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  1. OK Legend fans, I’m bringing this back because I never used it as intended. Hasn’t been moved or used since original post.
  2. Beautiful job Jerry! What a transformation. Makes me want to start sanding on that birch raw split that somebody covered up with stain. The Cornwalls might help the bass that LaScalas lack, you just have to tame the midrange from your LS somehow. You’ll get there.
  3. That is correct Russ, but on a Cornwall budget.
  4. You might consider posting the finish of your Klipschorns (probably walnut) to narrow things down a little. Also, date of birth, try to match by generation as the components changed over the years. Crossover Networks, Tweeters, Midrange Drivers all need to match. Woofers not so much but maybe to some people. If your Klipschorns are 1980 to 1982 I might split a pair with you. Maybe a little bigger range but AA Networks and K55 Midrange Driver would be a must for me. Larry
  5. Just a little humor here but if your wife says either they go or I’m leaving then I’m sure you will miss her! lol lol lol, just kidding people
  6. Robert If you sell them you may regret it the rest of your life. Correction, probably will regret it the rest of your life. I have wanted Klipschorns for forty some years and yesterday made the final payment on a pair. They are to be delivered this week. If you need money take out a loan, if you need space then knock down a wall. I apologize in advance to anyone wanting these but I just can’t stand by and let you do it. Sincerely Larry
  7. Yes, but you may save congratulations for later this week when they are delivered by Pony Express. (Big Thank You in advance to Jerry) and of course Mr Klipschorn in Cincinnati.
  8. Thanks Jim, Couldn’t go wrong buying from Budman. He knows about Klipschorns and all things Heritage.
  9. Hi Russ I probably won’t make it till February but I’ll let you know soon. I’m thinking about a road trip to get those Babies to Chattanooga. Thanks for you patience my friend. Larry
  10. Anybody mind if I revive this thread? Congratulations That is quite a find for sure. I think Andy started the signature collection thing with his Flame Heresys and I wish he would have started it before I built and purchased my Scallywags (last pair built in 76 but not purchased until 77 ) I agree that the LaScalas were made for an employee and to clarify the discussion about the employee discount...We paid factory cost which was 40% of retail and dealers were not allowed to sell below MSRP. Another great benefit was that sales reps were happy to buy other audio gear from dealer for us at very nice discounts. Thats the way I remember it anyway. After all, it was the seventies. Larry
  11. Congratulations Teaman, and thanks too all have contributed to this thread. Especially our pony express rider in Rome Ga for the transportation. It wouldn’t have happened without you Jerry. Larry
  12. LaScalas need space. Base needs room to develop and mid range needs room to mellow. Ideally 16 feet minimum in my opinion but you gotta work with whatever you have. I know others may not share my opinion but that’s just been my experience since 1977. However nobody can argue the fact that they were originally created as an outdoor public address system.
  13. Hi Bruce. I thought you were a LaScala kind of guy, I guess there is always room for a little Heresy. Sorry, I couldn’t pass that up. I send you a PM
  14. Hi Brett There are a lot of members on here from Chicago Area that often have deals on Heresys and Cornwalls. Maybe some of them will see this and be able to help you out. You can also post in the Garage Sale section that you are looking to buy and keep an eye on the alerts section where members post links to Craigslist, Estate Sales and other sources. Good Luck in your search Larry
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