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  1. Also if you look at the other photos, the background appears to be a consignment store. Thus the hefty price I'm guessing.
  2. First Chorus II models I've seen with the brownish grill cloth and not the black grill cloth.
  3. That is probably about what they are worth...
  4. These were used in my main listening room. The rest of my Conscala parts will be listed in other threads. Looking for 1050 shipped or best offer. Located in 52203.
  5. Gorm

    WTB: ALK Crossovers ES or AP (Khorn)

    I have a set of ES500 & ES5800 for sale.
  6. Gorm

    Looking for KG series in Oak

    Well that didn't take long. Found a set of Oak KG 5.5s here locally and worked out the deal through Craigslist. As long as everything works out, I should be good to go. Thanks again. Mods please delete if its taking up space. LOL.
  7. I'm looking for a set of towers in good condition in Oak. Any KG series tower would be fine. KG2, and KG4 would be too small. Anyone have anything? Thanks you!
  8. Gorm

    Looking for Forte II or Chorus II

    A pair has been found. Thank you.
  9. Gorm

    FS: MHDT Pagoda

    How do you tell if you have a J chip or not? Found a way to tell: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/mhdt-lab-pagoda-a-review.799153/ I'll check tonight when I get home and see which chip version I have.
  10. Gorm

    FS: MHDT Pagoda

    It was purchased in late 2015. Pretty sure it has the dual PCM 1704 chips.
  11. Hi guys, I'm down scaling my upstairs system from my over the top Cornscalas, to a nice presentable pair of Forte II or Chorus II speakers. Located in 52203, but willing to drive a considerable distance to get the perfect pair in the perfect situation. I'm interested in any finish other than black. Thank you,
  12. Gorm

    FS: MHDT Pagoda

    Haven't replaced it with anything yet. I'm downsizing my "listening room" system. I'll have the amp / components from the speakers on here in the week.
  13. Gorm

    FS: MHDT Pagoda

    The DAC will be shipped in its double box carton.
  14. Gorm

    FS: MHDT Pagoda

    For Sale: MHDT Pagoda DAC. Top of the line MHDT DAC. Very smooth and detailed with an awesome sound stage and presentation. Unit is OEM and unmodified. I did roll a couple of tubes in it, and 3 tubes will be included with the unit. 1. Tesla 6GC42 "Pinched waist" tube. 2. 5670 GE Tube - The "stock" tube that came with the unit from MHDT. 3. Western Electric WE396A. This is the tube I ran the most in the DAC, as it was the best of the three for my system setup. The DAC is in very good condition. Please see the multiple pictures for details. Looking for 1000 plus shipping. Thank you.