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  1. Lascala Speakers do not come up for sale too often in the NE , a few pairs at most every year if that , GLWyS
  2. @Islander @Schu @Paducah Home Theater
  3. FACTORY STYLE FINISH www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/consumer-brands/specialty/lacquer-spray/
  4. well , I have a few old tube Radios from the 50's , the sound is pretty special , you're right about that , to hear the old sound , you need old gear
  5. Happy Easter to the Gang at the CCCC , and to all the klipsch Forum Members ......🖖
  6. Any Klipsch Heritage speaker will do whether new or from the 50-60's -70's ,if you like Jazz , that 's exactly what these speakers were designed for
  7. can you Please shoot us the .......model ......brand of these Binding Posts and the method you used to repair the issue , every new modification counts , Tx .
  8. what did you do ? did you notch the plate
  9. the Topping PA5 is also this new generation of non-repairable amps as the Chips Fail on the main-board . any problem after the warranty is out , you throw it in the trash or you order a new Board , while on the other hand , you can fix a Carver 275 with available parts .
  10. yes , it was the Right Call ⏩ Fast forward only a few months in 2021 ....... 14,995$ ........19.995$ , in 2022 the closest speaker to the Jubilee is the AK6 -8249$ each ..... https://upscaleaudio.com/products/klipsch-klipschorn-ak6-loudspeaker-each
  11. great looking khorns ,they seem to be late 70's early 80's
  12. @merkinCats are attracted to the Heresy -Cornwall - Khorns Heritage fabric to scratch their claws/nails , it's a very thick material , the regular speaker fabric used on the Forte II , I'm no so sure that it would interest a cat . My Cornwall grilles were ruined by our cat , we purchased a Cat Scratcher Mat , the cat stayed away from the grilles , it was that simple .
  13. you need the # 8 pen . https://www.minwax.ca/wood-products/maintenance-repair/minwax-blendfil-pencil#Colours
  14. @Jdwtx85The klipsch part # is 1006972 , HIII Upgrade kit you will never get through to Klipsch Customer Service unless you submit an email ▶️ https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us support@klipsch.com Fill the form , state that you would like to purchase the klipsch part # 1006972 , HIII Upgrade kit , price is around 290$ - VIP .....add 2 pictures of the Tags of the Serial numbers of your Heresy II speakers
  15. @partymark stay away from mineral spirits , the speaker has a finish already , so you cant risk altering it , or you 'll be in a mess , the Walnut pen will do just fine .
  16. you can try this product https://www.minwax.com/wood-products/maintenance-repair/minwax-blendfil-pencil
  17. congratulations @Good tune
  18. 2 identical tags , 1983 Walnut oiled klipsch Cornwall 1 ... k77M tweeter -k52/k53/k600 midrange...k33E woofer / klipsch B3 Network
  19. Forget these plastic corners , you can cut small wood square or triangle wood blocks and screw straight into the risers , it's just as easy and stronger
  20. Makes sense , no cutting , no messing around , but no way a 1,5 inch driver /horn is gonna sound like a 2 inch JBL 2360A which is on par with the K-402 , it's a compromise at best , and sooner or later , the 1,5 inch will go out the door .
  21. Emile , I spoke yesterday with a tech I know who works at JBL tech support , he did not say ' no way " , he said , no problemo - you gotta ask the JBL Pros . Go Ahead give JBL Tech support a call , ask for Raphaël 1 844-776-4899
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