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  1. On 2/27/2023 at 8:18 AM, AnnieP said:

    I have a pair of Heresy HBR speakers


    Are they worth anything?

    Heresy 1 speakers have been  going up in price for the past 3 years , since new Heresy IV now cost 3200$ a pair

    1k$ is common place in top condition    , current prices on Ebay  are  minimum  600$ for speakers  in very average   condition 

    -hang on to your Heresy speakers if you can 

  2. 4 hours ago, Chris Scott said:

    I have a pair of Klipsch Forte II.

    I purchased them from a very reputable shop in Brookfield Wisconsin I believe close to 1985. I'm looking at the back there is no sticker. There is however a little plaque that says Klips h Forte II 1986. 

    I'm going to give them to my son for a wedding present but looking at a lot of stuff online makes you quite curious as though why these are dated as such if they were not supposedly made then I'm the original owner

    if you purchased these speakers in 1985 , they would be Forte ,  , if you  own Forte II speakers ,   they were purchased after 89   , klipsch only  indicate the 2 first digits of the production year  on their tags ,  .....versus the full 1986 .


    I attached 3 pictures


    no 1  is a klipsch Forte II    

    no 2  is a klipsch Forte

    no 3 is a picture of the rear of the  Forte 1 (left )  +  the Forte II  ( right )  , the terminal cups also indicate the model .


    image.jpeg.a05af80c755ac8b02add28e8fd3131eb.jpegimage.jpeg.5f82d5a53133e89eecc2950388254d14.jpegKlipsch Forte and Forte II History and Modifications


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  3. On 2/27/2023 at 9:42 PM, McBlueMeter said:

    Curious, what company OEM’s drivers for the current Klipsch Heritage series?

    Is it Eminence?

     -Eminence  , Klipsch  for woofers  

    -Celestion for the Mids  of the Cornwall-Heresy-Forte ......HF for the Jubilee ,  and  the tweeters for the AK-6 -AL-5 ,

    -klipsch  for the Tweeters for the Cornwall-Heresy -Forte  series .

    -Atlas  for the K-55X  Mids used in the AK-6 -AL-5   .

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  5. 5 hours ago, Wilson Hines said:

      I'm thinking they'll do just fine.

    no worries ,   most owners of Forte 1 barely push them to their limits in their living rooms  so whether the caps are worn out or  not  makes very little  difference  .

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