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  1. OR me - really mint shape - for pro speakers - I can imgine these are not sold yet
  2. everything here in California is overpriced. wrong - gas is 2.75 in NY -
  3. you can unscrew the k55v and split the driver whithout damaging the diaphragm - this can give you a look at the diaphragm - you can see if it is damaged or scratched and even dirty - by comparing both , you can also swap the drivers halves and test them that way - -if you can return them - do it before it is too late -
  4. you cant beat rear wheel drive though in the mountains , however that VW can handle good on straights and bends but not mountains
  5. 392 cubic inches is great but it sure must -s--k on gas -these huge pistons can ingest a whole lot of fuel - although that is much better than an R/T 440 Magnum - that 440 must have been 5 miles per gallon
  6. one pair of 2 way Jubilees is not enough for your application - 2 maybe at least and they have to be 3 way - the problem is the warehouse which will sound very canny -these carry 2 12 inch woofer per enclosure - and than is simply not enough - maybe in conjunction - that would give you a better sound - more detailed -but still not enough for 350 people that create a lot of noise on their own - so you need to over-ride that sound and that means 2 twice more sound to deafen that noise before actual music is heard - then again for wider dispersion - you are missing the K402 horn and k69 driver - with that it would be an entire different animal - -figure 2 pairs of jubilees - 3 way on the 4 corners plus the MCM for the bass - that would be really good -but since you already have a pair of Jubilees and 1 Mcm- that aint bad either -
  7. are these the same ones you are selling- Unfortunately, yes but, I have something else that just became available and need a little cash. good luck on the sale - they are a neat pair -
  8. very nice -had you been in my area - they would have been sold - good luck
  9. the Scala 2 Is not made using the same wood than a Scala 1 - the scala 2 uses MDF 1 inch in the side walls and that can resonate back to the chamber where foam is used to dampen the vibrations - -the scala 1 is plywood 3/4 inch and that wood is not as hard - which should be the same for the Belle - adding foam would reduce the chamber size reducing the bass output -
  10. you are using jamborrees -how can you miss Cornwalls - if properly built a jamboree is awesome -but there is nothing like an original cornwall 1 in stock form - no matter how much you try to improve it - it remains elusive
  11. these crossovers being 30 years old - the caps just dont deliver that crisp open sound -it is a bit like being muffled , then with the new units ,like lifting a veil off of them - -you need new caps in the old crossovers for sure -plus the all new hardware from Bob is undeniably better also -better insulated wiring and better shielding in the transformers - -pm me if you ever want to sell these -
  12. I guess you did not like the cornwalls 3 -any feedback on these -
  13. are these the same ones you are selling-
  14. did you buy a new b3 set from Bob - how does the new set sound like in comparison - you see at 110 $ plus the new caps kit and labour , shipping costs - new ones are a no brainer -
  15. does anyone have any idea how they used to make these lines on the laser logo - are these painted on -heat stamped - I always wondered - Ah just a guess here but.... maybe with a laser There not just for eye surgery anymore. wrong answer - these were no lasers in the mid-seventies -
  16. Solder is better - and no insulation at all in the belle bass bins -just make sure the glue is not dried uu - if it is , re-apply for a tight seal -
  17. I can use these B3 crossovers for sure if the price is right -
  18. can someone show Tiger Woods how to golf - come to think about it , are there any good golf schools out there
  19. -the CW3 would definitely benefit from better capacitors - that change alone is the only mod you should do with that crossover - - instead of making a revamped k601 with the lower rounded lip , klipsch re-used the K701 and the crossover of the H3 - -in the end , the 15 inch woofer and the bigger box are the only difference between both speakers that I see -
  20. or this if $$$$ is an issue http://app.audiogon.com/listings/turntables-vpi-tnt-3-with-jmw-10-arm-2015-06-14-analog-18017-butztown-pa and my vote as well for thad's remark - a bit late though - I was gone when this post came up
  21. They look in better shape than the ones walnut ones in my family room. I'll likely swap them and a friend at work has been looking for a pair. flip or not flip - that is the question -
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