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  1. What software and tools do i need to get those frequency response graphs that I see around?
  2. Well, I was going to cancel and hold off the purchase, but they shipped it out. I could always return it as it appears they shipped it from a local location.
  3. rb5ii, rc3ii, rs3ii, integra 6.4, integra DPS 8.3. Although, the rs3ii has only been brought out twice and just played with. It's been in the garage in its box for like six years. I actually just use the quintets. I'm worried a little about durability. It doesn't look durable at all. And being digital, there's more that can go wrong. I haven't seen the back panel of the rw12d, but I hear there are no conventional controls, just the digital interface? I'm also curious about its music capabilities.
  4. I ordered one on Saturday. Newegg, $300. Is there other subs I should have considered? I can still cancel the order. It will be used 50/50 music/HT. It's replacing a Cambridge Soundwork 8" sub. I had to pick up something at at Fry's. Listened to the SW110 and wasn't too impressed.
  5. I forget who is the one that said "Americans are sheep" I think it was an American Economist, commenting on Americans being raised just to become consumers, born and raised to suit corporate needs. Will America become a nation of consumers, well we already are. But one day will we become a nation of consumers and not producers. Will we be able to afford simple things in life if there are no jobs, except for service industry jobs. The direction that America and its economy is heading towards is disastrous. If things don't change we will be a nation of apartment renting, Gap apparel wearing, Honda driving, Walmart shopping, Americans working fulltime in some form of service industry like McDonalds. But then again those jobs will be taken by illegal immigrants, so I guess were fu@ked. I live in California and its not looking good.
  6. Did you have prior experience in programming before Java. People that just learn J or learn J before other languages seem to have difficulties. It seems as though to program in real Java, you need a real good understanding of programming, something that C/C++ can give you.
  7. Class D sounds about right, and I forget what D signifies. It's not A, B, C, D, F-fail. Its more about how the amp works. Whether or not two amplifying circuit are used for the signal, whether or not it switches between circuits, and if one circuit is off an the other one is one. <-- These are also some reasons why some amps get really hot and some don't. The other reasons are thermodynamically related. They are basically cheap, powerful amps. I believe they are a hybrid, like the AB class amps. They are used extensively in sub amps. I wish I knew more about amps, I was enrolled in an amp design class and was kicked out because I didn't have the prereq.
  8. My friend and I are entering Modesto's KCBS in May. Its a regional qualifier for bigger events. This will be our very first event so we just want the experience. It's not rocket science, so we'll be able to figure it out, but I don't want to put our expectations to high. But if all things go well, I think we should be competitive for first. I work as a chef full time supporting myself through an electrical engineering degree so I know way too much about food. Anyways we've come up with 7 or so sauces that we have to narrow down. Were doing brisket, pork shoulder, and ribs. We've noticed that alot of BBQers overwhelm their meat. That is you can't really taste the meat, just the sauce, the rub, or it tastes like a cigarette butt (to smokey and bitter, covered up by sugar). BBQ usually is comprised of a rub for flavoring or a tomato based BBQ sauce. Were going away from this tradition, for the most part. Here a a sampling of our sauces. 1) Veal demi-glace based with sweet 100 tomato water. 2) Real mexican mole (not the americanized crap), modified to be a sauce. 3) Sweet miso and sesame 4) Caremelized maui onion and stonefruit sauce Thats just a basic description, it lacks other ingredients, it doesn't describe completely how you make the sauce or how you integrate it into the product. But you might notice how different the sauces are from the norm, but they pair well with smoked meat.
  9. I think I will see if the salesman at goodguys will let me A/B them.
  10. I guess i should have been more specific. How is the sound better? Is there a distinguishable improvement in the low end. Are the high's tone'd down. Would they match well with the RB-5's, asumming I keep my RB-5's an other R3's.
  11. Anyone own the RB-75's and the RB-5's. How do they compare. Is the RB-75 a valid upgrade from the RB-5.
  12. There is a B&K 125.7 amp on Audiogon right now ($1000). I don't know of their sound personally, but I heard they are acceptable. That would be a great way to get your foot in the door.
  13. Bose Noise cancelling headphones. Guaranteed to deliver that Bose Sound. End of story!
  14. You're in a similar position as me. I also have an Integra 6.2 w/Klipsch References all around. I'm also going to upgrade soon. But unlike you I'm going to buy a separate amp. I'm looking for a multi-channel amp. I'll use the 6.2 as a front end. I'm looking at Parasound. Maybe Aragon or B&K. I decided to upgrade today.
  15. You've got the problem under control thats nice to hear. But some tips for the future, use Firefox. And I use the tools available from merlin.org. You can find hijack this, CWSshredder, and some other good stuff. I don't have problems with spy/ad/mal-ware.
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