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  1. Speakers set in the Corners of the walls is usually a question of ease of placement , and the use of the walls allow the sound to travel around the room with at least 1 foot clearance at the rear for the passive woofers -- but this depends on each person's preference -however , with the Forte II , the distance of 8 -10 feet between each speaker in an X pattern toed in , is where the tone is richer at lower volume for the Forte II , the bass is punchy , the HF is clear Vocals , but the further apart to say 12 feet , the Details -Nuances are the same , by raising the Volume a tad louder -
  2. Welcome to the klipsch forum , can you please take th time to post your Location , some pictures of the Speakers and of course the asking price , this would help Forum Members in your area to reply to the AD
  3. This woofer is not their least expensive , but it can be ordered with 4 or 8 Ohms 15WRS400 NEW 15" Mid-Bass / Bass Speaker Steel Frame 4 or 8 Ohms 35Hz-4kHz 400 Watts AES 800 Watts Program Designed With MMS Technology For Low Distortion 6.3mm Xmax Waterproof Cone Clean Transparent Mids & Deep Rich Thick Bass Sound Nice Bass 15" Guitar Speaker As A Stand Alone Speaker Can Also Be Used In 2 or 3-Way Speaker Systems As A Mid-Bass/Bass Speaker
  4. open the woofer access door , take a picture of the K33E woofer tag , and Post the Tag -
  5. on another Subject , did you keep the Edgar horns -
  6. 1994 khorns walnut----one could need to verify the woofer manufacturing date to confirm the manufacturing dates - 2 possibilities here 1994 or 1990 -
  7. not for very long ---prices are ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,UP
  8. 000


    that was quick -
  9. usually found here , but this serial no is different from the set rule
  10. I am surprised that you're not opting for an Air Motion tweeter
  11. yep gone , but the Book is still available , at 75 $ each , that 's almost 2 for 1 , aint bad
  12. the fun begins , keep us posted
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