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  1. Somebody please tell me why these have not sold. What am I missing? It looks to me like two KLF 20’s for $250 an hour from Philadelphia and three from NYC. Is there a hidden zero in the price. Not trying to be a wise guy but I really don’t get it. please help me understand Larry
  2. Single Split LaScala (woody). AL crossover replaced with AA recapped by Bob Crites. Original tweeter replaced with Crites DE120. Midrange driver replaced with K55V Dual phase, soldered terminal PM for pictures. Too large to download here.
  3. All black all original in very good condition with all badges and one new grille from Klipsch, it was available from another forum member and I grabbed it, he just wanted the badge. PM me for pictures. File too large to add here.
  4. PM sent to Amphicar and thanks to Randy
  5. I have a single I was using as a center but no longer need it. I replaced the AL with a AA recapped by crites, I also replaced the tweeter with Crites 120 and replaced mid driver with K55 dual phase with soldered terminals. Original owner stained a dark brown but can be removed if wanted and a small chip or two. I still have the original AL but not the tweeter or mid. I send pics if interested
  6. Never mind, the last post I saw was from August when you talked about Chorus II’s. Now I see the completed room with Chorus I’s and may I say it looks great. Chorus 1’s is the speaker I would buy even though I have no need and place for them. I just love them!
  7. Because of the passive radiator the Chorus II needs some breathing room between it and the wall, I’m reading 1.5 feet. Chorus I with front ports might work better for you.
  8. You are correct Randy, the K24’s were out of H2’s. I had a pair of each about the same time and got a little fuzzy. Thank for keeping me straight. Larry
  9. Greetings Everyone Will Klipsch be participating at Festival this year and does anyone plan on attending?
  10. lol, because I’d just as well make a DLK Fan happy by selling them as trying to get them working myself. Just beating around the bush not being sure how to go about offering them on this forum.
  11. I have a pair of DLK3’s with no woofers that I need help with. I researched these a little and found out they were quite popular in and around Minnesota so can somebody help me decide whether to find woofers and maybe replace caps or offer them for sale. Anybody that Is a DLK fan will appreciate the condition of these cabinets so forgive me for talking non klipsch stuff and thanks in advance for helpful advice. Larry
  12. Hey Guys, whoever ends up with this Heresy, I have a k24 from an 81 or 82 H1 that had the other components listed. If it’s not sold I might take it just to give that woofer a home. Larry
  13. James, I’ll pm you about that k24. The one I have looks like the exact same animal Larry
  14. Didn’t we all die enough in that War. Why put it on here?
  15. Find one yet? I’ve been either looking for another one to make a pair or parting with the one I have. Probably time to do the later since I’ve had this one for a while. You have a pool in MAINE, Isn’t that about the coldest place on the planet? lol
  16. Just picked up a refurbished DUAL 1219 and I need to increase my turntable cable to 10 or 12 feet. Could I lose signal quality by doing this or maybe have other problems. My receiver has a phono jack and ground connection. Thanks in advance, looking forward to your replies.
  17. Hi Billy, just read your post and Judy and I can’t stop laughing. Billy was right about the wife Judy and the 80 pound dog Big Joe but left out the two smaller dogs. After loading the KLF’s we had about eight inches between the top of the stack and the ceiling of the explorer where the smaller dogs rode but there was no room for Big Joe. So, from Billy’s house in Charleston, SC to Chattanooga, TN. Big Joe rode in my LAP and Judy drove the entire trip. We still enjoy the custom made KLF 20 center in a mono setup because it just does so good all by itself. Thanks again Billy! You really created a Beast! Apologies to the OP but I just had to share the rest of the story.
  18. Ship K22’s to Chattanooga, TN (37363) for $120? I may have to have them Larry
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