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  1. I blame myself, I should have been crystal clear in the op. That its a thread to discuss vaping juices and other unknown vaping products that people might share.


    Not a protest gathering thread lol. Not complaining at all. Bad move by me. I have no excuse. 





  2. 8 hours ago, JohnKuthe said:

    As an RN, I cannot recommend Vaping at all! Can't be good for the lungs!

    I recommend Nicorette Gum, a much more healthful way of ingesting nicotine if you must!

    John Kuthe...

    Please list the factually  things in vaping that is a lung health risk. Technically Being that nobody has suffered health issues from vaping  yet (and I assume the health of lungs would fit the health issue category if it existed).


    If it was truly bad for lungs there would be reported health issues from vaping (big tobacco would make sure every life form on the plant had a copy). That fact there isn't, basically proves that as of today vaping does not cause lung damage. 


    Rest assured when/if the day comes that absolute proof of linked health issues from vaping. Everyone will hear about it. BT will have people on roof tops screaming.


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  3. 1 minute ago, Zen Traveler said:

    It seems you may be for a universal healthcare system if the government can control everyone who wants to participate...That said, it's a slippery slope given how many things are bad for you INCLUDING those who are athletically inclined and put their body through tortuous training--those people suffer injuries that couch potatoes don't and usually the ramifications show up when they get older. 

    I agree with all that.... 👍


    "Only thing worse than democracy.. everything else" **AL** It will always be in the way of anything universal thats important to almost everyone (not taking a side or even have an opinion, as you said its slipper slope.)

  4. 3 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

    My half brother does.  I blame it on his mom.  All of her children were thumb suckers...

    He does look pretty pist lol.


    I might be forgetting but for as much trouble I was as a kid. Just sitting down with a sad frown was never  on my move list (at least not doing it on purpose). 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Coytee said:

    Again, this isn't directed at you Heritage-Head...


    But for people who have various vices (smoking, drinking)


    I see them & wonder why don't they arbitrarily pick up the habit of sniffing a bus exhaust pipe?  (for me it's about the same thing)


    Personally, I really like the smell of a diesel engine that's working (and the smell has dissapated a bit)  I absolutely LOVE the smell of a burning (woods) fire.


    If I'm driving down the road and someone is burning leaves or brush and there's smoke across the road....I'll roll my window DOWN heading into it.  When the car fills up a bit, roll the window back UP so I can enjoy it for a mile or two until it wisps away.


    Don't care for the smell of that smoke CLOSE to the fire, it has to be diluted but boy oh boy....  if that could be bottled....(vaped?  HA!!!)

    vape has tobacco flavors. But the majority are candys pies, ice cream, pop flavors. Like I have a grape flavor I like and it tastes just like welch grape juice.  I have a glazed donut I get that tastes just like crisp creams. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

    Yea nicotine can be a wild card. Theres studies and working theories. Its another vape advantage I haven't touched on yet. The level of nicotine consumed vaping is ridiculously lower than tobacco cigs. In fact you get to chose the level of nicotine (3mg-20mg) that they add to the juice when you order or buy in person. The pre made juice at good places has no nicotine tell you order then they add it. A few years back I was ordering some with no nicotine. But I normally get the lowest 3mg per 120 ml of juice. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Coytee said:

    (not directed at you Heritage-Head)


    I wonder if some of the vaping crowd is captivated by the utterly huge cloud of exhaust that they emit when they're vaping.


    I find it interesting to be at a stop light....and this mammoth chimny of "smoke" comes out someone's car window as they're obviously exhaling.


    I just scratch my head and think "Really???  you just had all that crammed into your lungs??"


    My wife was a smoker.  We dated for 10 years prior to making things legal.  One reason was I simply was never going to marry a smoker.  I would have not even asked her out in the beginning, had I known then.  Fortunately (for her??  for me??) I got to know her away from all that and got intrigued.


    I remember how deflated I was when she first lit up in front of me.


    Maybe 8 years later, she was in bed and for real or a dream?? (she says for real), she had some chest/lung pains and literally, as of that day, she never smoked again.


    Got the nicotine gum to help her with the addition while she changed her habits and then weened herself off the gum.


