, which I highly doubt. I have sold a couple different SVS subs over the years and they sell fast on the local used markets. With all of that said, you likely won’t want to load and unload subwoofers that size/weight too many times.. I gave myself minor back issues, being dumb and trying to pick up one of their dual 12” subs by myself a few years back. More of awkwardness for the size than anything but still not smart. Go buy it and let us know your impressions;)
  13. K5SS

    Lets see YOUR Home Theater:

    Now I remember why this is my favorite thread! Love seeing these beautiful setups so let’s keep them coming.. I snagged these Aperions for a song last week, so this is how my “theater” looks currently:
  14. K5SS

    Lets see YOUR Home Theater:

    Beautiful room! Love the looks of the covered RS-62’s, they are larger in person, as you know, and are also a force to be reckoned with.
  15. K5SS

    Emotiva vs. Denon

    This is mainly due to the size of my room, I think, more than anything. I am sure there would be a difference at higher db’s but I normally listen to all movies in the -20 -15 range (watcing Oblivion at -15 now;) as that about loud as I can take and still be comfortable between the peaks. No real noticeable dynamic differences, at that volume really. I also don’t consider myself a super critical listener though and don’t take measurements so these just are just my impressions. Another aspect I like with just using a receiver is that my minimalist brain appreciates the simplicity of eliminating the 80lbs from my rack, reducing power usage, removing wires and “shortening” the path the audio signal has to travel. I’ll eventually have a dedicated room and it will 100% be getting a 5 + channel amplifier. When I get the room I have been dreaming of, I am “not going to leave any stone unturned”, as they say. I only bring this up, so I don’t come off as non-believer that many people can benefit from adding a dedicated amplifier, as that definitely isn’t the case.
  16. K5SS

    Emotiva vs. Denon

    I just unhooked my B&K 200.7 S2, from my 650 Ultra2’s and now they are being powered by my Denon 3400. If I am totally honest with myself, I noticed zero difference in sound quality, even when I tried very hard to talk myself into keeping the B&K in the rack. My room is very small though, ~ 12 x 14 and I only have the front 3 650’s hooked up to the Denon. Those are both major factors and another factor is that the 3400 bench tested very well, especially when not using all the channels of amplification. The way I see it, big room and driving more than 5 speakers? Add a 3 or 5 channel amp, to take most of the strain off the receiver. Another way to free up headroom is to cross over all speakers to ~ 80 hz, let a top-shelf receiver drive the speakers and add two monster subs to handle the low end. I love external amps but they can definitely be overkill in small rooms like mine. Once I move, I will probably be getting either the Monolith 3 or 5 channel amp. I just wanted to point out that room size and how the system is tuned plays a major role in the importance of having an external amp vs receiver. I also just picked up some Aperion 6T towers and the matching center Ztjis Thursday. I am loving them so far, even being driven just off my lowly Denon 3400😬 I can totally see speakers like Fortes, benefiting from an amp for two channel listening, especially in a big room at loud volumes. Every time willland mentions his RF-63’s, I jump on eBay to see if any are available. I miss mine dearly! He is just smarter than me, and kept his..
  17. K5SS

    Did you see what I saw?

    After further research, I am going to pass. Sounds like that particular model, has issues with the picture freezing. Still a good deal, for someone out there that bear the interruptions.
  18. K5SS

    Did you see what I saw?

    I am just concerned about the picture being fuzzy.
  19. K5SS

    Did you see what I saw?

    Do you think it is OLED?
  20. K5SS

    Please advise whether i should buy these?

    This conversation usually ends up like the “who makes the best car?” question. There are hundreds of members here with thousands of differing opinions on what brand makes the best receiver. My advise is to get one of the models towards the top of the lineup, but last year’s model where you can likely save around 50% off. The new receivers are like computers and manufacturers try to add new technology, to get consumers to keep upgrading. The truth is that most higher end models will have all the features you will ever need, even if it is a year or two old. Examples of these newer technologies are Atmos, DTS-X and this year’s releases IMAX and with 8k around the corner, you will go broke or insane trying to keep up. Now to my opinion on brands.. I prefer Denon receivers as they seem to check all the boxes and fall in the middle of the price ranges. Marantz owns Dennon and are similar but a little higher quality. My other favorite brand is Pioneer Elite. Yamaha Aventage also has a very loyal following. Just prepare yourself for the “if you don’t have a dedicated amplifier, you are missing out on 70% of the experience” people. This is an entirely different conversation though.
  21. K5SS

    Please advise whether i should buy these?

    I have owned many of the speakers you are considering and I can tell you that both are great deals and you will be happy either way. The Klipsch is probably the better deal, since they are nearly 1/2 the price of the B&W set but they do have different sound. If you are into movies and video games, I would lean towards the Klipsch. If music is your main focus, for this system, I would lean towards the B&W’s. That isn’t to say that the Klipsch isn’t good for music or that the B&W’s won’t meet expectations for movies either, just that I prefer the dynamics the Reference line offers. What receiver are you planning on using? I ask because the Klipsch setup is quite a bit more efficient so if you are planning on using a entry level receiver to start, the Klipsh setup would provide better results in your average sized living room. The B&W subwoofer is definitely the better out of those two subs but the RF-62’s will dig deeper than the 685’s. This is likely a wash, when it comes to the low end. I wouldn’t think about it too long, as I am sure others are already communicating with the sellers. Around my area, these would already be gone as both are great deals by highly regarded speaker manufacturers...
  22. K5SS

    Did you see what I saw?

    Yup. Those probably had all the speaker flippers drooling. Heck, I would have probably sold off 2 of the subs and one center and used the profits to go towards new woofers for the dented ones and to pad my spending money. The owner did message me back saying about 40 people contacted him and he should have listed them at $800. More like $1500, going off the photos and even that would be considered a very good deal.
  23. K5SS

    Texas estate sale

    Now that is my type of estate sale!
  24. K5SS

    The New Reference Series from Klipsch

    That is going to be a great upgrade! What center and subs did you decide on?
  25. K5SS

    Did you see what I saw?

    RF-7’s, 2 RC-7’s, a RSW-10, RW-12 and RSW-15 in cherry for $400. There are a few dented dust caps but the other photos showed that they were all in pretty good condition. Someone made out with a Youthman type deal, that’s for sure!