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  1. Just some heavy duty steel T brackets. This was actually designed to be a bench at a commercial property we manage. They did some upgrading and when these benches ended up in storage, I offered to buy it. I have gone through about 7 completely new systems since picking it up and this just seems to stay put. I just love it as it holds very large centers and looks pretty cool.
  2. I found the art at a local consignment shop. Actually, it’s kind of a funny story.. I was in the area and I had a break in the action so I decided to pop into my favorite, local, consignment shop, to see what new arrivals they have. As I was shopping, an older woman asked me if I could help her get a shelf out of her car. At first, I was thinking “why couldn’t someone who is working here help her?”, but it turns out they have a policy not to help people load or unload furniture. I decided to help her out as she looked desperate and she had driven about 2 hours to get the shelf there. It was pretty large and I had to to a majority or the lifting, wearing a suit none the less, but we managed to get it into position without any damage. The lady thanked me profusely for the help. Back to the art. I continued my shopping and found those two pieces for around $280 for the pair. When I took them up to the counter, the ladies working the counter thanked me several times for the help. When I went to pay, I noticed that they took 40% off the invoice. I guess doing something good here and there can actually payoff! 30 minutes of my time saved me $100 on the purchase, which I love. Thanks for the compliments!
  3. That’s likely what I will end up doing. I experimented with having one of the 650’s above the TV but it looked awkward. I am thinking about putting one of the speakers below the TV but then the top of the stand would be resting right on top of the speaker. If I do that, I would need to figure out a way to support the and right and left of the stand.
  4. I’ve gone back and forth between 5.2/7.2 and 2.2 over the years. Since this is also my tiny living room, I put a premium on how everything looked, over cramming a bunch of gear in. With that said, it sounds pretty darn awesome. Have the 650’s toed in a little and when sitting in the main seats, I really don’t miss having a center. When I get a theater room, then I will go back to 7.2 because I still love the submissive surround sound for movie watching.
  5. I wasn’t quite sure which sub-forum to post in, home theater or 2-Channel. Haha Made some tweaking today and added a rug to try to cut back on some of the reflections. I am very happy with how it turned out. Now I just need to buy another house, with a dedicated room, so I can get the rest of the Ultra2’a out of storage!
  6. Sounds like you will be building a nice system! I currently have the Ultra2 system with the KL-525’s but if you are planning on getting the RF-7 III’s, I’d probably go with some RS-62 II’s for surround duties. The Ultra2 speakers are what I would call more laid back than the top of the food-chain reference line. I really wish Klipsch made some KL-625’s but they never did:/ If this is strictly for home theater, have you considered just running 3 KL-650THX’s across the front? Modern receivers can tune things very close but running identical speakers as your 3 fronts is supposedly the way to go. I am really into looks of my equipment, almost as much as the sound, and I think the 650’s look great. Not trying to talk you out of the RF-7 III’s as I hear they are amazing speakers, just thought I’d make another recommendation. People tend to recommend what they have, I am no exception. How large is your room? I ask because putting a good portion of your budget into quality subwoofers will probably make the most noticeable difference in your system. Something like dual 15’s from brands like PSA, Monolith, SVS, Rythmik or HSU will probably get you the best results and with the holiday sales right around the corner, this might be the time to make the leap. Subs don’t have to match the rest of the speakers, in fact, most people get better results when they don’t, now that that these internet direct companies are so specialized, they are hard to complete with. I also have the dual Ultra2 subs with matching amp but I can’t provide you any feedback as I am just now trying to get them setup.
  7. Yes, it is the KA-1000-THX amplifier. Thanks for the responses! I guess I was confused a little since in the manual, it showed a Y splitter as optional, on the amp end. Meaning single cable from the Denon, into a Y splitter that plugs into the amplifier. I guess the Y splitter confused me a little. Out of curiosity, what would happen if I ran two subwoofer cables to the amp, instead of a single and then ran Audyssey? Here is a photo from the manual, showing the optional Y splitter:
  8. I have only ever owned powered subwoofers so please excuse my question, if come across as ignorant. I tried searching first, I swear. I just got a nice pair of these subs and Klipsch amp to round out my Ultra2 system and I am not quite sure how to properly connect them to my Denon amp, since it has dual sub outputs and will calibrate each output individually. I am assuming that I will just need to run one sub cable to one of the inputs on the Klipsch amp and then run Audyssey, since one amp is powering 2 passive subs. Is that correct? I read the manual but I believe it was made before receivers had 2 Subwoofer outputs so I thought I would ask you knowledge, folks before I fry something. Photo, well, because we all love photos:)
  9. Say this today and it reminded me of this thread. Haha
  10. I always enjoy watching your content Youthman, keep up the good work! I am passionate about used audio and I have considered making my own little channel but always find reasons to not. It looks like you are having fun, and it’s fun to watch which is a great combo!
  11. That is a very solid Parasound amplifier. What exactly do you feel you are lacking? I don’t see any subwoofers listed.. If you are looking to make a major sound improvement, and you are not running subwoofers, that is likely where your money would be best spent. Running dual subwoofers, crossing everything over around 80hz would also relieve some serious strain on the Parasound and give you more headroom. I know you say you are looking for QUALITY but Parasound is pretty highly regarded here. I have owned a couple Parasound amps and have always been pleased. Is Parasound up to a side by side comparison against McIntosh? Not sure, I have never been fortunate enough to own one but they definitely have a cult following. They are also beautiful, so there’s that. Anyway, not trying to muddy the waters, just wanted to learn a little more about your system so we can all help you spend your money:)
  12. Welcome back! The RF-83’s and RF-7 III are supposed to be wonderful speakers, you obviously have great taste. I joined right around the time you left:)
  13. K5SS

