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  1. Gorm

    Near Mint Chorus II, Austin TX $1,000.00

    That oak clear veneer sure doens't look like its had oil on it. Nice and bright.
  2. Gorm

    Chorus ii

    I'm the seller of those. If anyone wants both, I will sell them to forums members what I paid to get them from Klipsch.
  3. I have a brand new pair of KD-15s for sale: I bought them from Klipsch recently to fix a pair of Chorus II, but ended up finding another mint pair of Oiled Oaks, so I still have the extra passives. Let me know via PM if your interested.
  4. Gorm

    Found: RB-35

    Whoops...should have realized I was in the wrong spot. My mistake , mods please move.
  5. Gorm

    Found: RB-35

    Casually looking for a pair of RB-35s. If anyone has a pair, let me know. Thanks!
  6. Gorm

    Chorus II

    Oak Raw? First I've heard / seen that on a Chorus II. Thought it was Oak Oil / Oak Clear.
  7. Gorm

    Mahogany KLF30 in NC on FB market pl

    If those were in the midwest I'll be all over those. Although that blemish on the front is really noticeable.
  8. Gorm

    Forte IIs $800 Spencer, WI

    Wonder what work they have had done. That input didn't upside down itself...
  9. Gorm

    SOLD: RB-75s

    We are currently planning on meeting here in a few weeks. We should be good on the transportation.
  10. Gorm

    SOLD: Sony VW285ES Projector - $2800

    Another price adjustment. Funny how projector values fall as soon as the next lineup is announced.
  11. Gorm

    SOLD: Sony VW285ES Projector - $2800

    I adjusted the price a bit. Since I anticipate this selling around 3200 on eBay, and have that 200ish dollar fee. I'll sell it to any forum members for 3000 plus shipping. I would also consider driving to meet someone to deliver it.
  12. Gorm

    FS: RF-7Jumpers

    Thats all I could find at the moment. I'll take another look, but I think its just the single pair. Also found a ton of speaker spikes.
  13. Gorm

    FS: RF-7Jumpers

    Cleaning out my parts bin. Looking for 15 shipped.