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  1. RF-7 III amp pairing

    Parasound is indeed a fine choice, certainly with RF 7s, I know from experience. If you really want to add a sub, my vote would lean towards a pair of Klipsch R115 SWs. When you decide to go with a Parasound Halo Integrated you can have your mains cut off somewhere in the 50 - 60 Hz region (the Parasound has a built in crossover). Then you can let the subs handle everything below this freq. I'm sure this will be an impressive combo!
  2. This year I want to replace my Parasound P5 pre amp and introduce some tubes. I 've already been looking at a Mcintosh C 2600. I read that Klipsch and Mac has always been a magical match. Also there is the Cary Audio SLP-05, which Klipsch now is using to demo the Heritage line at CES 2018. I think both the Mac and the Cary are in the same price range. I guess that auditioning these two will be not be possible here in Belgium, so I will have to do it with what I find on the net.
  3. RF7 II upgrade?

    Added another QSC DCA series power amp to bi amp our LSIIs. Definitely another step in the right direction. The Parasound A21 powers the bass bin of the LaScala II, the QSC the top cab.
  4. Streaming Preamp DAC

    I only know about the Cambridge 851 series, so I can only comment on this one. I choose the 851 series because it has that typical 'British Sound' tuning, this makes that it has a slight tendency to sound a bit smoother on mids and highs, but without loss of resolution. Which I think is an important feature when pairing it with horn loaded speakers. Hope this helps...
  5. Streaming Preamp DAC

    The P5 is a fine choice. If you want to take a step up the Cambridge Audio 851 series are an excellent choice as well.
  6. lascalas very little bass

    Normally a La Scala has plenty of bass, when in good condition. The only thing is that they stop at 50 Hz (or a bit lower of you place them in a corner) Maybe this is what you experience as 'very little bass'. Lots of people say this when they hear tight, fast, correct and undistorted bass for the first time. You can always add one or more subwoofers to fill in the gap below 50Hz. As already said above, almost every speaker sounds better when pairing them with one or multiple subwoofers. Just keep in mind that you will need very potent subs to keep up with the efficiency of the La Scalas. Please, do not try to squeeze, say 25 Hz, out of a La Scala by using powerful amps and/or EQ. A La Scala simply won't do 25 Hz and It is most likely that you will fry the woofer trying to do this.
  7. Active Bi-Amping/Tri-Amping FAQ

    I did a test with the dbx Driverack Venu360. To my ears it sounded like somebody put a veil over the speakers, foggy. Definitely lost clarity. So I went for the Xilica instead, which sounds christal clear.
  8. La Scala for PA use.

    Where is this going to be? I wanna hear this myself! Any idea yet which bands will be on stage?
  9. La Scalla speakers

    The sub goes down all the way to the floor, the driver is at the bottom of the cab and fires to the ceiling. The cabinet in front of the sub is U-shaped and is slided over the sub. Here's a pic of the other Tuba HT. The cabinet in front is made a bit larger than the sub, so that there is 1/2inch space between the two.
  10. La Scalla speakers

    Belgium is known for its chocolat and special beer, but as you say, we have always had a great tradition in motocross too. (and there is also a little guy building big subs, LOL) We have some nice tracks, most of them on heavy clay ground. And when it rains, and believe me it does a lot, things get dirty and messy. Spectacular to watch, but I guess pilots as well as equipment have a hard time.
  11. La Scalla speakers

    I remember going to the motocross with my father. Me as a 10 year old kid with my Roger De Coster T-shirt on! Shouting to Roger on his Suzuki.
  12. La Scalla speakers

    With this same sentence, it all started 10 months ago. It ended with something like this La Scala IIs paired with 2 TubaHTs
  13. RF7 II upgrade?

    That's probably a mistake I made: I didn't break in the drivers. Right out of the box and into the subs.
  14. Active Bi-Amping/Tri-Amping FAQ

    Maarten, Think of it this way: if jou want to build a nice house, you need a strong foundation. Well, the Xilica is part of that foundation, you want it to be right from the first time. It's okay to wait a while to get the money saved, I guess that's what most of us do. As we say in Belgium: "Rome wasn't built in a day" Wim
  15. RF7 II upgrade?

    Tubas are finally up and running.