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  1. 12 minutes ago, OO1 said:

     130 dB continuous   136 dB peak  , horn loaded vented cabinet design like the  Heritage Jubilee -18 inch driver  , 330 lbs , 20Hz bass response-

    anyone doubting WHO  ?   the king of the subs is ,,,,,,,,it's Klipsch .  with the KPT-1802-HLS , 


    I stand corrected 😏

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  2. The short answer is No. The longer explained answer is plenty of people that have klipsch subs, and have never had anything better probably are happy. For the record I speak with plenty of experience, so I’m not just telling you what I’ve read …..They’re cheap, and expensive. A terrible combination obviously. Of course there are a few outliers. From my understanding the THX subs, although very expensive are pretty beefy, and the very first reference line back in the early 2000s had a couple of really nice subs (expensive but nice)… I have no experience with pro line subs, which from my understanding, are an entirely different animal altogether. 

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  3. On 8/26/2022 at 11:00 AM, Fish said:

    I have the RFlll, and I have found a great way to fix them is set a pair of JBL 590 beside them. That worked great for me, 590 for music and 7lll for movies and concerts. Just one owners opinion that has tried many dozens of pre's/amp's, modern and classic gear.


    “The solution is new speakers” that’s pretty funny 😄 

  4. 12 hours ago, OO1 said:



    The 2x4HD has 10x more processing power, USB audio streaming, and a lot more control features. It's the next-generation platform based on XMOS + SHARC DSP.  



    miniDSP 2x4

    miniDSP 2x4HD

    28/56bit Fixed-point DSP Engine ADSP12489 400MHz Sharc floating-point DSP
    24 bit ADC/DAC resolution 24 bit ADC/DAC resolution
    Unbalanced analog audio inputs switchable with a jumper between  0.9Vrms  and 2Vrms Unbalanced analog audio inputs switchable with a jumper between  4Vrms and 2Vrms
    Digital I/O: I2S in/out Digital I/O: USB audio & Toslink (44.1~192kHz), I2S I/O (not enabled yet)
    Unbalanced analog audio outputs:  Max 0.9Vrms  Unbalanced analog audio outputs:  Max 2Vrms
    Plug&Play USB driver and real-time Software configuration using miniDSP plug-ins Plug&Play USB driver and real-time Software configuration using miniDSP plug-ins
    N/A Asynchronous USB Audio Class  2 Bidirectional streaming  with ASIO drivers under Windows, driverless under MAC Osx
    The device does not require a PC once configured The device does not require a PC once configured
    Software:  miniDSP 2x4 plug-ins Software:  miniDSP 2x4 HD1 plug-in
    Control: Volume control by a potentiometer on a 3pin header Control: IR remote + multicolor LED for preset indication
    USB self-powered device and wide range of DC power options (4.5 to 24VDC) External single 12V supply (UK/EU/US/AU adaptors provided)


    12 hours ago, babadono said:

    And you get what you pay for usually when it comes to DSP. Our old friend ChrisA always stated he thought the regular miniDSP 2x4 was noisy.


    Thanks, so you guys recommend spending the extra money? If it’s noticeably better for $100 more (that’s a no-brainer).

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  5. 14 minutes ago, Chief bonehead said:

    You have a 904 lf and a 904 hf (510 horn, b&c de75/k 691 and bracket?  Hmmm…..let me see. 

    I use to..I sold them when I sold my house. Now I have 1978 La Scala that im thinking of adding 510/de75 to . I have a line on buying 510/de75 drivers. I’m wondering what my options are in terms of a crossover that would work with them (passive if possible )…Thanks 


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