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  1. I have 2 contractors do my snow removal , they pass 2x a day , since the City Crews block the driveways .......right after the snow is removed by the 1st Contractor ... the 2 nd contractor does it all over again
  2. ......CES 1999 , this confirms that @Chief bonehead and PWK were designing larger horns than the K-400/K401 prior to 1999 and therefore way before anyone else , including the Cornscala , and the horn we see is an example of such an Experimental klipsch horn ( prior to the K-402 )-
  3. the grilles are stapled to the cabinet , there is trim all around the grilles .
  4. remove the passive and look inside the cabinet , I am not sure if this was standard procedure , but klipsch used to place a loose piece of paper with the speaker's serial number /stock number in some Forte Speakers . Good luck , if that does not work reach out for advice ,for an aftermarket recone kit with ( no affiliation ) https://reconingspeakers.com/
  5. you can do both , that's another advantage of the Vertical CW , they can be placed either upright or on their sides with great sound
  6. @Limberpine the real advantage of the Vertical Cornwall is that you can lay them on their sides , and the mids -tweeter are then in a horizontal position similar to a CW1 , although at the far left , and right , these speakers are 1 left and 1 right speaker , and the motorboard cutout on each speaker is different .
  7. @hanksjim1 thanks for the tip , just what I was looking for -
  8. 1 year ago , the amp was at a higher cost , very happy , I waited , no affiliation of course , gonna check it out https://www.usatubeaudio.com/product/amplification/integrated-amps/ayon-spirit-integrated-amplifier/
  9. GLWYS - these amps do work very well with klipsch speakers , . they are dead quiet , and provide crystal clear HF
  10. @captainbeefheart , did you ever hear of this amp , https://www.ayonaudio.com/product/ayon-spirit-v/
  11. Let me guess , you like the Carver Crimson 275
  12. similar to the GE and the AEROVOX , but much cheaper , @thebes can tell you more
  13. they are using 15 watts Edcor output transformers ,the output stage is way under-biased , no wonder the Tubes last , they are anything but warm , you want to increase bias , the transformers cant handle the quiescent current , no wonder the amp is so light it's a 15 wpc amp sold as a 75wpc - I dont understand how they can test the amp at the rated specs , and in order to safely reach the advertised 75wpc , you would need 30 watt output transformers as a minimum ,plus as you said a decent power transformer , and + the added bias , or else , people are gonna damage 15 watts transformers prematurely and even risk a fire before the warranty is expired - anyway you look at it , these amps will not last unless they are babied with very low usage -
  14. I would not mind buying one at a Discounted rate , then do the right modifications -
  15. Has Anyone else tested the Crimson 275 ASR ?
  16. 001

    Car Thread

    the FXRP was the Police version of the FXRS , it was a very good handling Patrol Motorcycle , if not excellent , even fully loaded .
  17. it's the 1st time , I see this method used on the klipsch Forum ,
  18. no , the K-24 and the k-28 share the same steel basket and ferrite magnet , they weigh relatively the same -
  19. the T-5000 is 14 lbs heavier /MDF
  20. the K-28 and K-24 ,share the Same identical steel basket and Magnet -
  21. the k-28 has a 4 Ohms VC and the k-28 has a stiffer /faster reacting cone ( more bass ) versus the K-24 otherwise weight is identical -
  22. these are the HIP , so yes these can get very----- very loud , replacing the tweeter diaphragms would be sad here cause these are the K-77M tweeters , and you have the Original diaphragms which are unobtanium and very high quality , the Midrange is the K-55V which is one of the best midrange drivers out there , you can lower the taps on the crossover by 3dB for the HF drivers , that should tame it down to be more comfortable .
  23. you're gonna have to show us some pictures , to see the Year and model of these Heresy Industrial speakers- ,if you're getting a headache , it's either that you're playing these too loud OR YOU'RE TOO CLOSE TO THE SPEAKER , lower the Volume for 1 or keep a few feet further away from the speaker - ear fatigue should mean HIGH DECIBELS , and any klipsch Pro Speaker can hit 110 Decibels or more -
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