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  1. 33 minutes ago, 6444johnf said:

    hron61 I never inferred that PWK didn't know what he was doing.

    My question was only in the configuration of the crossover's and if there was a difference between Heresy's with or without speaker grills. 

    There is a sound quality difference without speaker grills.

    there is no   difference  in crossovers between Heresy's with or without speaker grilles  , but there is   a slight audible difference when you listen to a Heresy without grilles  and the same with a Cornwall or Lascala or Khorn, Belle .

  2. 1 hour ago, Born2RockU said:


         *what are some optional replaceable woofers that you would complement the Industrial LaScala LF cabinets,

                       ...in case I eventually must replace those K-43 woofers (if they become hard to find) ?


    klipsch  Parts  sell the new K-33-E  150wpc/ drop-in factory replacement for the k-43/ k-33, 1 woofer fits  all  .. 132$  /each was the price in late 2022 

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  3. when testing for resonance , pull  the driver/horn out of the cabinet and re-test  to isolate the  source    ,30+ years old  diaphragms and capacitors in are a   factor  to consider 


    Before replacing any parts . do  routine maintenance -   clean  the Voice coil gap   , if there is old Ferro fluid , add new FF   , check the gaskets   , check that all screws are tight    , if the resonance persists ,  replace  with  new  klipsch diaphragms /capacitors for  the crossovers .


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  4. On 2/3/2023 at 7:27 AM, Jcaracci24 said:

    . Already have the crites website open on a tab as I've heard a lot of great things about his upgrades.. 

    the Best upgrades you can buy are Genuine  klipsch Parts  /tested -approved by klipsch  ,  Aftermarket parts sound completely different  

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  5. how about this test ,   take a piece of foam , and glue  it  partially  under the bottom of the mids horn or even easier  wrap the entire horn  with foam  ( dont cover the magnet ) ,


      plastic horns can be affected by the Low Frequencies from the woofer  bouncing  off the   bottom of a  Mids or tweeter   horn   , placing a Foam piece loosely  around the woofer can also have  a similar effect  since  you're basically  separating the Low Frequencies  from bouncing off  the mids or tweeter horns surfaces .

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  6. 2 hours ago, Ava00 said:


    Which in your opinion klipsch series is the best?

    all klipsch speakers are good , but on the Forum , you'll notice that the Heritage Speakers series are the most liked ,

    Heresy ,  Cornwall , Chorus , Forte , Quartet , Belle , Lascala , khorn , Jubilee 

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  7. 1 hour ago, Jbmorrey said:

     1983 Ciara Klipschorn speakers.  


     are you speaking of a modified Khorn with Ciare woofers + HF  drivers ,  if yes , post pictures   because  once a Khorn is modified , who knows ?   what it sounds like ,  are the original parts are included with the sale , if yes  +++ 


    Khorns  are HUGE  ,  the Forte II and Khorn are 2 totally different sounding speakers  in more ways than 1  .I would keep the MA6200  , since it  blends very well with a Khorn , and you'll regret selling it .

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  8. 8 minutes ago, ilialazerson said:

    I took the speakers to the store today for them to fix it under warranty. They did a firmware update and the speakers started working again. I hope this problem won't happen again. 

    the firmware was corrupted  ,would this happen again , the user manual  contains the instructions on how to ?  Update the firmware revision . 

  9. 3 hours ago, lockedandloaded said:

    I just now repositioned the foam to factory spec. And Im blown away by the result! The sad part is 2 decades of not hearing my speakers perform to their potential

    I'll wrap this up by saying its amazing how much difference the foam placement effects the sound, that it almost seems like I got a new set of speakers.



     ..after 20 years , how cool can that be 

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