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  1. On 10/17/2021 at 4:10 PM, Lesliepartlow said:

    I know this is an old thread, but thought I’d reply just in case someone out there is looking for Klipsch speakers. I have a set of Klipschorn KB-WO L/F speakers for sale. They were owned by an older gentleman and were never used at a high volume. I’m not sure the year they were made but are in very good condition. I have pictures of them and a video of them as well, if anyone has an interest in them. Thanks!

    I would be interested ------what is your location  are you close to NY  -------------What is the asking price ? do you have  pictures of the tags of the speakers  , these are usually found at the rear of the speakers and are there any scratches or dings on the speakers

  2. On 10/17/2021 at 6:54 AM, Charteroakbooks said:


    our local senior center had a yard sale to raise money and I offered to help them identify more expensive donated items.

    these speakers stood out big time.

    can you help identify the year and model?



    --kg 4.2  --1992 -oak - value is 400$ given they are in excellent condition

  3. 14 hours ago, dtel said:

    just wanted to try to make a nice museum for PWK and for whoever visits


    Elden  ,   Both You  and your Partner have succeeded in making the Museum a Beautiful place even  if it took 14 hour trips , the building was quite in need of a refresh -


    the before and after pictures are stunning , in terms of the renovations ,  but you kept at it and the Building is astonishingly no longer recognizable , as it looks so Grand ,  the results are truly Professional -    


    I think it not only took hard work  and dedication but it also required  craftsmanship , art , finesse and experience   , to turn around an Old  house in it's former glory  into the Luxury house  that is deserving of PWK -


    I would take off my shoes  before going in to that house  -it is Beautiful -



    -Tx  Elden -

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  4. On 10/9/2021 at 3:48 PM, Record_Shop_w_Klipsch said:

    Hey there Klipsch forum,

    Found a pair of Klipschorns for my record shop and was wondering what the model/Year they are (see attached pics).

    I also noticed that the tweeter doesn't have a spacer between the mids/sub section was that how they were released?

    or do I need to find a spacer to fit inbetween.

    Can anyone help ID them?


    Thanks in Advance for your help.



    IMG_2339 (1).jpg

    these are 1975 khorns Style C  ....so -  K-C-BR  -- AA Network ----k55V midrange -k77 round magnet....... K33 Woofer , the badges are missing   , a picture of the rear and sides could show more the type of veneer , but   these look like  poplar-lumber-core-plywood/   in other words Raw Birch , and they were  stained by the previous owner  , 

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