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  1. Not sure what they are worth.. Make me an offer..
  2. It's two 15's in the center of the pic...
  3. One is good one needs reconing.. Make me an offer.. I'll look for pics...
  4. I bought two new med diaphragms and two new titanium tweeters diaphragms from Bob and those titanium tweeters are awesome what a difference. I tried to re-glue the broken one but that didn't work, saving the three good diaphragms for spares.
  5. All set I've had these for years there not going anywhere...
  6. Not sure how old it is might be the original or not, I did just replace one of them maybe 3 years ago... I'll just get two new meds and some titanium tweeters from Bob..
  7. Still tested good, not burned up it just came unglued
  8. Here is the broken med driver...
  9. OK I'm not sure how to test the parts... but I did buy some new inductors from Bob I think with Multiple taps for attenuation because of how freeeeking loud those meds are... in the pic below it's the inductor to the far right.. is that correct? I'll have to get back at this later on... very busy right now... thanks, I'll be taking the KP250 apart here in the next few days..
  10. Need to replace the med horn in a KP-250... is there a cheeper driver that will bolt up to the horn.. this is the third on...
  11. Well all was well but now I need to replce yet another med horn in the KP250... it's all ways the same one this is the third one... wonder if something else went bad in the crossover other than the caps.. Here is a pic of the blowen caps.. They allways seemed very loud to me I have to pull 8 to 10K out of the mix or those horns will cut your ears in half...
  12. I used them this week end and had all day to play with them I ended up just using the 18's and the 250's the 115's where just spacers to help get the 250 higher. it was a good size room 150' long X 60 wide... I crossed the 18's at 140.. sounded OK would have been better with horn loaded stuff, had to be careful with the subs they were at there max... 8 505's would have been better.. lol
  13. Works great.... just another opption I have with the crossover bypass
  14. Ya I know... Still using the old school stuff here... 100.00 in SS screws is enough for me... plus the paint, plus the etc. One of these days I'll convert all my speaker connections over.
  15. Looks awesome... I'm in the middle of redoing some 115 and 250's and painting my EV TL505 18" subs... pulled them out of storage to use in a band I just joined... Here is the KP-115 Crossover I added a switched 1/4 input so I can run an active crossover and bypass the passive crossover. doing a little body work I used the roll on Acry-Tech Coatings to paint the cabs you might want to look into this stuff.... worked good for me and when it cures it hard... http://www.acrytech.com/catalog.asp?prodid=547778
  16. I rebuilt all the crossovers in my kp series 115 and 250..when I bought the new caps I bought ones with a lot higher voltage on the KP-115's I went with 400 volt caps they were huge so I had to glue parts of the circuit into the cabinets. Does this change the crossover point???? On the KP-250 I didn't go a big... I have been using them with no problems just wondering if I took away from the sound going with larger caps
  17. Do yourself a favor and reinforce the ends of the tubes better than Klipsch did...
  18. I just read again they crossed the 115 @ 150. So If I go active what would you use for crossover points? Running the 18's mono @ 100
  19. Looks good I have been using the 115 and 250 for years..I'm in the middle ofrestoring them as I type..
  20. I am stacking these on top of some EV TL-505 18" subs I built. Just wondering what the crossover frequency is for the KP-115 ( it has a passive crossover inside) I am crossing the EV's @ 100hz mono. If the KP cross @ 150 then I'll run them active but if they cross @ 400 I'll run them passive. looking for suggestions these are for my band, I have used the KP stuff for years for small venues and have had to boast the bottom way to much... That's why I am adding the TL-505... for some reason I thought the HP-115 crossed @ 400 but then I read somewhere it was 150 ...
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