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  1. well , you may have the inside scoop ----he was a very fair guy , great deals on klipsch gear -yeah , one of the good ones is closing shop
  2. making sure the cabinet is properly sealed with Foam for the rear panel and the midrange horn and tweeter helps quite a bit
  3. Good night , pretty cool down here 60 F -
  4. Great speaker , for the klipschheads who like that extra bass Slam
  5. Great job , wait till you see how heavy these are
  6. Tx For your efforts , I'm gonna order the poster as well , been waiting a few days now , ideally , you can laminate the poster and frame it or mount it with Gatorfoam for a Gallery look
  7. RandyH

    Kids these days

    - in a few days , the ocean will pump the sand right back where it was --layer by layer
  8. Talking about Otis , you're not gonna believe this https://madhousemagazine.com/wv-to-remove-don-knotts-barney-fife-statue-following-complaints/ WV to Remove Don Knotts Barney Fife Statue Following Complaints
  9. he might not shut down , , if things can turn around , at least------- this is what I read ----on facebook - We are shutting the doors in 90 days if acquisitions don’t turn around. Although 2018/19 were AMAZING, we have been unable to regain footing post shutdown. I’ll keep the space for showcasing my vintage hoard …I mean collection. I’m fairly sure that the Rescue effort is cooked. So be it. We did some good with it and that’s enough. Thank You! To ALL who helped, it was meaningful for us and the recipients. A fun ride 4Sho!!!!!!!
  10. RandyH

    GSG Devastator

    active GSG Devastator 2899$ --------passive GSG Devastator 1899$ -----shipping included ---Lavoce 21 " non-touring ------touring Lavoce 21" --- add 250$ https://shop.gsgad.com/collections/horn-subwoofers/products/devastator-mkii-horn-baltic-birch-finished-subs?variant=32883077251177
  11. yep , like @JRH Stated , these speakers made it back to the USA from Germany - , Military gear , these LSI have the Aluminium trim and the fibreglass coating over birch wood , 1st time I see this in a 1978 LSI , 1piece cabs ----most are 80's and 90's , great AA crossover ---round alnico k77-- k55V -k43 all Alnico drivers , the trim extends all the way , down the sides and tops and the bottoms all around ----this is nuts in terms of expensive trim cost , , you got 500$ in trim alone this speaker could be easy 15-20 lbs overweight as casters wheels are bolted to the bottom panel --- with 87 watchers , these speakers are gone
  12. some are plain black -----rat fur means the wood underneath is mint raw birch , no scratches or bruises ----the glue cleans right off with citrus paint remover -
  13. I dont drink coffee ----- if I take a cup of coffee -- I can work 2 days non-stop ---it's like dynamite ----but I love the smell of coffee--just cant drink it
  14. you got the JJ vaccine , congratulations ---
  15. heaven on earth --------someone better grab these --
  16. great speakers , and you wonder why klipsch does not manufacture a Chorus III --
  17. yeah , been there , it's rarely a good deal , auction fees -- taxes on top add up
  18. RandyH

    What I Got Today!

    Beautiful vinyl fence , no painting , no scrubbing - great idea
  19. 2 FOR 1 -----that's an excellent deal , can you post a link - please so that other members can take advantage of this deal
  20. do you have a balcony in that apartment or a terrasse closeby
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