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  1. Damn it! I was moving too quickly I meant the R-115SW! Babadono, thank you for the response and catching my mistake! Do you have a favorite enclosure program? Free and or paid? Thanks again.
  2. So i am thinking about getting the components and building custom enclosures but need to know some dimensions, especially the port. is the port just an opening in the front or does it have a baffle that goes part way back to the back of the sub? any help on any of the dimensions would be very appreciated. Thank you
  3. yea pretty sure i saw it go by... i wrote the response to thaddeussmith
  4. first off i gotta say, i love where this thread has gone, it was pretty entertaining reading some of the responses. good job setting the tone smith! to whoever asked if i meant placing the speaker 5ft closer to me than the other.... no way, i wouldn't even consider doing that, i was talking about length of speaker wire. ok smith time to test you and everyone else again... 1) if you have a speaker that is rated at 8ohms and you remove the binding post jumpers because you are going to bi-amp them would each speaker connection now be rated at 4ohms? 2) If my receiver(TX-NR807) that I am using as a preamp is unable to bi-amp the center channel but I would like to can I just put a rca splitter on the preamp output and feed two monoblock amps(UPA-1) and then connect the two monoblocks to my speaker(RC-64)? I know usually when you bi-amp a speaker you set the crossover points in your preamp because you are feeding highs and lows separately but because I cant in this case is it bad to send the same, almost full range signals(60Hz-21kHz) to both the high frequency pair of binding posts and the low frequency pair of binding posts? 3) Similar to the second question but if I want to bi-wire my rf-63s and I am driving each of them with a monoblock amp(XPA-1) do I remove the speaker binding post jumpers? I know you remove them if your amp only has one negative binding post and one positive binding post but the Emotiva XPA-1 has two negs and two pos meant for bi-wiring so I wasnt really sure if I should remove the binding post jumpers on the speakers or not.
  5. so what your saying smith is that i should probably have the electric company run another power line to my house so i can hook up some sort of 480 volt inline booster to make up for the huge time loss over that last 5 feet. then the timing will be perfect and i wont blow up any speakers or burn my house down. hmmm i will probably need some sort of glycol cooling system as well to keep the booster running at optimum temperature too. in all seriousness i kind of felt like it was a dumb question when i asked it but the ocd in me was starting to flare up so i had to. And thanks to smith i know just how dumb it was!
  6. i have a pair of (ULT S1000MT-10/10) and a pair of (ULT S1000MT-15/15) is it ok to bi-wire my L+R speakers with one 10ft and one 15ft wire per speaker? I wasn't sure if it would mess up the timing or anything. They are factory terminated so i dont want to cut down the 15 footer to 10ft. thanks
  7. it sounds like you are trying to connect a low level output or LFE out from your receiver to a passive sub. you need an active sub to plug into that connection from your receiver. an active sub is one that needs to be plugged into the wall. hope this helps at least a little bit
  8. I currently have a pair of RF-63s that act as the left and right channels in my 5.1 theater setup and as my stereo music listening setup. They are great when I am watching movies but when I am listening to music I would like a speaker that can handle a bit more power since I usually like my music very loud! ? I have compared the specs on the 63s vs. 83s and in theory it seems like the 83s would be able to get a lot louder but I was hoping someone would be able to confirm it for sure. Another option I have thought about in order to get some more volume is adding another pair of 63s so that I have two RF-63s acting as my Left channel and two RF-63s acting as my Right channel. I use my Onkyo as a pre/pro and then an Emotiva 5 channel amp; my thought was to simply use a pair of RCA splitters between the Onkyo and the Emotiva so that I would have 2 Left channels and 2 Right channels feeding the amp and then connect each of the 4 RF-63s to their own outbound channels of the amp. I think this method would be safe in that it wouldnt mess up the 8 ohm impedance ratings. Am I correct with this? Thoughts?
  9. Night & Day!!!! this was a huge improvement! i recommend it to anyone that has been thinking about adding a separate amp. overall it sounds like a brand new and improved system. thanks very much everyone for your input! i am thinking about adding the xpa-2 to my setup so i can utilize my onkyo's 7.1 ability.
  10. Thank you everyone for your feedback. i ordered it today - not sure yet when it is supposed to arrive but ill let you know when it does.
  11. yea, i kind of wondered about that... i am pretty sure all of the drivers are working, however all i have done to check is put my ear near each one to see if it is producing sound and they all are. then i turned the volume up and felt each one lightly to see if they were firing in such a way that seemed to make sense with the music... so obviously nothing very scientific at all as far as testing. what would i do to test the drivers further? thank you for the reply
  12. i currently have an Onkyo TX-NR807 running: RC-64 (center) RF-63s (left & right) KG 4.5 (left & right surrounds) would adding the Emotiva XPA-5 to my setup and using the Onkyo TX-NR807 as a preamp be a good improvement to what i currently have or do people think there wouldn't be much of a difference? i seem to read everywhere that when using a separate amp to power your speakers you get much richer, more full / robust sound from your speakers. thoughts?
  13. First time poster here, though I do read through the forums quite a bit when looking for answers - I figured its time to ask a question So, I have a pair of Marantz SP-2065 loudspeakers, I know they are not known for being the best speakers out there but since I recently got them hooked up to a receiver that can properly power them I like the way they sound. However, they could have a little crisper/cleaner highs. So I have been trying to figure out the right mid and tweeter to replace the existing ones with, which got me wondering if instead of replacing the mids and tweets could I just remove them and use my Klipsch R-5800-W paired with the Marantz woofer? Would it be way too much crossover work? Thoughts? Thanks for any input.
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