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  1. Gorm

    Purchasing Chorus ii or Cornwall ii???

    No, I'm in Iowa. Was planning on a road trip to get them if the deal went through.
  2. Gorm

    Purchasing Chorus ii or Cornwall ii???

    FYI, I tried working out a deal with that guy for his Chorus's. He wanted 1500 for them. Also, the grills are the brown grills, and have been exposed to sunlight, so they have that nice green glow to them. This was also back in October. So he has had them sitting for quite a while. They are otherwise in great condition. I think they would sell easily for 1000. Hes pretty high on the pricing for his KG4s too. Wanted like 500 for them.
  3. Gorm

    K-510 pic needed of "broken" horn

    Legality aside...it seems there is a quite a demand for them. Theres a spot there for someone to make money. Klipsch or a third party. Assuming of course that the horn is patented. Which I'm sure it is.
  4. Gorm

    K-510 pic needed of "broken" horn

    How has someone not been able to scan and reproduce this horn on a 3D printer yet? Is the technology not that accessible yet?
  5. Gorm

    Price lowered to $2,500 Cornscala Michigan

    This is why I parted out my Cornscalas. I was able to recover about 85 percent of what I paid for the mods.
  6. I purchased an open box pair of RP-600m in Walnut on eBay during one of their 15% days. They arrived, the box was open, but everything else was brand new. I'm using them as a pair of monitors at my computer. So far, they are awesome. A SERIOUS upgrade in looks and detail over the RB-25s which I had prior.
  7. Gorm

    Forte III for $1k if you can fix the chip!

    LOL Hes gonna eventually sell it to someone for scrap.
  8. Gorm

    Anyone heard of this "DIY" Sub Company? GSG Audio

    Since all of his stuff is "local pickup only", anyone know where that is? I can't seem to find anywhere that lists it on his site.
  9. Gorm

    KLIPSCH PRO CINEMA 3 KPT-904 - (***SOLD***)

    Just confirming that these are sold? If so, can you state it on the first page? If they aren't sold, let me know and I'll be at your house tonight. 🙃
  10. Gorm

    Near Mint Chorus II, Austin TX $1,000.00

    That oak clear veneer sure doens't look like its had oil on it. Nice and bright.
  11. Gorm

    Chorus ii

    I'm the seller of those. If anyone wants both, I will sell them to forums members what I paid to get them from Klipsch.
  12. I have a brand new pair of KD-15s for sale: I bought them from Klipsch recently to fix a pair of Chorus II, but ended up finding another mint pair of Oiled Oaks, so I still have the extra passives. Let me know via PM if your interested.
  13. Gorm

    Found: RB-35

    Whoops...should have realized I was in the wrong spot. My mistake , mods please move.