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  1. 17 minutes ago, jimjimbo said:

    Yes, that's the one.  Highly recommended.  I have yet to have to install any extra gasket, but every situation is different.  I think you will enjoy the new woofer. Give it just a little time to break in, and it will surprise you with it's excellent speed and tone.

    Claude seemed confident the 15kappa c was la scalas best upgrade behind fresh caps of course. ( comparing to other low budget upgrades). 


    You agree?

  2. On 8/19/2019 at 11:03 PM, K5SS said:

    Grabbed a couple new pieces for my cabinet! Any Code 3 fans out there?

    I know Code 3 no longer has Star Wars rights but that is a real shame, these things are beautiful!af1868832e741ae55c346268212ad0f8.jpg856ed3f235432163beffe5384be652fa.jpg

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    Man what a nerd!


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  3. 4 minutes ago, MookieStl said:

    Yes, those are the correct woofers often recommended here. Jim and Claude have been very convincing in promoting the virtues of this driver.

    I have used it and have to agree. They don't dig any deeper, but are very effortless and the upper bass is excellent. They hand off well to to k400 mid in the LS a Khorn.

    Some contend that the woofer could slap the motorboard when rear mounted and playing through the baffle of the folded horns. I have never experienced it even though I have driven mine fairly hard. The suggestion is to cut a thin (1/4") gasket for the perimeter of the woofer where it attaches, to have it stand off a little further. It should be a solid piece with no air leaks. It is probably a good idea to do it just in case. I'm sure more will chime in. 

    Thanks for the info....


    Yea Claude talked me into it. I’m sure he will chime in as well. Is parts express the only known place to buy new? Anyone know....

  4. .I’ve been using this free eq app for over a month now. It’s free (no trial then pay). I toslink from an Mac book pro lap top Spotify to my avr (toslinks cable has optical on other end). This set up is 95% of what I use for basic music listening...Anyways.. this app is incredible! When you start digging into everything it’s mid boggling that  it’s free.  31 bands completely adjustable frequencies from a20hz band, up to a 20k band, and anything and everything  in between to what ever frequency you want. You can add multiple closeness of same eq as many times as you want all  running at the same time. Meaning you could have theoretical like 10 (or more) separate 31band eqs all adjustable to different frequency bands and running in sync. Having  bands that go that low gives you lots of eq for the sub.


    Performance it’s a huge jump in quality from running Spotify with no adjustments. I have a iPad also that has the Spotify app that’s in the iphones. This app has eq in settings. 60hz is the lowest And it’s only 6 band. iPad out gives hdmi ability (how I run it). And I’ve a/ b the two. It’s laughable how much better it is with this eq 


  5. 3 hours ago, jason str said:

    Offset bracing is a great idea, just as effective as an offset woofer on the motorboard however i felt the same way about looking at the offset bracing as being sad to look at and chose a center position for my La Scala's and am not unhappy with the results. The coloration is no longer bothersome as it was.


    Here is a good >link< and lots more on the subject if you take a little time to Google


    My set for reference.




    Those look great 👍

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  6. 3 hours ago, jason str said:

    Offset bracing is a great idea, just as effective as an offset woofer on the motorboard however i felt the same way about looking at the offset bracing as being sad to look at and chose a center position for my La Scala's and am not unhappy with the results. The coloration is no longer bothersome as it was.


    Here is a good >link< and lots more on the subject if you take a little time to Google


    My set for reference.





    Want to-make a few bucks and make me a few?

  7. On 8/10/2019 at 5:09 PM, Arkytype said:

    The September 2019 edition of Stereophile has a long-awaited review of the AK6 Klipschorn.


    The only word that comes to my mind after reading both the Measurements section and the review by Art Dudley is----disappointment.


    First the measurements: Once again, a Klipsch loudspeaker does not meet  its sensitivity specification. That's odd for a Klipschorn as I would assume its sensitivity was measured in the trihedral corner of the Hope anechoic chamber (see grainy image). You'd think there would be less of the "room gain fudge-factor" Klipsch uses than the 3.9 dB sensitivity shortfall John Atkinson measured. 


    For logistical reasons, the AK6 was measured out of doors sitting on a driveway. The AK6 frequency response specification is 33 Hz--20kHz + or - 4 dB. For a premium-priced loudspeaker, that spec should be + or - 3 dB or better.


    Atkinson measured the AK6 frequency response using nearfield (bass horn) and farfield (squawker/tweeter) measurement techniques. The AK6 frequency response measured: 33 Hz -20kHz +8 dB minus 15 dB (my interpretation of the FR curves). The +8 dB peak at 10kHz is as disappointing as the overall tweeter level which appears to be 3 dB too hot relative to the midrange. I won't comment on the bass horn measurements only to say that even though the back is enclosed, corner placement is, IMHO,  the only location to measure the bass response of a Klipschorn. 


    Second, the listening test: It wasn't clear from  Dudley's review how the Klipschorns were located in his 17' x 12' x 8' listening room. Were they on the long wall or short wall?


    Dudley writes, I began with the backs of the Klipschorn AK6s a short distance from the front wall--their front surfaces, measured at the centers of the cabinets, were a little more than 3' from that wall, and a little more than 8' apart from each other--and with the the speakers slightly toed-in toward the center listening seat.  


    Really? Where's my horsewhip? Who in their right mind would listen to Klipschorns eight feet apart and three feet away from a wall? 


    In 2006 Klipsch turned down Dudley's request to review the 60th anniversary Klipschorn because his (Dudley's) listening room at the time couldn't accommodate corner placement. Did the current Klipsch marketing department considered asking for dimensions and images of Dudley's current listening room? 


