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  1. We will all be long dead when that movie comes.
  2. Man to be able to see star wars for the first time again (so lucky). In Empire when Vader says "The Force is with you, young Skywalker, (breathing)......but you are not a Jedi yet" (breathing)..... To hear that for the first time again wow lol.
  3. Patience!.............Never heard of it..
  4. Dean I like that you add the gold banana connectors to your xo build. Its a very nice touch.👍 Those are a little different then the ones I use. Do you have a link to the ones you use please? Thanks.
  5. Sounds pretty nice! Replacing these old xo really cleans up the sound of these old heritage speakers. With my 81 corns and now with these. I took a leap of faith on the corns years ago just based on what you guys here talk about, and recommend. I was very skeptical but quickly realized that you guys really know your sh.t. Both these and the corns sounded fantastic without changing anything. Its not tell you hear the sound after that you actually see what the fuss is about. Its not in any way a knock on how they sounded before at all. Just a very large thumbs up to the improvement. 👍
  6. "If so powerful you are......Why leave?"
  7. Those look awesome Dean. What are they (AA)?
  8. Guf your getting some Dean xo huh? Congrats!
  9. I've been listening all day! About a good 5+hr binge..... FANTASTIC!
  10. The boards are but you cant angle the A/4500 in without moving the k-55 out of the way. Trust me It doest fit. After you get it in its fine.
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