    I don't think my stubbornness made her quit and she's never asked me would I have married her HAD she never quit.  (good thing)


    Funny thing...  as society evolved, I (being accusomed to being around smokers) would go for first available seat for dinner.  She got a bit self-rightous and always said we'd wait for non-smoking....and took offense when someone's smoke drifted over to our table.


    I just looked at her smiling but was puzzled in the back of my head wondering how could she not NOW see that "that was her".


    <shruggs shoulders>

    The big clouds are low ohm mech vaping. The are on the list "things that give vaping a bad name" Your strong feeling of not being impressed at all as you looked over (nicest way I could word it) Like: Thinking to your self if a guy walked in front of us and decided to take a large crap just 10ft ahead on the street. Even that would actually be more impressive to you then watching the guy blow fire extinguishes out of his mouth. lmao  


    Not to tell you what you are thinking but just taking a guess based on how I feel looking over and seeing same thing. 

  8. 28 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

    Back to a couple of important points.  Smoking is bad for your teeth.  I don't know if vaping is or not but for sure some of that nicotine must be absorbed by the gums.  Have you asked your dentist, or even better, asked a very good dentist who is more interested in patient's health than making money from a business?

    Also, is it really debatable that nicotine is bad for human ingestion?  Because, obviously, nicotine withdrawal is not a good thing.  Is anything that addictive good?  

    The teeth I don't know haven't read anything on that. The vape is harmless. To give you an idea on the bottle of ejuce. The only warning is this bottle contains nicotine and nicotine can be addictive. thats it nothing else needs to be said. Vaping is healthier than coffee.  


    Guys im telling you its a harmless nicotine delivery system. Its not in the good for you category. But normal non smokers, non drinkers have things in there diet thats worse. Little debbie snake cakes are killing more people now then alcohol (joking but its not for lake of trying on there part) 

  9. 28 minutes ago, Bosco-d-gama said:

    Eating nicotine can be extremely dangerous, even lethal. The stuff is so toxic that people would get sick simply from handling leaves when they harvested tobacco crops. In plants nicotine serves to ward off bug infestations. Ingesting the stuff has killed pets and children.

    Your still almost completely wrong. But you did manage to get some nicotine facts. And absolutely nicotine is a dangerous drug in pure form a drop would probably kill you. 


    But the information you needed to compare with are those facts in the amount of juice it would take drinking to even have concern. I could buy a 120ml 3mg of nicotine ejuce bottle chug it down and feel terrible but not even be at 5% of what a person would need to drink before nicotine levels get scary.


    Your right about eating it. Nicotine gum and patches have huge levels of nicotine. People don't get the fix from the act of smoking so they will pop 4 or 5 pieces of gum one after another. Thats like 2 120ml bottles chugged down. Patches can be dangerous if you put on 25-50.


    My point is nothing even cigs are in any danger of getting to much nicotine in your system other than gum. And thats board-line even mentioning as a possible issue. 

  10. 21 minutes ago, dtel said:

    Is it good for you, I don't think anyone feels it is good for you, (duh) better than the standard cigarette, sure, the combustion is where "most" of the bad chemicals are created.


    Like the warning on cigarette packs, really it's funny to me, if your that stupid to not know the risk you deserve whatever happens.


    Vaping dry media is still combustion, a true vaporizer is not combustion, but still have "slight" amounts of the same chemicals, just much less. Vaping with liquid, PG or VG or a mix with the target ingredients eliminates almost all if not all of the chemicals made just from combustion, it does nothing to the target ingredients, they are not changed, for the good or bad.


    Eliminating all things that are bad for you can help, but still not guarantee of 1 extra day alive, it's all just statistics, driving  a car is a much higher risk to hurt you than many of the bad habits.

    After filling out many death clams  years ago for insurance companies it was clear, I filled out paperwork on people who were much healthier with really much better or perfectly healthy lifestyles compared to may others who should have been dead years ago. One that affected me was someone with the same birthday as me but was a fanatic about what he ate, worked out regularly and was in great shape, never a drink, smoking or drugs to the point his family always joked he would live forever, well his heart just stopped in his sleep is what the autopsy said.   


    It's all in the numbers. You can end life it but only do so much to extend it, it is what it is.


