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    Music, Reading, Enjoy listening to my Klipsch 5.1 system while either listening to music and/or Cable, NETFLIX or Blu-Rays. Always, "WOW" experience!
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    SVS SB-13 Ultra Sub-woofer, 2012 Black Oak

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  1. When I looking at the picture of the speaker rear, remind me of my first Klipsch Heresy speakers that were Heresy I's. These are definitely not Heresy III's; as I own a set and they have a cutout approximately 6 inches from the floor. Best described as a rectangle shaped cup; where your speaker cables are connected from your main source. At $400 would be a great price if they were truly Heresy III. An a incredible deal for the buyer if they were Cornwall speakers, assuming they work. If you decide to pursue I strongly suggest asking the seller for a close-up photo of the Klipsch tag that is located on the rear of each speaker. That sticker would provide Serial Number, that will help you determine the year the speakers built as well as if they were consecutively built. As well as what the original finish was when they left Hope, Arkansas. Good luck, Jeff
  2. I received mine two weeks ago. Replaced my 3-4 year old Sony Blu-Ray. Just a warning, upon opening the well packed carton, you will first find a very well done instructions on how to hook-up to your system. After I completed setting it up in less than fifteen minutes and turned it on. All I can say is WOW, the sound and picture improved dramatically. Even my wife immediately noticed the improvement. NetFlix streamed services greatly improved, with the picture & sound just incredible. Many of the streamed movies/shows are noted either as High Def quality. Plus it highlights if it is 5:1 sound, major improvement. Plus Blu-Ray like I have never experinced before. I live in CT and it was shipped from CA and delivered within 5 business days. I hope you get as much enjoyment as we have. One of the few purchases I have made that I did not suffer any buyer's remorse. Even the Pandora music sounds better now on my system than ever before. Enjoy! All the best, Jeff
  3. You are in for a great experience with the SB-13 Ultra from SVS. I received mine the last week of December, and my first response after setting them up was WOW! Even my wife was pleased with the improvement they brought to our Music and Home Theater. The gentleman at SVS were a pleasure to work with prior and after the sale. I have never owned a sub woofer before, and was concern that they would be similiar to the expierence of stting in traffic, and having a car three or so away shaking my car. As well as just being loud, plus unable to distinguish the words or instruments in the song. Jack walked me through that fear and explained the difference of what I was purchasing. I am at the stage in life that I didn't want to play with different subs, rather wanted to attempt to get the right one the first time. Jack did originally suggest a less expense option for me, but after reading reviews, and asking a few members on the Klipsch Forum. I decided to spend more than I had originally budgeted, and i am glad that I did. The sound they added to my system exceed all expectations. Whether it was Blu-Ray, Netflix down streamig, Cable/TV, to my music collection. Everything sounded richer and more life like. I do admit I am rewatching several movies as they have been suggested to have great bass effects. Open to all suggestions of what folks have enjoyed. BTW my room is 14' X 23' and I only bought one subwoofer, I feel more than one would be over the top for this size room, SVS agreed. Must admit I was playing a little louder than I normally do, and my wife had gone to bed earlier. She came running in at one point and asked if I had checked to see if the tree she thought she heard fall had hit the house. And when had the storm begin, note it was a clear, quiet night, except for our new sub woofer. Lastly the SB-13 Ultra, is smaller, which made it eaiser for us to fit into our room. Enjoy, you've made a great decision. All the best, Jeff
  4. Welcome to the forum. The folks who populate this Forum, based on my expierence have found to be helpful, honest, and very willing to share their expierences both the good and the ugly. I suspect their are a few high rollers out there, I know their are many looking for great sound without breaking the Bank. As well as many of us in situations where were attempting to feed our desire for quality sound and keeping our significant other happy as well. Your first step was finding the Klipsch sound, I have found their are different folks out in the world, those that buy strickly on price, those that have to have the newest and the best, then their is the Klipsch crowd that simply care about the SOUND. Klipsch has a long history that began in a shack in Hope, Arkansas. You can find some great speakers here on the forum from other members upgrading, and sadly more often due to the the economy folks are off in need of cash and are selling. Usually can find something on Craigs list and/or E-Bay. Many people ask on the forum for feedback on a particular Klipsch speaker product. Myself, I fell in love with Klipsch in 1983, and saved my money and bought a pair of Heresy speakers, and slowly built up and improved my two-channel system since then. Today I have a five channel speakers all Klipsch. Subwoofer from SWS, which was my present for the year to myself and wife. First subwoofer I ever own and probably will be the only as I am no longer on the young side. Monoprice.com is a great find for virtually all your cable needs. Klipsch speakers are so efficent, you could use lamp cord and have a great sound. Another recent find is a company called Emotiva, they sell some great seperates. Amplifiers, Preproccessers, and other seperates. Two years ago I upgraded my system to also be a home theatre. I have the benefit of my two channel for music, and 5.1 to enhance our TV, Cable, DVD, & Blu-ray. Good luck, take your time, may take some time to build exactly what you want, enjoy the process as you get there. All the best, Jeff
