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  1. Joking aside , This is a Family Forum , and we do have Minors as well as Girls and Women as Forum Members , this is clearly Offensive .
  2. Luxury car for sure , very nicely appointed - 👍
  3. @jacksonbart , @m00n @Jay481985 @TheEAR @minermark @Groomlakearea51 have all been gone for several years , We cannot speculate of course since they may no longer want to participate , if anyone has any good or bad news , please report . tx
  4. what preamp are you planning to use ?
  5. I use the computer foam boxes to store my Drivers , works very well ,
  6. I can see you , just wanting to get back home , ..........get me outa here
  7. that sure sounds like a great experience , tx for sharing
  8. Wow , now that's cool , that's the big ticket in CA , the beautiful beaches
  9. NY has very high wages for your type of work and the Benefits are through the roof , the size of homes are also much much bigger in NYS versus CA , and the Crime is much , much lower -
  10. We Left SF in 1989 , following the Earthquake , biggest mistake we ever made ,
  11. https://indianexpress.com/article/trending/trending-globally/dog-fights-coyote-saves-girl-toronto-7420565/
  12. how much are you comfy spending
  13. Carl , ask them to quote you the shipping via Royal Mail /the rates are lower , Service is about 1 Week -10 days to the USA -
  14. these should do https://willys-hifi.com/products/4-ohm-l-pad-attenuator-50-watts?keyword=4 ohms lpad https://willys-hifi.com/products/4-ohm-l-pad-attenuator-100-watts?keyword=4 ohms lpad
  15. https://willys-hifi.com/collections/l-pad-attenuators/products/4-ohm-l-pad-attenuator-100-watts
  16. the older K-horns that are veneered with Rosewood are spectacular , and unobtanium these days
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