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  1. Roger passed away in 2021 , The web site registration was renewed in January 2022 . Registry Expiration: 2023-01-13 Updated: 2022-01-13
  2. @deang @JEM Performance only use Brand new klipsch Genuine parts anyone who wants the Best sound for their klipsch crossovers can order the klipsch Parts from @JEM Performance and do the work themselves or go through @deang who will repair the crossover to klipsch specs - @deangand @JEM Performance are klipsch Approved .
  3. the Philippines made diaphragms were sold with the cups , and without the cups , both were very good
  4. in stock at PE https://www.parts-express.com/B-C-DE120-1-Neodymium-Mylar-Compression-Driver-8-Ohm-2-3-Bo-294-5809 you can also try https://www.usspeaker.com/
  5. the tweeters you purchased are Alnico rounds magnets EV T 35 's composed of an 8 Ohms tweeter , and a 16 Ohms tweeter , both DO NOT share the same diaphragm or magnet , but they use the same tweeter lens , so you can use a square magnet k77 with a new diaphragm , and you might not even hear a difference
  6. God Save the Queen . Queen Elizabeth II 1926 - 2022 T
  7. no Jubilee , I am so disappointed ,
  8. https://www.drolet.ca/us/en/accessories/paint/ac05963/
  9. sure did the job , the trim looks brand new
  10. how did you get the trim to be so clean , did you have it plated ?
  11. As far as the most harshest conditions for trains , Bombardier built the train for the Tibet -Chinese Railway , and these trains have more in common with planes due to the higher altitudes of 5000 meters or 16400 feet along the highest portion of the trip a regular train car would see it's occupants become seriously affected from high altitude sickness , while the Bombardier Tibet train does not have any high altitude acclimatization requirement . https://bombardier.com/en/media/news/bombardier-awarded-contract-high-altitude-passenger-rail-cars-tibet
  12. klipsch subs . https://www.klipsch.com/products/spl-150-subwoofer
  13. if you are in a sunny State , use laminated glass as it blocks UV light .
  14. the AL-4 posted by @mirkobu was made in 2006 based on the SN Tag . but the speaker cabinet may have been manufactured in 2005 , with final assembly and testing in 2006 , hence the 2006 tag .
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