  5. Thank you for your feedback. BTW; my data was off it is actually 22 Length X 13 Wide X 8 High. My friend who has given me good advice in the past had reccomended two - 8" subwoofers. He based that on my desire to avoid a punchy, booming sound. I want the subwoofer to enhance the BASS of the music and excitement during Home Theatre. I read your suggestion of getting an dual Epik Legends subwoofer. Do you not like Klipsch or the Rel Brands? Do you use the dual Epik model yourself? DO they enhance and compliment your music and HT, and not perform puncy and booming sound? I appreciate our help. All the best, Jeff
  6. Thank you for replying. I was under the impression that my room isaverage in size. BTW; my data was off it is actually 22 Length X 13 Wide X 8 High. My friend who has given me good advice in the past had reccomended two - 8" subwoofers. He based that on my desire to avoid a punchy, booming sound. I want the subwoofer to enhance the BASS of the music and excitement during Home Theatre. I read your suggestion as getting One - larger subwoofer, and add another if I think I need it. Do you have a brand and/or model reccomendations for me. Do you like the Klipsch subwoofer or should I go with a subwoofer company? I appreciate our help. All the best, Jeff
  7. I have never owned a subwoofer. Past two years I have gone from just a 2-channel to adding Home Theatre as well. My friend Moray suggested I add two 8" subwoofers to my system. I know I do not want the "Boom & Bang" that I hear in traffic, rather prefer to compliment and enhance my speakers bass. I primarly use my system; 30% Music and 70% Home Theatre. Primarily use Netflix's disc/download, BluRay, as well as Cable. Have found on the Internet Klipsch SW-308, 8" direct and passive speakers. And for $50 more per sub, found KEL T-2 subwoofers, also with 8" direct and passive speakers. The KEL company is British and only makes subwoofers. I welcome all comments/suggestions as I no local stores to go listen/learn. For the past 30 years have proudly only owned Klipsch. Currently my fronts are Forte's II (updated the tweeters & Mids with Titaniums, earlier this year along with new crossover.) Center speaker with KLF C-7. Rears are Heresy III's. My room is a rectangle, width 14' X length 25' X Height 8'. Thank you in advance for suggestions. All the best, Jeff
  8. Congratulations! Enjoy them as you listen to all you're previous owned music and any new recordings you decide to add to your collection. By doing so makes this hobby so rewarding. Hope they sound even better than look! Curious which finish are they, the picture looks like Oak, but I am fairly sure that is not offered anymore? All the best, Jeff
  9. I own a pair of Klipsch M40 and did feel they were tight originally right out of the box the first time I used. Fairly quickly thightness issue resolved itself on its own, approxmentaly in about an hour into my first four hour flight. That was last April 2012. Today, I think maybe stiff would be a better word to describe what I was feeling, rather than tightness. No longer an issue for me, I love the noise canceling, works great while onboard a jet or in the house with half dozen rambucious youngsters. Hope my comments help, all the best, Jeff
  10. Locally last retail store was Audioelectronics in Norwalk, CT. They had a good selection, back twenty three years ago. In their listening room, had the following available: Heresy I's; Forte II's; and Cornwalls. Plus a pair of Klipshorns still boxed, I didn't meet their criteria as a possible buyer, they were correct, my budget was tight as was my house. The store stopped offering Klipsch two or three years later. Their was another store some twenty miles away, which closed a few years later. Then best Buy or I could have traveled into New York City. Found this Forum thankfully over a year ago. Where I began to read about home theatre, added a center speaker as was suggested by a forum member. Then upgraded my crossovers and Titatium Mids and Tweeters. And lastly upgraded to Heresy III's for a 5 speaker system. Now considering if and which sub woofer I should consider. Thank you to all for your guidance and patience. Regards, Jeff
  11. Thank you! This is terrific stuff, were fortunate that it is available for all to learn and be inspired by. Continue the great work. All the best, Jeff
