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  1. All original drivers in perfect working condition, 
    I have new B&K A/4500s Xovers
    These are in good condition, but do have some wear and small chips. They are really really nice for 1978 speakers.

    Pick up, and cash only. Feel free to text, or email with questions. 651-470-4284




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  2. 1 hour ago, OO1 said:

     MDF  or Plywood .. 

    i’m not positive but I think it’s plywood on the pro stuff,  but someone will probably have to jump in and say for sure. I’m pretty sure my KPT904s were plywood.

  3. Buying the 396 I don’t have to deal with active crossovers, multiple amplifiers….. Plus La Scala sell for a lot these days (and mine are really nice) so I should get a pretty good amount for them. 

  4. I have experience in klipsch pro audio (I had 3KPT904s behind a screen for some time)…. as much work as I have done on the la scala (i’ve upgraded every driver and the crossover) …they are still not 510s…

  5. I was thinking about going to the 510 on my la scalas, but I think I’m going to just get a pair of 396s instead (and sell the la scalas)… I posted in the garage section that I’m looking for a pair, but I’m also not against buying a set of brand new ones (if I can find a good deal). Any of you know dealer I could call? What do new ones cost these days? 

  6. 12 minutes ago, OO1 said:

     130 dB continuous   136 dB peak  , horn loaded vented cabinet design like the  Heritage Jubilee -18 inch driver  , 330 lbs , 20Hz bass response-

    anyone doubting WHO  ?   the king of the subs is ,,,,,,,,it's Klipsch .  with the KPT-1802-HLS , 


    I stand corrected 😏

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  7. The short answer is No. The longer explained answer is plenty of people that have klipsch subs, and have never had anything better probably are happy. For the record I speak with plenty of experience, so I’m not just telling you what I’ve read …..They’re cheap, and expensive. A terrible combination obviously. Of course there are a few outliers. From my understanding the THX subs, although very expensive are pretty beefy, and the very first reference line back in the early 2000s had a couple of really nice subs (expensive but nice)… I have no experience with pro line subs, which from my understanding, are an entirely different animal altogether. 

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  8. On 8/26/2022 at 11:00 AM, Fish said:

    I have the RFlll, and I have found a great way to fix them is set a pair of JBL 590 beside them. That worked great for me, 590 for music and 7lll for movies and concerts. Just one owners opinion that has tried many dozens of pre's/amp's, modern and classic gear.


    “The solution is new speakers” that’s pretty funny 😄 

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