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  1. Back to top... This beautiful amplifier is still looking for a new home as well.
  2. Can't believe I can't find a home for this beautiful amplifier.
  3. Ad Deleted. Scam or do they think they sold?
  4. Just some advice, be prepared to wait and pay upwards of 1200. Nearly everyone in the midwest wants a pair or Mint Chorus IIs.
  5. Hell at 6000 your close to NEW Jubes territory.
  6. Shoot me an offer. Lets find this 250 a new forever home. 🤣
  7. LOL. Seller is going to be in for a rude awakening if they already started spending the money.
  8. 800 shipped for the 5 GEC tubes. - Forum members only. I'm very confident in the tubes and I'm sure there will not be a problem. However, I will let forum members who buy them test them / check their strength and will accept a return if they do not test well. Thank you.
  9. The MC30s are now sold. Tubes still available.
  10. Back to top. Does a very awesome job with Chorus IIs.
  11. Why should the "cornwall killers" be worth less than Cornwalls?
  12. Not all of us have glass connections. Also there are a ton of variables that impact the price. I went for something more than the "standard" offerings.
  13. I also had glass tops created for my current Oiled Oak Chorus IIs. It ran me about 100 bucks. So those being included does add some value as well.
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