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  1. 1 hour ago, simplyorange said:

    Thanks! Unfortunately @graydog it won't let me send messages for some reason. Feel free to message me. 

    both  yourself and @graydog   need 5 posts to activate the PM function . 


    I would suggest  you guys add a few posts ,  talk about whatever you want  , we're all ears good buddies 

  2. 9 minutes ago, nation45 said:

    I plan to tackle that tomorrow. Thank you. 

    a cosmetic repair is nothing  , a few days later , you'll forget about it  ,   repairing  the crack  will stop the fracture from expanding  .

  3. 34 minutes ago, nation45 said:

    No problem with the voice coil. 

      pull it out ,  measure it , and take a resistance reading , post some pictures , 2 parts are crucial if you wanna rebuild a CF-3 woofer, the  klipsch VC / Spider  , 

  4. 45 minutes ago, nation45 said:

    Thanks, was wondering if any others kits can be substituted 

    I doubt it ,  the materials in the original cone were unique fitting  .


    quick  question , is the  voice coil  in your CF-3 defective woofer in good shape 

  5. On 3/1/2023 at 3:38 PM, Jefferson6599 said:

     I have to get a replacement woofer  

    not really ,  getting the woofer fixed  is still possible   , the repair is not hard to do  if the issue is a buzzing dust cap   , or  a defective VC .


    Main issue is your woofers are tired and the K-43 does not produce as much bass as the K-33 ,  as well , the cabs are not as stiff as they should be without   resonance  .


     you can laminate 1/4 inch  wood to the side panels , top and bottom , that stiffens the bass bin  , and makes it heavier +  more responsive , all new LS cabs are 1"  MDF .  your speakers may not even be  a full 3/4 inch ,  a 2nd pair of LS would not be a bad idea .


    next change would be to purchase the new klipsch K-33-E woofer , it has more low end grunt  than a K-43   /make sure the bottom woofer panel  seal  is air tight   .....   updating crossovers    with klipsch caps can bring the network back to factory specs  , if you did use  aftermarket  capacitors  , , start all over  . 

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