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  1. 26 minutes ago, Travis In Austin said:


    Please, quit while you are ten feet under. Was stainless used by the factory? Has anyone measured the stainless?


    Stainless is ferrous by the way, meaning it’s made with iron, but is has chromium to significantly reduce corrosion, and nickel, which in sufficient amounts will render the material “non-magnetic” I.e. it won’t be attracted to a typical magnet. 



     Lol ,  Stainless steel can be  magnetic or non-magnetic depending if the steel at it's core is  ferro-magnetic or not  .  

  2.  .


    this screw question was repeated ad nauseam over the years     Mike Colter ,  who worked for klipsch Technical support  tested both the magnetic and non-magnetic  screws in the klipsch  anechoic chamber .  



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    I've tested the brass/steel screw theory in Klipsch's anechoic chamber. Acoustically (measureably) it doesn't make a gnat's butt difference what the screw is made of. Electrically, in theory, it might have some effect, but it's immeasurable on a frequency response curve, so it must not affect the values within the crossover network to any great degree.


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  3. 2 hours ago, RayD8R said:

     I'm getting a partial refund instead of waiting another week to 10 days for these speakers just to have them damaged yet again and possibly worse. I can fix the MDF easily but I don't know if it's possible to repair the vinyl or if it is how to fix it. 


    you're better off to return the speakers , the vinyl is torn , you gotta peel it off , lift , clean , fix the MDF ,  re-glue the vinyl  and hide the ripped defects ., a repair  wont look  very good , but it is repairable .

  4. 1 hour ago, Bigcat1972 said:

     Klipsch paint these black due to imperfections in the veneer when manufactured?  I was surprised and very happy! 

      if the veneer book-matches on both speakers  ,    then you're really lucky  ,  take pictures .

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