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  1. Had to "copy image address" and paste that
  2. When I copy the link you posted and paste it it doesn't work for me either.
  3. I think your copying the link. Some are "copy image address"
  4. Theres no posting limit that I know of.... You cant post more than 1 every 15sec I think to stop trolling.
  5. Here I just two fingered click on my avatar then copied image address. Then pasted it in the text that you type in.
  6. Paste in the text box where you type
  7. Don't use the insert other media tab. Just paste it in here
  8. Go up to one of the gifs I posted above and copy image. Then paste it. See if that works
  9. Click on what gif you want. The next page then 2 finger it.
  10. Sometimes the first two finger click (on pad). Wont bring up the link.
  11. https://giphy.com/ Two finger click on gif you find. Select copy link or image (some are just copy link some are copy image address) . Past just like how I pasted the link above. The gif will appear.
  12. If those heresys sound better than somethings is awfully wrong dude....Im guessing Deans xo will put those heresys into closet duty.
  13. Guf did you get 120s also? Or you staying with the 77s for now?
  14. Lol Actually I just stared posting gifs less than 2 months ago. Hadn't really figured it out on here. That insert tab (lower right corner) never liked me lol. After I realized I didn't need it to post gifs/videos/pics..... Ive been making up for lost time. 👍
  15. At least theres no laws yet that you have to watch it! 🤣
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