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  1. 8 hours ago, Christian B said:

     the minor stains, scratches, etc.  That's just visible evidence of history.  I'm thinking a light sanding with 220 grit followed by 320 grit, vacuum, tack cloth and then oil.  Any thoughts


    the stains can be removed with a magic eraser ,   TRADE SECRET sold on amazon  will remove the scratches and it will oil the veneer  at the same time , the contents are coconut oil mixed with colorants  , no VOC's , no chemicals .....  wipe it on to restore the natural  finish , that 's it .

  2. 15 minutes ago, thtung51 said:

    I have similar issue with this post. When Bluetooth connected, I turn on via ARC then the Fives cannot play any sound. I have to reset power to get it back.

     reach out to klipsch tech support via email  , fill the form ,   and wait for an answer  , be patient ,  they might be overwhelmed  .   phone  USA .  800 554 7724  



    Here's are 2  bulletins , please read them carefully 







  3. 3 hours ago, Islander said:


    Wouldn't that omit or at least minimize the R&D costs, including building and rejecting early prototypes?  Also, these subs, particularly the two larger ones, may be produced in the hundreds, not the thousands or even ten thousands of some very popular subs.


    the reality for 2023 are high energy + high interest rates + high labor costs + shortages in the supply chain + staff shortages + regular price increases for materials + high  R&D costs   , based on the uncertainty   , the R&D costs will most likely be even higher in 2024    . 


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