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  1. 9 minutes ago, Mighty Favog said:

    Strange too with the hand written s/n instead of the Bates labeler. 

    450$  is very reasonable for Walnut H1 nowadays with much higher pricing   ,  btw     here is a Heresy 1 pair selling on  on Ebay that also has hand written labels  ,  this could be a legit deal , only question is ?   are these the real pictures of the items being sold ?



  2. 3 hours ago, blair234me said:

    I need a complete set.  Thank you


    save yourself a lot of money    ,   Crites is Nuts  selling  a pair of old technology  Heresy II  crossovers for 500$  , klipsch  has a Heresy II to Heresy III KIT ,   that includes 1  pair of Heresy  III Woofers , 1 pair of  Titanium Tweeters , 1 pair of  Titanium Midrange  compression drivers  and 1 pair of Heresy III  crossovers  , for less than 600$  ,  the cool thing about the kit is you can sell your old parts for close to the  600$  , which means the kit is  practically FREE  ......


    .klipsch  Heresy III  Kit Part no  1006972    , last price was 580$  in February 2022 -  Shipping and Taxes Included  .

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  3. 13 minutes ago, blair234me said:

    I am rebuilding a pair of Heresy II.

    if you are not missing a set of crossovers , but all you need is a refresh   .......you can purchase new capacitor kits  from klipsch

  4. 2 hours ago, Crang said:

    Considering replacing the phenolic diaphragm in my H2 tweeters with titanium. Crites seems to be the gold standard. Their price seems to have jumped from $54 to $82 somewhat recently. There are other places offering titanium diaphragms for less- Midwest Speaker Repair for $60 then a bunch of fly by nights on ebay. So my question is are they all created equal or is it worth shelling out the bit extra for the Crites?


    Thanks in advance....


    The Crites TI diaphragm is an Aftermarket titanium  stamped dome tweeter , which is a  klipsch clone sold by several online vendors .


    the Gold Standard Ti Diaphragm  is Made by Klipsch ,   it's used on the Heresy III  and Heresy IV  as well as the Cornwall III and Cornwall IV ,   part number is  127123 and it costs about  $35/each

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  5. 20 minutes ago, MMurg said:


    Roy has said on numerous occasions that the 3-way Jubilee was only needed for getting higher SPL in cinemas that required it.  It was the same with the larger number of "ways" in any of the cinema systems.  It would not be needed in a home environment.  He even mentioned that again in this recent interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIy4YzgPEQw.


    I agree  with a 2 way design if you are using the Axi 2050  which a super combination  +   DSP , but with the Base  Jube K-691  and a passive setup , I would go 3 way solely because of the  lK-691  which needs that extra sparkle up on  top .

  6. 2 minutes ago, NOVA Rob said:

    . Given how difficult entirely removing the black will be, I'm thinking that painting the speaker might be the way to go

    Let me give you a trick , to take off the residue of the black paint  ,   Mineral spirits or paint stripper with steel wool 0000  , the paint will come off .

  7. @aaronhirsch   I tend to prefer the non peel off veneer on plywood  , and peel-stick for MDF   I use the same glue on the cabinet and the veneer sections , you simply cant miss , one the glue sets  on the cabinet , you cover up with the veneer ,


    if you are not comfortable with  veneer    , what you can do is glue some CNC  cut 1/8 or 1/4 inch Birch or whatever type of plywood  to the sides , top and bottom  , that would save you a lot of work  , + the cabinet would not only look brand new , but at  1 inch thick , this eliminates any vibrations , peel stick veneer or paint can be used on the rest of the cab .

  8. 3 minutes ago, aaronhirsch said:

    So, one more question: what veneering method would work best in this case: .

     the veneer must flow up the cabinet , across the top , and down the other side in order to match , to do it right ....

    VIP  ......make sure to install the cut veneer in the correct position , otherwise if you install it upside down , then once glued , the veneer will no longer match 

     I usually number my cut  sheets of veneer with  Post-it  colored paper  ,    and I indicate the arrow , up , or down to follow my steps  , and I test each cut  on the speaker before gluing it permanently

    1st apply glue to the cabinet ,  then glue the veneer sections .


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