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  1. Gorm

    RSW-12 For Sale

    Bump. Kinda surprised I haven't had much interest in it. I'd sell it for about any offer at the moment.
  2. Well I finally did this mod last night. Bob was trying to convince me these wouldn't fit in the Chorus II. I had no issues installing them with the adapters I purchased from eBay. Here are some of the pictures of the install: (Also, all new gasket tape was installed on drivers. The weak cheap gaskets were aged and junk)
  3. I have been in contact with Bob this morning.
  4. Gorm

    RSW-12 For Sale

    Located in Amana, IA 52203. Klipsch RSW-12 Subwoofer. Subwoofer is in very good mechanical condition. Unfortunately, there is a gouge on the side and there is no front grill. The RSW-12 is connected in the listening room and ready for your demonstration. Looking for 200 but taking offers, any offers, from local forum members.
  5. Dang I thought these were for sale again... No really, had they been, you would have had my Paypal in minutes.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3555447824497606/?ref=messenger_banner
  7. SOLD. Went for 450 to a non-forum member. Whoever is in charge of that price sheet. Please add that if it helps.
  8. There was a pair of KLF 20s in Medium oak here in the Cedar Rapids, IA area lately. I saw them on CL, however, I can't find them now. Might be worth you time to check CL and FB marketplace to see if you can find them. He wanted 500, and they weren't in bad shape if I remember correctly. They may have been sold
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