    His current listening room would IMHO be marginal even locating the AK6s on the 17' wall.  My listening room was designed around my Klipschorns/Belle and is 24' wide, with 11' high side walls and a 23' vaulted ceiling. The sound quality and imaging is magnificent and is a system not tolerant of poorly recorded pablum. 


    Unfortunately, I cannot scan the AK6 review and post it----my trusty Epson scanner is refusing to power up. Stereophile will post it soon enough on their web site. Gosh, you'd think Klipsch would have posted the past two Stereophile Klipsch loudspeaker reviews on the web site by now.







    PWK chamber.jpg



  8. On 8/8/2019 at 6:41 PM, Docreid said:

    The current set up-Acurus A2007, Yamaha CX-A5200, Zu Audio cube center, La Scala AL5 fronts, Sonance VP80s x4 in ceiling surround (14 ft floor-ceiling windows-wall mount not feasible) Rhythmic SW. Just replaced an Onkyo TX-RZ800, which I thought sounded good, but dayum what a difference...WOW



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  9. They may have had some bad feelings for each other. But it isn't an accident (what pick floyd did) It took the absolute best at what they do. They built there work around each other and flourished doing it. 


    Waters might have been the the trains engine car/cab but the othesr are what made carrying anything possible.  Hearts and brain are the big ones in humans but cant survive alone. 

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  10. 3 minutes ago, BigStewMan said:

    he is definitely a talented man no argument there.   Once upon a time, i was solidly in the Roger Camp; but, being a guitar player, i’ve found myself moving towards Gilmour and now am solidly part of the Gilmour Camp.  Not that anyone is making me chose. I do listen to Gilmour’s stuff; but, never listen to Roger’s solo stuff. His concerts though are technically perfect and sound exactly like the albums ... at least the two shows that i saw were. 

    Completes agree from relating and being how that view makes sense. Not my opinion of course :). Roger blew his load on the big 4 albums of floyd. He was tiered and spent. You could hear it. Theres only so much that can pour out of any one man for so many decades. 

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  11. Ive seen interviews with the band members on the Waters full spectrum of his contribution after he left the band. Pretty universal answer "Waters was the creator of almost all of it really" "Bits and peaces with tweaks of songs... but yea Roger was the ship the sails and the captain steering it. Gilmour summed it up. "He took over completely and we sadly let him" Its are fault completely" We were all to idk lazy or contempt. But we just let him... "even when the direction wasn't what some of wanted we still just let him idk"....

  12. 18 minutes ago, BigStewMan said:

    i agree; but, not sure for the reason that you may think.  I don’t know for sure; but, i’ve heard that while Roger wrote most of the lyrics, that David contributed greatly to the music on Roger’s songs. On what percentage, i don’t know; but, i heard an interview where he mentioned contributing to songs on The Wall.  Personally, i like the music far more than i like they lyrics (that goes for music in general).  I don’t listen to a song to learn anything or be validated in any emotion, so for me, it’s about the instrument play. Not to say that there aren’t poignant lyrics; just saying that I don’t think they equal the instrument play. 

    Waters composed a lot of it. The wall as I mention in another post on this thread. He came to the band with the album on tape were rogers plays all the instruments  on the recordings and the others had to basically take it home and learn there parts. They did workshop some of the songs and parts. Glmour wrote the main riff in run like hell and wrote almost all the solos. Now if roger wrote the 3 albums before the wall the same way I couldn't say with certainty. But Waters was the writer composer and the vision on what the brand would look like to the fans. The whole dark side concept the animals and of course wall were all rogers concepts on top of the writing (music and lysis)


    Also fun tip at the same time he brought the wall to the band he also presented the entire pros and cons of hitchhiking album and asked them what one do you guys want to do. Then kinda groveled a little later after the wall when he wanted to do that so he wrote finial cut to end the bands shelf life. 

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  13. 16 minutes ago, Ceptorman said:

    Here's how I feel about this subject. Put all the PF band members back together (not Syd Barrett) even go back to the 70s or 80s.

    Remove Waters from the band, they would still do ok, sell a lot of albums and concert tickets.

    Remove Gilmour from the band, and they will struggle, Gilmour would be harder to replace than Waters.

    Hmmmm good points but I disagree. Take away his solos in dark side of the moon and replace them with someone really good but still a little down grade. The album Still has legendary popularity . Still breaks all the records it did at the time. And still would have been what made them rich for the first time. 


    Shine on you craze diamonds would have been a lot different but the songs (cores) all would have still been there. And agin your still replacing him with a good player. It would not have bested dark side album like it did with gilmour but still would have been huge. Animals same story. And the Wall was 95% waters or more. 


    Fun fact in the Law suit over pink floyd after waters left. Wasn't a total loss in waters camp. They lost the main part of the suit but, He did win the rights and owner ship to The wall. The wall is no longer (like 1986ish to present) a pink floyd possession. Waters won it. All the details I wouldn't know. 


    But the fact he won the rights to the bands most successful album says a lot!

  14. He was handcuffed a bit in the wall. Waters probably biggest factor in that. 


    A few more gilmour long solos would have been (and always were) more is always better ,and never is it ever to much imo. 

  15. 14 minutes ago, BigStewMan said:

    which goes overlooked by many.  both times i saw Roger live, a guy named Snowy White was in the band.  Dude is excellent and I really like his playing; i didn’t miss Gilmour or even think about him during those shows.  But, Gilmour's music invokes such an emotional response and is far more than muscle memory. His creativity is off the charts and that is what i appreciate far more than technical ability. 

    Agree if you haven't watched the youtube videos I posted from there 81 wall tour. I strongly suggest it. Gilmour extended all his solos in that show. His mother extended solo (the last 15 sec or so) should have made the album. He plays over the 2nd part/verse of the chorus I want to say........ Its fantastic. 

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