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  1. Thanks good info indeed.... Had 81 cornwalls a few years back that I did xo on from bob, and wow was that ever an eye opener. Very very much recommend that as well! Also tried the ct125 tweeters but went back to the k-77. They imo sounded better in the those corns. They lost some of the magic I guess to my ears. But in 73 heresys I liked the swap to the ct125. If I had the corns still could swap the k-77s with the ct125 in the heresys to see if it was the k-77s in the corns being better, hotter idk than the k-77s in the heresys? I've read the k-77s as you talked about, have measured uneven #s over the years in output. So could be that too? Or the fact that the k-77 in general is hotter than the ct125 might actually be a benefit with the corns? After few months the caps for sure and then in a few more swap the tweeters and see. Fun stuff!
  2. I think I would cry if I walked in that room 😢lmfao
  3. I had better pics of them but not finding them sorry (no longer have the 904s)
  4. These are 904 xo. Zoom in can see some but not all the info.
  5. Cinema_head


    Really cool :)
  6. I was thinking about that video (if there was one). Omg that would blow up on youtube I bet. Caption with head shaking "poor bastard"
  7. The heresys were my mains for the last 5 months using a small sub near field (about 1.5ft away). I sold all my big pro stuff and subs when I sold my house.
  8. Right I know man. Im just trying to be funny.
  9. I got a polk sw10 dude! Im so set for bass ha!
  10. Good advise, and how I did all the big speakers and subs in my last house. Works great.. These stairs aren't normal. Very steep and much much harder. I struggled doing it with a much smaller box. didn't want to risk it.
  11. So I found some stock 1978 La Scalas. First impressions fantastic speakers!
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