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  1. . These Speakers are the LSI with the K43 , so the bass is lesser than a K-33 LS , and raising the speakers cannot alter the Laws of Physics by transforming a k-43 into a K-33 nor can the cabinet produce a lower bass frequency response simply by it being raised by 3 inches or 30 inches , The only sure way to physically improve the bass of an LS or LSI is via a modification to the side walls /top/bottom panels up to 1 inch versus 3/4 inch , plus routing an opening for a Plug with a double 2x seal , this was proven on the LS II /AL-4 / AL-5 .
  2. yes it does , and it isn't cheap , plus the metal trim on the entire speaker and the V metal lip -handles , rear panel to seal the Drivers , all are luxury items that are no longer offered by klipsch due to the high cost , + these speakers are quite Heavier than a Standard LS .
  3. 001

    NFL 2021

    there are 2 games on Sunday -
  4. the LSI can take quite a bit of heavy usage , day in day out , the LS used the K-33 which had more slam upfront , but the LSI K-43 is quite articulate with mid bass , and overall a very highly seeked speaker , the k-43 is a rare bird nowadays , and these were even used in these big bad boys , so no worries
  5. Here you go - https://www.loctiteproducts.com/en/products/specialty-products/specialty/loctite_threadlockerblue242.html
  6. @gilligan your current LSI have better bass because the LSI Cabinet is made with a slightly thicker and therefore stiffer Plywood versus the LS , if you remove the rear Cover panel for the Midrange and tweeter/crossover , you can see the plys in the wood .
  7. Risers decouple the LSI speakers from the Floor surface , they also raise the speakers by 3 inches , but the bass is not improved solely by adding risers , however you can avoid bass loss via a tighter seal of the lower woofer door panel -
  8. 001

    NFL 2021

    Mahomes has to stay Healthy for 2 more Games , the Bengals are very Hungry
  9. you own a CW IV , why not use the input plate that's part of the speaker .
  10. 001

    NFL 2021

    Tom Brady is out of the SB LVI , Can the Chiefs hang on ?
  11. 001


    I see , Congratulations ,enjoy the Fishing
  12. 001


    do you still have the equipment to work on Rolex Watches .
  13. I believe that you have to match the weight , as per , the Original passive woofer for tuning , and , to use the Cheap Speakers , you would also need to remove the VC
  14. The Serial Number requirement has been in place for several years with Klipsch Parts -it's even stated on the order Forms online from Klipsch Dealers , this Policy is in place to avoid selling Klipsch Parts for DIY . https://reconingspeakers.com/ , here's an example of a klipsch K-33E , I had posted Months ago , 1 Serial number per item must be entered in a Blank space . https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-k-33-e-woofer-121501/ Original Klipsch K-33-E 15″ Woofer #121501 for Klipschorn, La Scala, Cornwall Cabinet serial number required for purchase* Serial Number * Original Klipsch K-33-E 15" Woofer #121501 for Klipschorn, La Scala, Cornwall quantity
  15. The K-28-K woofer will transform any earlier Heresy into a speaker with better bass , no sub needed , plug and play .
  16. yep , nice find , I might just get 2
  17. 85 dB in a Bedroom , I gotta try this
  18. Anyone looking for Klipsch Forte passive woofers as well as the Chorus passive woofers , You can reach out to Klipsch Parts or through the various Authorized Klipsch parts sellers on the Web -
  19. No problem , I have 1 set of the KP 301/362 xo's
  20. you still got these KP 301 crossovers , I'll take them
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