  12. I recently purchased my Klipsch mode M40's, and I disagree with you're expierence. I found them very well packaged, marketing did a great job. Most importantly, the sound is clear, rich and fullfilling. I have used them with my Laptop and my Samsung Galaxy/Google phone, listening to Pandora. Granted it was different than my Forte II's and Heresy III's system I have. But they our headphones, they do seem to have much more base with the Noise canceling on. When the feature is on all noise around you, teenagers arguing, and vacumns disapper. Even with no music playing. This is my experience, I do recall a few postings with some issues. With a reply by Klipsch that an earlier batch had aan issue that they supposely corrected. perhaps that is your case. Good luck, Jeff
  13. I bought my Forte II's new in 1990. I have always used them 4" to 6" from the wall, since 1990 we have moved a few times, so have adjusted to the rooms we used. Used with a 200 ADCom AMP for 2 channel. Never had an issue, always a full sound, recently discussing with Moray James that I had never done anything too them other than wipe them down with lemon oil every few months. He explained that the crossovers should be replaced every 20 years or so. So I contacted Bob Crities and purchased new crossovers, as well as upgraded my tweeter to Titanium. I contacted Klipsch and got Titanium replacements for the Mids as well. I expected the actual upgrading to be difficult, Bob Crities provided excellent directions w/ pictures. And Moray provided instuction plus moral support via email and telephone. I received the parts fairly quickly, 6 or 7 days tops. Couple days of procrasinating. Then decided I would do one speaker and the second the next day if all went well. First speaker used my rachet screw driver and took me about a half an hour. After completing first speaker and listening to it - WOW. Sound was clean, clear, warm, I had forgotten how well they sounded. So I did the second speaker immediately, (suggest using a variable drill, a time saver) took maybe fifteen mintutes.
  14. Have seen posts some negative posts, but most that I read did not conclude that the Emotiva XPA-5 Amplifier was the issue. I have been a Klipsch owner for 28+ years, 24 of those years I used ADCom Processor with a 200 Watt, Two Channel Amplifer. This past summer I upgraded to Emotiva due to reading on this forum so many positive comments regarding their Amplifers. I purchased during this past summer sale the XPA-5 Amplifer and have been extremely happy with it. Besides having the option to grow my two channel to a five channel, it also runs far cooler than my old AdCom. I also purchased their UMC-1 Proccessor, that has allowed me to not only enjoy two channel stereo music. But also HDTV and BluRay Movies. My Sony 46" LCD picture improved dramactically and the options too numerous to list are incredible. Many earlier owners of the UMC-1 had issues with their units. Emotiva continued to improve and provide software upgrades, I bought at the right time as I have not had any issues. They just made a new software upgrade, that their Forum members have remarked basically rewrote the code from day one and supposely takes care of issues I am not even aware of. I have not done the upgrade yet, but will get to it. Most important the sound is incredible, and has only enhanced my Klipschs. I just received this week my new Heresy III speakers that are incredible, better than my former Heresy I's. I recently upgraded my Forte II's with Bob Crites crossover, new Titatium Tweeters and Titatium Mids. The Forte II's sound even better than they did when new, much warmer, cleaner, and so smooth. Back to your originial comment, I love the quality of my Emotiva equipment, I compared against other providers. Based on quality, sound, and value for the dollar, were very happy. Plus they gave us a free 30 day look, with the option to return if we were not happy. We decide what was the down side to give them a try. Glad we did, saved about $1,000 and far happier with the performance. Good luck, enjoy the hunt for what you want/need. That is part of the fun. All the best, Jeff
  15. I am in the process of doing the same, upgrading to a Home Theatre, from my two channel. I also own original in 1990 Forte II's (Oal Oiled). I asked on the Forum for suggestions for a center speaker. I was told first choice: Klf C 7, and second choice if not willing to wait get the Academy speaker. Ipurchased athe KLF C 7; and it has been a perfect match to my Forte II's. Even my wife loves them. Secondly, I updated my Forte II's. First updated crossovers and Titanium Tweeters from Bob Crities. Then I contacted Klipsch Parts Dept. and bought Titanium Mids. I did all the work myself, just need a srewdriver and about a half hour of time. Was fairly easy project. The results were stellar, sound as good if better than I recall they did new. My next set, I ordered Klipsch Heresy III for my rear speakers. Especially as the Heresy III's have Titanium already and they will compliment the Forte's, if you could use Walnut or Cherry finish they our discount on Ebay, will save you about $500/600 for a pair, the sound is great. Forte II's are very flexible, comments on the forum strongly suggested that the forte II's are great flexible speakers. Especially as they rarely need a sub woofer. Good luck. Feel free to respond if I can be of further help. My Heresy III should be here in a few weeks. BTW do you have a five channel Ampflier, and a processor take a look at www.emotiva.com They have a sale currently, glad to answer any questions on this as well. Regards, Jeff
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