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  1. Exit 11 off of I-75 east of Chattanooga. Less than a mile from the exit.
  2. The question came up about the components contained within. K 77 M Square magnet tweeter K 55 V Mid Range (not soldered terminal) K 22 E Woofers
  3. I’ll try to get more photos on here later but I could just email if your interested it these. Thanks for looking Larry
  4. Never stained or finished,still “raw”. Nice sharp edges and corners, very smooth surfaces and no stains, water rings or spots. Both cabinets have slight veneer damage in one spot along the side edge and was repaired but still slightly visible if you look for it. Grills and badges show no wear or damage. These guys may have spent a lot of time in storage because markings on the boxes indicate they were purchased at a Military Exchange in Germany. Also their condition shows signs of limited exposure. I’m asking $500 but of course local pickup can save you some money.
  5. Sorry, no grill. The beast is 33.5 x 13 x 12.5 deep. Ten inch woofers and four inch ports on the back side. Appearance is the only thing it lacks, it will move some air if you want and sound beautiful at more sensible levels. Thanks for asking Larry
  6. Thanks Billy: That’s quite a buildup, I never realized or appreciated the thought that went into the development of that beast. not only does it serve as an excellent center but I have used it as a single rear surround and all by itself with no left or right. Like a huge soundbar, ya know? I contact you on Facebook about the Pioneers
  7. This is an amazing speaker that I have used with KLF 30’s and it “keeps up”. It was built and purchased from a fellow forum member in South Carolina who knows Klipsch Loudspeakers. Because this is a one of a kind item I understand it’s value is whatever someone is willing to pay so with that in mind I going to offer it for $400. negotiable, Certainly less for local pick up near Chattanooga where you can hear it before you buy. I have seen a lot of KLF 10 sell in the $300 range and as good as they are they are no match for this Beast. I have also used it with Pioneer HPM 100’s (also for sale) but won’t go into that here cause I don’t want to offend our moderators. lol If anyone is interested or has comments to offer please message me.
  8. I’m telling you folks, politics has turned family members against one another. Please, let’s keep that stuff on Facebook.
  9. This Forum can go bad in a hurry if we start up with the Poitics!
  10. During my brief gig as a LS builder in 76 and 77 I don’t remember seeing this as a regular production item. That just looks wrong but maybe an experimental thing? The 1/2 inch sides on the doghouse date these probably before 78 which would be about the same time frame as the Pie Logos. However, placement of the Logos was typically on the upper outside corner of the Mouth Grill and for that reason I question their Legitimacy. Also, just my opinion but the high frequency sound field would have to be way messed up as well. Maybe a special order that lost a Logo and it got reapplied incorrectly, who knows? 76ers with 1/2 inch dog house side pieces and PWK Pie Logos.
  11. Thanks John, maybe inside something else might be more pleasing to the eye. I like the look of your setup, what subs are under your LS’s? They don’t look as tall as the 480’s. I’m kinda sold on what you suggested about another SVS.
  12. John Would you recommend these for my basement? Larry
  13. Try local thrift shops. $50 will go a long way. Not everything they sell is completely operational however so beware, Good Luck
  14. Could have been signed at the request of the buyer. Special order, Dealer or even K&A Employee, someone close. Salesman Samples and Employee Purchases likely would have also had a second sticker indicating they were not for resale. Not likely carried around in the trunk of a salesman’s car however. And btw, In 77 just about all Klipschorn Cabinets were built by Bobby Joe Garcia.
  15. Hi Jason: Welcome to the Forum. Still loving those Cornwall II’s we got from you. Larry
  16. The year was about 1976 and “Sweet, Sweet Connie doin her act” at a show in Little Rock pissed off some of the City officials so badly that the next show was banned and ended up being held in Pine Bluff, AR. Not many people got the word so very few people showed up, I guesstimated about 300. Crowd size didn’t effect the Performance “THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND” gave that night. Sitting in the wings was Greggs wife at the time (Cher) who seemed to be having a great time along with the rest of us. At one point a bag of unknown substance was thrown onto the stage and quickly kicked to the side by the boot of Dicky Betts. Connie was a Local who gained notoriety by making her way on stage at concerts and giving a show of her own. She even ended up being mentioned in the song “We’re An American Band” by Grand Funk Railroad.
  17. Will a single K24 help? Had to Reglue the dust cap and a small tear. Very solid just not pretty. Larry
  18. I have two Heresy Cabinets with grilles, crossovers and midrange horns, HBR 1979. I’m not local ( Chattanooga, TN) and they are not complete but if you can’t find anything out there I’ll split them up. One has water marks on top and bottom but has nice edges and corners, would be very nice painted. The other one is just too nice to be nearly 40. Both have original boxes and were purchased at Military Exchange in Germany. I bought these two and another pair from original owners son. This pair came with blown woofers and tweeters. I have a single K24 that could go with either one leaving you needing tweeter and mid driver. Like I said, if nothing else comes along my offer might become interesting. Happy to send photos if you want. Larry
  19. Unless you want Cornwall’s to live with, wait for a buyer. If your not sure, talk to Bob. He can advise you on crossovers, maybe his 4500’s or refreshing what you have? He can sell you Tweetes and Midrange drivers as well, just be sure you have the space and can live with the finish. (I found out the hard way I was not a fan of Light Oak). If they came BR ( Birch Raw) Maybe, just for fun, sand um down and expose the Birch. You may discover something you really like and help you decide if you want to keep them or not. Maybe not if Black from factory. Good luck and have fun. How about some photos when you get um home? Larry
  20. Maybe another time Audio Flynn. I'll be keeping my other C-7 and KLF 10's for the Living Room. At one time I used the two C-7's for surround but replaced them with Heritage to go with the Heritage Mains. Heritage Downstairs, Legends Upstairs.
  21. Deschutes: Welcome to the Forum Adam (OP) took the single 55 and 77 round that I had. Sorry, I have a pair of the spring clip terminal K55V if interested. Another member had a pair of the soldered terminal K55V for sale recently. Might be tough finding a single? Bob Crites sells a replacement driver that you might check out, (A-55G Midrange Driver). Check out Critesspeakers.com for loads of stuff and services.
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