    Don't take this as a vote for bad habits, it's not, even though I have enjoyed many of for a long time. 


    Considering family health problems, and our average death of males in this family and bad habits, I have already beat the odds if it ends tomorrow.


    See tag line for indication of attitude.

    The number is zero of anything thats in a cig while smoking it compared the vape. Only nicotine nothing else. There is no smoke none of the long list of chemicals poured into cigs. But what you are right about is no system is completely safe. A a red hot wire coil could burn the wick (run out of juice it its just heat and cotton). Using wire thats got nickel or other chemicals that could be harmful happens. No pre burn during a wire coil could create a few first hits with un desired smoke from the coil (if it has anything coating ion t like a spray that dry on to prevent certain shelf life issues that prevent  damage years down the road. 


    But in the  examining  science (excluding all operator error data) The e-juices and delivery system the  juice uses (vape) share nothing with lighting a cig and smoking other than nicotine.  And in the porpoise of the products are of delivering nicotine to hook new customers into smoking there product. Forever! lol

  11. 2 minutes ago, Bosco-d-gama said:

    We all know that our country is debating universal healthcare insurance, etc. That means we all have a vested interest in how healthy our citizens are. If I am expected to buy others health insurance then I should be able to expect them to be as healthy as possible. And that is the crux of this issue. Healthy lungs are kept that way by not abusing them. Vaping clearly abuses the lungs. And.... as for eating tainted food products....... you get sick. This is why we have gov’t agencies to oversee the chain of our food supply.

    You either didn't read my posts or refuse to hear the facts that dispute your opinion before you ever posted here. I cant force to to learn the truth. I presented it told you it was facts. Where on the internet its one click and search to prove my stated facts wrong.


    Or You looked realized i was right but are to stubborn to admit it (I can respect that. at least it makes sense) Or you don't care if what I said is true and again stubborn (I can still respect that). But continuing to post false facts makes me think any second your going to post a cool gif and say just kidding!!!!   


    Lol pease show a fact  (a link please) that someone (anyone!) has lung damage from vaping. Anything that supports your wild un true claims or anything disproving any of what I corrected your untrue posts with.


    Please Kill it with facts not a personal best guess and im still sticking to it  (down with the ship and don't care) mentality lol .  

  12. 2 minutes ago, tigerwoodKhorns said:


    You can try this.  Take what you are going to vape (or your cigarettes) and boil it in butter for a few hours.  When done, buy a box of brownie mix and use the butter and bake a pan and enjoy.  You can have your vape stuff without vaping.  🤣

    its just nicotine silly Nothing to gain putting it brownies. Just a waste really. All the juice would turn to vape and be long gone (burned out) before those brownies got done. 

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  13. 36 minutes ago, WillyBob said:

    don't confuse boiling point with ignition point. The active ingredients "boil"  before things start burning/smoking.


    some time back, someone came out with a smokeless cigarette. I have a carton or two.... Each cigarette has a tiny piece of charcoal [in a shielding thingy] that heated the tobacco w/o it catching fire.... vaporizing the nicotine...


    the term "vape" may have moved out from under me also. It has become associated with e-cigs.... Weren't e-cigs when I started vaping



    How did I confuse boing and flash (ignition is a term used for something burning) That can be lower than some things slash point. Flash point means poof. Burning is an interiorly what cigs do not vaping. juice 

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  14. 18 minutes ago, Bosco-d-gama said:

    E-cigs make aerosols. Every bit of chemistry in the vaping liquid becomes converted into that aerosol, plus any new chemistries developed in the heating processes. Aerosols can be harmless or not. Make sure that you know exactly what you are breathing. Unfortunately your vapor supplier will not tell you all the chemicals they use in their products. They will simply ask that you ‘trust’ them. Do you really and truly ‘trust’ them with your health? Why would you?

    Ingredients need to be available to customers. They still have to adhere to the strict tabacoo laws. 


    You trust the store or when you order food someplace? You don't know for a fact nothing bad was done. You have no way of knowing if someone boiled your steak in rat poison all night. And then fed to you. 


