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  1. I'm not sure about that, the woofers would have to travel significantly out to impact the grills. I'll probably never have the volume levels in that room high enough for that to happen. However, that is a good point, and I'll double check for rub marks after a few sessions. The beauty of the magnets is also, that I could just pull the grills off to listen and replace when done. They stick well, but once you get an edge lose, the rest of the grill falls off and the magnets stay attached.
  2. While I don't have measurement tools. I have heard ZERO difference on my "test tracks" after this "mod". I don't think the magnets are THAT powerful to impact the driver on the other side of the speaker.
  3. I finally decided to put some grills on the Chorus II passives to prevent damage to them from the cat. Ended up going with some Generic eBay 15" grills and earth magnets. Worked very well. Very clean look as well.
  4. Dang...wish I would have said something about a month ago. Was just driving through DFW on my way to San Antonio.
  5. Whoops, near Cedar Rapids, IA.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm looking for smallish Klipsch subwoofer to add to my RB25s. Anyone have a RSW-10, RSW-10D, RW-10, RW-10D, or even RW-12D laying around? Willing to pick up locally. Thanks!!!!
  7. I ended up shipping it to Justin. I could slightly tape the 12ax7 tube and the sound immediately reflected in the speakers. I was able to replicate this behavior with multiple 12ax7 tubes.
  8. Hi guys, A problem developed with my Ampsandsound Stereo 15 tonight. When I started it for the first time since last weekend, there was now a noticable feedback buzz instead of the usual dead silence. As i approached the unit, I discovered that the feedback became louder when I moved my hand towards the 12AX7 position. As I moved my hand back and fourth from the 12ax7 I could control the "volume" of the feedback. So, I powered down the unit and replaced it with another 12ax7. It also exhibited the same behavior. I don't believe this is any sort of ground issue, as it was perfect for nearly half a year before today. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. Back to top... This beautiful amplifier is still looking for a new home as well.
  10. Can't believe I can't find a home for this beautiful amplifier.
  11. Ad Deleted. Scam or do they think they sold?
  12. Just some advice, be prepared to wait and pay upwards of 1200. Nearly everyone in the midwest wants a pair or Mint Chorus IIs.
  13. Hell at 6000 your close to NEW Jubes territory.
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