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  1. I would sell all my klipsch speakers , in a heartbeat but NOT my Heresies
  2. I must be deaf , or is this a lovely bass , sounds good to me , aint no subs around either
  3. Welcome to the forum , glwys
  4. swap the crossover of the working speaker in place of the unit in the non-working speaker , and you'll be able to tell if any of the 3 drivers are in working order or not
  5. @KlipschguyYes , upside down U .
  6. the specs on both speakers you're referencing are not the same as the Klipsch woofer .
  7. you can wire a pair of RP-160M for a center , current promo is 195$ /Free shipping .https://www.newegg.com/klipsch-1060686/p/0S6-0033-001D7
  8. I use the Heresy 1 with the k-28 or K-22 ..... 0 damping , 0 modifications , however if I would have added any damping , I would have used a standard foam piece U shaped .. 1 inch thick , placed loose around the woofer just like klipsch do in multiple other speakers .
  9. the AL5 does not require a sub IF you have proper corners , the Cornwall IV is an ultra modern Cornwall 1 , 0 flaws it's not boomy , the midrange horn is huge in comparison to the CW 1 , same for the mids driver , if you like the CW 1 , you'll be floored with the 4th version .
  10. did you ever get a chance to audition Bose 901 speakers .
  11. take out the horn , a picture of the driver magnet section with the contact can help
  12. you're gonna need some black rubber speaker cement glue , check for a tear or crack in the cone , move the cone up and down , if it's scratchy , the voice coil is dirty or damaged , if there is no scratchy sound , then you're doing good , check the cone perimeter for any glue separation , check the spider . https://www.parts-express.com/Black-Rubber-Cement-Speaker-Repair-Glue-1-oz.-Bottle-340-078?quantity=1
  13. rent a set of powered outdoor or cheap PA speakers ......, crank em up , blast away for hours .leave the Heresy at home or sell them Heresy 1 is not a PA speaker , it's a HIFI speaker with + 40 year old parts , EV replacement diaphragms for the k-77 are no longer available , take good care of these tweeters .
  14. the Marantz 2325 amp was all discrete , 125 wpc , spectacular sound . if you want a new amplifier with vintage sound , the Yamaha A-S 1200-2200-3200 series are pretty close .
  15. the specs of the drivers are not published online in the Cinema brochures , but they are available through tech support
  16. the woofer can be fixed if the woofer 's cone and spider are not damaged , either the magnet gap is dirty or the voice coil is shot . there are lot of videos online that show how to replace a woofer voice coil , remove the damaged voice coil in a relatively good condition , and look for a matching VC at a local speaker shop , other option is to buy a used original woofer . -for the network capacitors , no reason to touch anything .
  17. there are promos online ....... RP-160 at 200$ a pair , these are non-powered speakers and 0 issues with firmware
  18. you wont find the KP-250 or KP-2500-C at a dealer , these are an older Pro series Heresy with the same drivers as the forte + a bigger magnet woofer , 250wpc rating , a forum member has a pair for sale in mint shape , weight is 49 lbs , the Heresy IV has a 100 wpc rating Posted December 19, 2022 (edited)
  19. @Imsjry Chorus II , all original , not modified
  20. Hybrids.......Bass reflex LF + HF horns , welcome to 90% ++++++ of klipsch sales
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