    What I Got Today!

    It was a great Sunday! Added to my Ultra2 speakers in a big way Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. K5SS

    What I Got Today!

    This new TV has gotten my to start adding to my 4K collection. Got a great deal on these used, earlier today: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. In the Seattle area, a very nice looking pair of Black RF-63’s got listed for $100. These are some of the best speakers I have ever owned, never should have sold them. The next day, a very nice pair of Oak CF-3’s with 15” Velodyne subwoofer got listed for $200. It sounds like I missed out on both in a very short amount of time. I am hoping someone here grabbed either or both listings.
  16. Probably getting ready to mix it up again so I figured I’d share how my setup is currently set up. Added the art today, the 65” OLED TV a few months ago now and picked up the Mythos ST’s and Mythos Ten a few weeks ago. Been loving everything so far and I have really started buying more 4K movies as a result. And yes, Klipsch is still my favorite brand of speakers:) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Haha, thanks guys! Hopefully some Palladium bookshelfs and matching Center. Should never sold the Natural set I had.. I am still not totally sold on selling these as I love them. Yes, they definitely need a subwoofer or two but what system doesn’t:)
  18. Like the title suggests, I figured I’d test the waters to see if anyone out there would be interested in buying my 3 650’s. They are in great shape and I can get photos but they are in my storage so that wouldn’t be until someone commits. I love these speakers but it is a total waste having them just sitting in storage, which they’ve been doing about 2 years or so. Pricing them fairly at $1,600 + shipping for the three speakers. I live in Bothell WA, 98021, if someone wants to get a shipping estimate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I would probably just avoid “bi-amping” all together. I have tried both ways and the only thing I ever thought I was doing, when bi-amping, was putting more strain on my receiver. Maybe just try running one set of speaker wires to each speaker and use the jumpers. Just another thing to try out but I doubt bi-amping is the reason they sound different.
  20. Go on YouTube and search for “subwoofer crawl”. This will walk you through the steps, to help you find the best spot for the subwoofer to go in your room. You can spend $2K + on a subwoofer but if it isn’t placed in the correct spot, it might not sound any better than a $200 sub that is placed in the optimal spot. Now if that spot doesn’t line up with how you want the room to look, that’s a whole different problem. Looks of my system is nearly as important to me as the way it sounds so I have to compromise on speaker size and on placement.
  21. I might have to pick your brain, when it comes time to pull the trigger but I am most likely a year out. The M2 is definitely on the short list. I have owned my Stage 1 Audi S3 about 3 years now and I still smile every time I get behind the wheel. I just really like car shopping, almost as much as speaker shopping:/
  22. DCT’s have better performance. The top performance Mustang should come standard with the top performing trans. I agree though, a manual option would be nice for those who like to row. To be honest, I’d just go with a 350R over the 500. The 350R will be worth more on the collector’s market down the road and it only comes with a manual. My current car has a DCT and it is way more engaging and fun than normal automatics. My next car, possibly a certified M2 Competition, will definitely have a DCT. This GT500 sure is impressive though. Just saw a video of one running mid 10’s in the 1/4, right off the assembly line. But if I had to choose, the upcoming Corvette ZO6 would get my money, if I had enough. Haha. Best time ever, to be a performance car person!
  23. That is a great sounding speaker, I listened to it a few weeks ago. I can tell you that the Bose 700 with matching 700 subwoofer sounds much better. It should, obviously, at nearly 3x the price. I have been a Bose hater for many years but this new 700 soundbar appears to be a game changer. The truth is that soundbars are shrinking the gap between full sized speakers/systems but there’s definitely still a gap.
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