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  1. -ok so plus for the k401 horn -
  2. yeah - the red lead on the 3636 autotransformer can attenuate any value from -1 to -12 db , so from the picture of your board , I am guessing a -3db or plus 3db sonic difference depending on the lead you chose --the lead is connected to the no 6 on the terminals post - and that is the squawker only -
  3. that answer is plausible but the AA network adds Zener diodes for tweeter protection to an A network -and there are none on that board -now that red lead looks like an Lpad to select an attenuation point -
  4. To add to this, the capacitors are the, somewhat famous, no longer available, General Electric Polypropylene in oil, motor run capacitors. there are still some of these GE cans around in surplus stores -NOS
  5. Report post Posted December 28, 2015 you should look in the center at the back of the cab - klipsch tends to engrave the serial number into the wood -
  6. -real old horn , the one without the welds is much nicer
  7. all the K400 horns ring - as do the tweeter k77 -T35-T350 metal horn -and it was definitely more costly for PWK to purchase a metal horn - versus a plastic unit - -so did PWK actually prefer the ringing tone of the K400 - it sure seems like it -
  8. -check the welds on one of the horn --horrible casting
  9. OO1


    yeah - that can lead to component failure - these are best to be used with the KP 250 crossover since it is a marvel and Bob Crites had already explained this - in addition to the AGC 2.5 amp fuse - Bob added the Klipsch shematic - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/81741-kp-250-crossover-discussion/
  10. yeah - some people called it a Heresy 1.5 - here is a thread on this from DJK , http://www.audioasylum.com/cgi/t.mpl?f=hug&m=41395
  11. Here is an old thread on the KP 201 II - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/141665-kp-201-ii/ 400$ for a brand new set of Klipsch KP 201 II aint bad either - These are Heresies with 2 inch Titanium mids and K76 highs - pretty close to a H2 or better -
  12. -real club speakers -------perfectly worn -super
  13. KLIPSCH parts sell the K401 plastic horns very cheap - so dont even bother buying these used -
  14. OO1


    not enough bass output -
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