    And there no reported issues with people getting sick from vaping. Probably means whatever the rumored bad stuff hasn't happened. Most of these places want to stay in business not get sued and lose at min one customer. No value in hurting people putting bad things in e- juice.  But it could happen. No different then it could happen with anything thats going to be consumed.  How often do people get sick from rat poison after eating at MCdonalds?  


    aerosols and e-juice aren't in common by anything. No clue what your getting that from. Is it possible a company sells both products? sure. And probably hotdogs too. 

  15. Something turning into vape has little to no important uses in normal life chores/hobby. A specialized job for something I couldn't guess with a 100 trys. Other than maybe vaping research on improving or adding diffident things I'm sure someone has a job title that means that. Im sure a person who majors in something science that does lab work on testing possible facts not know to be yet tests. Might have read a chapter on it at some point during the  6 year grind.


     but common peeps have no reason to learn it if they don't vape. And even people who vape don't care to learn either. Understandable if some info isn't up to normal Klipsch members gold standard when stating information about somthing. 



  16. 11 minutes ago, WillyBob said:

    don't confuse boiling point with ignition point. The active ingredients "boil"  before things start burning/smoking.


    some time back, someone came out with a smokeless cigarette. I have a carton or two.... Each cigarette has a tiny piece of charcoal [in a shielding thingy] that heated the tobacco w/o it catching fire.... vaporizing the nicotine...


    the term "vape" may have moved out from under me also. It has become associated with e-cigs.... Weren't e-cigs when I started vaping



    I know what way your looking at this. Trust me dude completely different than charcoal that heats tabcoo. Tabcco smokes smoke not vape. Unless you turn the tobacco into a liquid that has a boil vape rate thats lower then its flash point. if the boil is hotter than the flash then the liquid cant be vaped. And could start on fire. Probably would. Some liquids wont turn to vape. But dry taboo can not be vaped in that form. Its science. Tabcco  even if not catching flame like first smokes as it burns (after reaching its flash point level it will start smoking) thats smoke. 

  17. 16 minutes ago, Bosco-d-gama said:

    Cute. You know saying it louder or more frequently does not change the facts.😉

    Not saying it louder doesn't change your untrue facts, If you have facts that back up what you said that I disagreed with please post them. I didn't use a single ! mark.  But a long post deserves attention to some of the main points. I could have wrote it all in this size and everything I said would have been just as true (on facts not parts that were  my opinion).


    Look im cool with you saying thats disgusting man you poor bastard. Nothing in that is untrue. But what you said was two paragraphs of untrue information pretended as facts. When I disagree I want to least give facts why I disagree or just say imo. For me to tell you that what you said was untrue it required explaining why it was untrue and what in fact is true.


    If your gonna toss mud at me.  At least use facts. Trust me its not that hard to do.  I'm wrong on this forum all the time. Luckily most peps on here just tell me im wrong then tell me why and what is right. Its rare to get the mud treatment with no facts though. 

  18. 5 minutes ago, WillyBob said:


    no. It is like breathing the "fumes" from a chocolate cake baking. Or a steak on the broiler.    It isn't on fire.


    Vaping dry material is the same on a smaller scaller. You don't have a puddle of oil to watch boil. It is the same, in principle.

    No and no. Vaping coming off boiling water (100% same as vaping juice other then the things the juice has in it water doesnt. But the sience behind smoking juice is 100% the same as if you wanted to smoke water from a boiling pan. That is not the same as a cake thats smoking. The cake can have moisture (water that like boiling water turns to vape) so some of what comes off of somethings cooking could be vape from the moisture turning to vape, But things burn without a visual fire its still smoke not vape. 



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  19. Completely harmless. Unless you put something harmful in the liquid. But the vape vs smoke from cigs. Just removing the smoke and using the vape. Completely eliminates every single hazard health issues smoking causes. 

  20. 5 minutes ago, WillyBob said:

    what scares me about these vials of ????

    what are they suspending the active ingredients in? You can have problems breathing oils [in general].


    I do vape. Not liquid/s.  I have a machine that vapes dry plant matter. Heats it to near ignition... and you breath the fumes.

    Thats not vaping thats inhaling smoke. 


    this pic below the liquid juice wets a cotton wick thats wrapped with stainless steal wire into a coil. The batterie heats the coil and the liquid that the cotton absorbed turns into vape. Like when you boil water the smoke that comes off the water thats vape. 


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